Little Beaver Finger Vibe

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I bought this finger vibrator to try something new, and it was pretty fun. It’s a small beaver-like shape on a circular finger ring that can be used on the left or right hand. The beaver has a vibrating bullet inside, and is attached to a hand held, multi-speed controller that takes 2 AA batteries (not included). The whole beaver-finger toy is made out of a soft jelly, and the one I got is a cute pink color. The beaver has some fine detail, like some flippers on his sides, tiny eyes and probably the most important detail, his tongue!

The little beavers’ tongue is made out of jelly as well, and vibrates when the toy is on. After applying some rubber compatible lube, on a slower speed, it was nice and relaxing, and got me real excited to speed it up. His tongue really felt good, as it’s firm but flexible, and at the highest speed, can move pretty fast! I liked using it not only for my clitoris, but also for tickling all my erogenous zones.

Now, he is on your finger, so the tip of your finger is free to do as you please, where ever you want please. The beaver, of course, will follow your finger around, teasing you as you tease yourself!

As for the finger ring, I’m a small girl with pretty small fingers, but the jelly acted as a great grip and didn’t slide around to much. It never slid off, but if anything, it would roll over a bit. Just having a bent finger helped that a lot. But, one slight problem with my size was my wrist. See the toy is attached to battery pack by a wire, and the battery pack rests on a rubber wrist band, to keep the controller out of your way. But my wrists are tiny, along with my small fingers, and the pack fastened to loosely. It’s only held together by velcro, but I’m sure it is made for generally for bigger wrists. Really though, it wasn’t much of a problem. The wrist band would slip around a bit, I never really noticed. After a while, I took it off and just laid the controller down beside me, so it was fine. The cord is long enough to have it beside me, approximately 2.5 ft, and didn’t get in the way.

This toy isn’t waterproof, however, so for cleaning i just use my trusty ol’ sex-toy cleaner, and wipe it clean. Of course, I always clean all my toy’s before I use them too, to be safe.

Now I’ve never used my vibrating beaver with my partner, but my best friend has told me about her exploits with her boyfriend, and she said they have had some pretty orgasmic nights!! This toy I would defiantly bring around for a sleep-over for some steamy fun. I think the idea of your partner wearing it, and playing around with you, (get creative.. from behind, reach around, you know, whatever..) is a real kinky one. Which is great for couples who are intimidated by sex toys, or aren’t sure of which one, (there are a ton out there), but want to step it up a notch in the naughty department. It’s small and discreet, and lots of fun. Not the quietest vibrator, but if it’s just the two of you, the soft humming of a vibrator could be a real turn on!

Have fun!

Sweetheart Vibe

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I bought this strap on vibrator off a sex toy website, and I love it! I wear it when I’m doing the dishes, washing laundry, and vacuuming! It’s so much fun to lounge around all day on my day off wearing this toy. Sometimes, I even wear it on low speed while driving my car! The weight is nice, but it’s not to heavy. It stays in place well, and at the highest speed, is super strong.

This strap on clitoral vibrator is pink and so cute in the shape of a heart. It is not that big; it fits in the palm on the hand, and is really soft. The heart part is firm, but flexible and is made out of rubber. If it drops, I’m pretty sure it will be alright, as it is pretty reliable. I’ve dropped mine a couple times and it it just fine. It has soft, adjustable and stretchy thigh straps that are very comfortable. I enjoy this toy especially during play-time with my boyfriend because the straps are thin and stay out of the way. The toy sits high enough, and nothing blocks they way for intercourse. It’s actually pretty fun! Adds 100% to our fun time!

There are 4 rows of tiny ticklers that are made out of jelly and are really flexible to convey every ounce of vibrations straight to the lips, while the single main nodule at the top of the 4 rows tickles my clitoris directly. This toy isn’t wireless or waterproof, however. It has a small batter pack which has the on/off dial, and take 2 AA batteries. But the wire from the controller to the vibrator is approximately 2 ft, so it easily fits around me to my back pocket, where I like to have it.

Make sure you always clean your sex toys before and after each use, to keep yourself safe, and it’s not recommended for anyone else to ever wear your strap on vibrator. I just wipe it down with sex-toy cleaner when I’m done with it. The controller can be wiped down to, but it never really gets dirty for me.

The dial has multi-speed settings, so for example in the car I can have it on low, turn it up at red lights, and then back to low! Or during sex, have it on high for some real pleasure. I use it with rubber compatible lube for the ultimate in clit-teasing! I give this toy two thumbs up for discreet, I mean, having it hidden under your bottoms, you couldn’t get more discreet!

But I wouldn’t recommend it at the grocery store or anything, it is not that quiet. I isn’t loud, but someone standing to close might hear a little something vibrating “down there”. Very fun, and I throughly enjoyed this one!

Butterfly Teaser

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This is a powerful little bullet vibrator! A translucent pink butterfly sleeve, made from a high grade silicone wrapped around a bullet vibrator. It has one antenna that splits near the tip to provide two lovely ticklers, and also has two thin, but firm, flexible wings.

The Butterfly Teaser has only one speed, but for such a little toy, it is really strong. The little antennas really got me going, and the head of the Butterfly is round and smooth for a different kind of excitement. The Butterfly is great for clitoral and labial stimulation, or try using it on someone else to increase arousal. Use it with silicone compatible lube for the most pleasure. This toy is waterproof and wireless, so can be added fun in the tub! It requires 4 watch sized batteries, and comes with 8.

The Butterfly piece is removable, leaving just the bullet for a standard kind of stimulation. The silicone in the sleeve acts as a grip, so the Butterfly won’t come off with out it being removed, meaning no interruptions! This vibrator is discreet, pocket sized, and very quiet. It is the perfect size to take anywhere, and easy to keep hidden!

