Women’s Sexual Health in Menopause

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A healthy sex life extends far beyond the bedroom. Women reaching menopause also benefit from a healthy sex life even though there are some body changes that prohibit satisfying sexual encounters. Firstly, intimacy is so important in marriage, to have a healthy relationship with your husband includes a long lasting love life that allows for intimate moment in the bedroom. When a couple no longer makes each other feel sexually satisfied, this can lead to other problems in the relationship.

When a women feels tense, it is nice to be able to enjoy love making with the partner for a more fulfilling love moment. Certainty product are available to help aged women enjoy their romance properly, for example, adult products that vibrate are held against the clitoris and help product natural lubrication. One of the side effects of menopause is vaginal dryness but it is easily overcome with these vibrating devices. Helping the body to feel stimulated, a return response if for the vagina it make it’s own lubricant. Another thing that is very popular to add is lubricant, easy to use and safe for sexual introduce and safe with vibrators, this slippery liquid imitates the dame that originates from the body allowing a better more satisfying sexual encounter. These products are available online.

A few other ideas include crating a setting for romance which means everything leading up to the bedroom. Go on a romantic date, buy her flowers, go for a walk on a hot evening I the park golfing hand. Recreate the courtship you had in the younger years. Ceasing a sense of want for each other;s bodies is a key to enjoying a better sex life at any time yo feel the need for intimacy.

It is no surprise at what health benefits a healthy sex life has to your body. First we will start with the physical affects. When the body reaches orgasm, adrenaline and serotonin rush through the body, literally cleanings your system fro toxins. The feeling of cloud nine after, so to speak is the final result of a total body flush. It’s a cleanse for the body that reaches beep into the tissues. It can help relieve pain.

Try this next time you have a headache – get your favorite vibrator and pleasure yourself, notice that during the climax your headache has complete disappeared? This is no joke, it’s true and it happens because you body goes numb from the rush of hormones and even pain goes away! This is not a popular solution, but it’s something that is recommended a while back in one of their blog posts and I thought it was comical so I ant to share ti with you today.

Now to talk about the emotional affects. It is tied directly to the physical benefit because after you feel very relived and calm. This gain is no joke,these emotions after are very real. Sometimes a girl might cry after good sex, but this is simply due to the cathartic reseal of someones that has flushed her body clean, she feel good, clean and pure thus resulting in crying. A silly comparison we know but it’s the truth and this side effect of good sex needs to be explained somehow!

Finding Sex Advice the Better Way

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sex-advice.jpgIt’s been a while since I’ve written on my blog, all I can say life has been busy but I haven’t forget about the internet.

Moving from New York to Chicago is quite the change, even though it’s not completely across the country it is a different world over here. It’s hard to adjust to new surroundings but I’m settled and am quite fond of Oprah’s old home. I’ve made new friends and have been exploring new new state.

I have a close friend named Jamie who was hired on to write on a blog every day. In a recent interview with Jamie, she quoted me the following:

“I love to teach others about sex, from enjoying replay to toys to techniques with a humorous twist, I love it when friends consider me their sex therapist and I’m proud to show my teachings to the world”

I’m rooting for her all the time, she really is an expert. You can read here:

sex advice blog at theadulttoyshop

every week day there’s a new opinion, review, even some funny stuff. If you think sex advice is boring read her modern day blog with real sex tips for real women. One of my favorite features is the top sex toys section which compares products and speaks a little more about some best sellers. I’ve never seen this before and for the average consumer Joe, he’ll really get to know some stuff better.

Make Sex Easy

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Sometimes sex is really uncomfortable. You loose yourself in the passion when you have to prop up your body parts and keep your balance. If you hare having sex on a stool, you have to worry about falling backwards, so then you shimmy over to the wall. The you can prop your back against the wall, but then you have lost some momentum when you moved, you had to “detach” from him and then the temperature went down a little. Then you want to move positions and shimmy to the floor, where again you have to avoid rug burn. Sometimes sex is hard on the limbs and muscles - no wonder it’s considered a workout! We all know about rabbit vibrators, but what about sex slings?

In this American age of laziness, we don’t want to move that much or be uncomfortable during sex, am I right? We don’t always want movie scene sex where the table is brushed off with one giant swoop of the arm and then the magic couple throws themselves on the table and he enters her tight wet love hole easily. That looks erotic in the movies but in real life, it’s not that great. That’s why bed sex is so popular because it’s the most6 comfortable place to have sex. The you have the problems with monotony. Sex gets so regular on the bored that couples loose the erotic urge to even take of their pants and do it.

I would suggest getting a sex sling to make sex easy. There are many kinds you can buy, or you can make your own for half the cost. they are quite basic, all you need to so is get some nylon straps and sew a padded sheath over tip, a short one about 12 inches or so. This section is designed to go around the back of the neck to support your head. At the end of the nylon straps, you sew them closed to form a look where you can put your feet, arms or whatever. The whole point of the sex sling is to prop up the limbs to ease pressure off the muscles.

You can also use pillows which work very well. You don’t need to spend 100 dollars on a sex pillow, I think they are totally overpriced because all it is is a block of foam with a velvet soft cover. Just buy yourself some foam from a mattress store or even a moving commonly. You can out a bed sheet over it. The best thing about your own foam is that you can cut it in the shape you want with a reciprocating saw.

I would not expect it to looks as good as the store bought foam, pillows, but who cares, as long as it supports your hips upward so that when he enters you, there is an easy and good fit,. the you can thrust away your carnal urges and really get hot and passionate.

Sometimes easy sex is wonderful but tot her times you like to have the excessive benefits so personally, I find a perfect blend of both, it also keeps my sex life interesting. Building sex toys and sex furniture together is a really fun thing to do, it gets you close on this intimate level because together you are participating to increase pleasure with An arts and crafts project. It’s a great way to bond.

Las Vegas Escorts

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If you’re a prude you need not read any further because the content of this piece is definitely for mature, adult audiences only. This is an article about Vegas escorts, stunning, alluring creamy-skinned beauties who will come to your room and entertain you for as long as you want, in any way you might desire with no holds barred. That means the sexy Vegas escort who knocks at your door is there for you, and you alone. Your room is your haven, your retreat, and your escort will join you in that retreat in a manner you never thought possible.

And everything about your adventurous experience will most assuredly be as exciting as it is fulfilling. Whatever you thought about can happen and the blonde at your door is there to see to it that even your wildest fantasies come true. An unbelievably wide selection of girls are at your beck and call, ready to come to you and do your bidding. They are there to entertain you and only you. If you call and ask for twins there will be a double knock at your door within minutes after you dial the number.

Want a black-haired vixen to dance at the foot of your bed, slowly undressing as she sensuously arcs her body with a flirty, arousing motion designed to make you moan? Might you be more interested in an Asian beauty who comes bearing the culture and grace of the Orient? Or an escort dressed like a cheerleader, a nurse or an officer of the law? They are all available, in a holding pattern awaiting your call. You pull the trigger on the call and one of the prettiest women you’ll ever see will fire the magic bullet that sets off the fireworks.

They are young, vivacious and full of life, primed to please you. To undress for you and to tantalize you as you watch your dreams turn into reality in the safety of your own room. Want a pony-tailed head turner to come dressed as a school girl? Or maybe a blonde who is the spittin’ image of Daisy Duke? Chances are she’s available, along with the dark-haired, bikini clad goddess with a full-figure including pert free standing breasts to die for.

This is not the seamy side of Las Vegas. It is the adult side. No strip clubs with exorbitant fees and hidden charges that will make you feel like you’ve been robbed or ripped off.

A Vegas Escort is dependable, with a body to write home about and near flawless features. The Big Apple can’t match that. Neither can any other place in the world. Las Vegas escorts are top of the food chain merchandise and ready at the drop of a dime. In fact, a Las Vegas escort will probably give you nine cents change. How’s that for service?

All About Swingers

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There is something so erotic about swinging. Many couples have thought about the idea, but where do you meet someone like this?
Swinging is more popular then you think. It’s a great release for couples. You are able to leave you day-today life on the sidelines and immerse yourself into a very taboo experience.

It’s like being a rebel to the world, sharing sex with others is a very erotic thing to do. Live another life at night and try meeting another couple. You don’t need to jump into sex right away, you can take it slow and just partake in social events together to get to know each other, become friends and then you can bloom a swingers relationship. The first time you join a swingers club, you are sure to be hooked.

It’s really the ultimate of giving and receiving. In the most basic primal human way - sex!
Try joining a swingers group online to meet others, this is a good way to get to know other people like minded as you and your partner. You can chat with them, get to know them better and then maybe one day hook up in your own home or at a swingers meet up. Once you get over the initial nervous feel you are really going to like your new kinky lifestyle!

Natural Breast Enhancement

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Attention women with small boobs: If your breast size is lacking and you really want them to be bigger and fuller, there is an alternative way to get the rounded mountains you desire!

If your breasts are big enough but not very perky, turn back your biological clock!

In only 4 to 6 weeks, you can grow into the woman you want to be by taking the herbal breast enhancement called Breast Actives. An herbal pill that has other great effects like increasing your libido and reduces the risk of certain types of cancer, thanks to the natural hormone production that helps your body in many different ways.

The active ingredient is phytoestrogens which entices your body to create these hormones that protect your body and help it develop. Get the perky breasts you’ve always dreamt of!

Penis Pumps For Erectile Dysfunction

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Penis pumps are designed to help men with erectile dysfunction. This is an issue that makes many men unable to fully please their partners, which can lead to a boring relationship and possibly lower self esteem for him.

The vacuum suction cylinder from Penispumpwarehouse.com works by forcing blood into the shaft of the penis, when it naturally takes a lot of effort to do so. If you wear a cock ring in conjunction with a penis pump it will help the erection last longer. It works best if you put the cock ring on before you begin, or when you are semi-erect. Slide the ring right down to the base of the penis, and slip the penis pump onto your penis. Push the pump right down to the base and begin pumping.

Once you achieve an erection, pull the pump off your penis. If you smooth a little bit of lubrication on the sleeve of the penis pump and a little on your penis itself, it will be easier and more comfortable to remove. If you don’t use lubrication, it will pull and may be painful to remove the pump. Using a penis pump specific lube will be sure to work well, or you can use a simply water based lube.

All penis pumps are mostly the same. The difference in price comes from the difference materials. The more expensive pumps will have an acrylic cylinder, while the cheaper pumps are usually made from plastic. The acrylic cylinders will last typically last longer. The more expensive pumps will also usually have a pressure gauge to allow you to monitor your progress. These pressure gauges are recommended for beginners so they know how much pressure is requires for their specific erection.

Penis pumps can be a man suffering from ED’s very best friend! Talk to your doctor before using a penis pump, and see if it is right for you! Enjoy sex again, and please your partner the way you used to!

Vigorelle Clitoris Stimulant Cream

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If you are experiencing a less-then explosive sex life, there is a small product that will have big effects.

Female stimulating cream is designed to add a tingle and enhance the sensation. This will make you more receptive to sex and you will be able to enjoy it just as much as your partner!

Vigorelle clitoris stimulating cream using the ingredient called L-Arginine which is a safe to use stimulating agent when applied it increases blood flow to that area and heightens sensation.

You will be able to produce natural lubrication and it will have the perfect impact on your sex life. What are you waiting for? Go get some!

Realistic Cyberskin Sex Toys

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Realistic sex toys have come farther in technology than ever before, and today, they are so close to life like, it is unbelievable! These sex toys are mostly made from the most technologically advanced material on the market, Cyberskin.

Cyberskin is a smooth and complex mix of silicone and rubber, that has been perfectly tweaked to provide the soft, skin like texture and the plump, thick and weighted life like muscular sensation. The skin like texture is silky and supple, and in the more expensive Cyberskin sex toys, this ’skin’ can be pulled like the real thing.

Most Cyberskin sex toys are hand painted for perfect detail and flawless style. For vibrators, the blue vines you’d see on a real penis are vividly depicted. For male masturbator sex toys, the pussy lips are softly hand colored pink.

Although Cyberskin sex toys are plump and fun, they must be cared for exquisitely, or they may dry out and crack. To care for your Cyberskin sex toys, first you need to wash them before and after each use.

To wash, use an anti-bacterial soap and warm water and lather well, or you can use an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner. Since Cyberskin material is very porous, it can hold bacteria easy. You can pat your sex toys damp, and then allow to fully air dry before storing.

If you plan on storing for a period of time, be sure to dab them with Talc or baby powder. This will ensure your sex toys will remain moist and soft. If you do not do this, they could dry out and become flaky, or you will begin to see many small bubble style holes in the material. This could eventually be followed by cracking. Once this occurs, your toys will no longer be enjoyable.

Cyberskin sex toys are really neat, and very pleasing. If you long for the real thing, then this is definitely a great option for you. The more expensive will of course be the higher grade ones, as with anything, but even the lower end toys will amaze you! Enjoy the reality and life like sensations!

Diverse Positions Make Sex More Enjoyable!

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Couples who are lacking in their relationship could be suffering from one simple problem: boredom. If the sex is simple and not very exciting, this could lead to other aspects of life being dull and unexciting. One simple way of spicing things up is by spicing up your sex positions. Try a new position you’ve never tried before, and you’d be surprised, you may even find your new favorite position.

If you have trouble coming up with new ideas and positions, you can always get a book or DVD. There is a lot of reading material out there that helps couples be more creative and lists hundreds of fun sex positions to try. These books and DVD’s can be bought in most bookstores and online. Reading a sex positions book with your partner can make a more romantic learning experience and can lead to some very exciting foreplay!

Another option you can try is venturing out of the bedroom and find some new love making places! Try taking a warm shower together and soaping each other up then washing each other off. You could get wild and exotic on the stairs with a towel beneath you, or how about the kitchen counter! Anywhere in your home can be a good place to try a new and kinky position! baby making sexual positions are fun too!

Have fun with sex and don’t forget to mix things up. Couples who have better sex because of a wide range of sexual positions will often stay together longer and will typically be happier from day to day!

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