Sex-toy cleaner is recommended for assuring your toy is clean, and safe every time it’s used.

Sexy Mice

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If your computer mouse needs some sex appeal check out the pics at… Very cool.
I know there not sex toys but I saw them and had to post the link.

Tickling Dolphin

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The Tickling Dolphin is a pretty fun toy! A little blue, translucent dolphin, made from silicone, and is very discreet. Soft and rubbery to the touch, with rigid fins that can be used for arousing yourself, or get your partner to do it for you! I purchased this one just for fun. One of the things I really like about it is it’s wireless, which means pretty much an extra free hand. And it’s small too, so it’s not a lot to hold on to.

The dolphin has a curved tail with tiny bumps for perfect texture. The tail is a flat piece instead of two little twin pieces, which gives it a unique feeling. You can use the tail for clitoral stimulation, or as a hook to hold with your finger. When you’re holing it as a hook, you can use the front of the Dolphin, with its nice rounded head and firm dorsal fin, as a clit stimulator or a massager. The silicone defiantly muffles the sounds of the vibrations, to allow no unwanted attention.

The nose of the dolphin is tapered to also act as clitoral stimulation, or can be used as a massage tool for sensitive areas. Use with a rubber compatible lube for best results.

The basics of the Dolphin is a vibrating bullet secured in the back, with a twist on/off base. When turned on, there is only one constant speed. It is powerful enough, however, to bounce around a little bit when place on a hard surface such as a table, for a rough idea of it’s strength. Another good thing about the Dolphin is that it comes with 8 watch size batteries, although it only takes 4. Also, this toy is waterproof which is always a plus, and allows for easy cleaning. Sex-toy cleaner works well for this toy.

I must admit it’s not the strongest vibrator out there, but it is defiantly good for being discreet. And if that is what you’re after, this is a great buy. Portable and reliable. I’ll surely be taking this one with me next time I travel!

Sex Toys Are Tax Deductible?

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I found a great post on “TaxProf Blog” that explains how sex toys can be tax deductible in Australia. Its amazing how open minded some countries really are… Good Job!

Wittle Wabbit Tickler

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I’ve always just used your standard sex toys, nothing special, nothing vibrating, so I thought I’d try something new. I took a look on the Internet and found some really neat things! One of the things I decided to try was this vibrating egg, which turns out, I love!

When the package arrived in the mail, it was totally discreet and I was excited. I waited until a little later in the evening and then took my new toy to my bedroom. I really enjoyed my bullet vibrator. It’s light-weight, and super strong. With an extra long cord, (approximately 2 ft), to the battery pack, it never got in my way. The surface is a nice, shinny silver and is really smooth. It’s tiny and fits within the palm of my hand. As for the speeds, it starts slow, and then you turn the little nob to heighten the vibrations. But even on full speed, it wasn’t loud at all. More of a “thumping” hum; really quiet. The highest speed for this bullet was so nice, it kept me busy for at least an hour!

After that, I put on the little attachment. A little flexible, rubber bunny with cute little ears! I put some lube on the bullet, and slipped on the bunny. With the highest speed, the rabbits’ ears made my clit go wild, and slower speed was a nice relaxing feeling. The bunny is not attached to anything so you can set it aside if you want. It comes off easy, but stays on great and never came off without me removing it. The rabbits’ ears are smooth and vibrate really fast. They are stiff at the base, and flexible at the tip to stay firm. They even got me excited when I put my nipple in between and did the rest myself. I like this vibrating egg also because the strong power can help me with a quickie if I’m strapped for time.

Oh and I took it to my boyfriends house for some kinky fun. He loved it! Him seeing me use it on myself drove him wild, and he immediately wanted in on the action! Now every time I go to his house, he asks me to bring it “just in case”! This toy is good for solo use, quick use, or tickling someone else!

As for cleaning, the bunny attachment is totally water proof and easy to clean. I recommend sex-toy cleaner which is specially made to keep sex toys clean, and it won’t break down the rubber. The bullet it’s self is not 100% waterproof, so I just wipe it off with sex-toy cleaner, and I’m good to go. The hand-held battery pack (which is also nice and slim to fit in my hand), doesn’t get dirty, but I’m sure it can be wiped down if needed. My new toy totally triggers my interest in sex toys, and I’m definitely sold. The site I got from was super good, and I even ordered it over the phone with no hassle.

I wuv my wittle wrabbit!!

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The Beauty Of Sex Toys

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With their seductive smooth lines and sensual colors, their ability to please you when your alone or help enhance a sexual relationship. Lets face it, sex toys are allot of fun, the only problem for most people is the embarrassment of walking into a store to buy one. What if someone you know sees you going into a sex toy store or worse what if you bump into someone you know inside the store… How embarrassing…
The best way to buy sex toys is off the internet. The shopping experience is discreet, but how safe is it? Here are some tips for buying adult sex toys off the internet.

1. Check the adult toy website for a phone number

If you can’t call them, then you definitely shouldn’t give them your money. Call the store and ask a few questions. They should have product knowledge and be able to answer specific questions about what you are thinking of buying.

2. Does the online sex toy store have an SSL certificate?

SSL - Secure Socket Layer encrypts the information that is sent from your computer browser over the internet to the online store. With SSL installed it makes it virtually impossible for someone to intercept your personal information. When you are about to enter your personal information check to see if there is a lock in the bottom right corner or in the address bar at the top of the screen. The URL of the website should also start with https. This shows that the site has switched over to SSL and is more secure.

3. Check for privacy/security seals.

There are internet companies like Control Scan that scan a website for vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to steal your credit card and personal information. This is a very important, Control Scan does charge the online store for this service. If an online sex toy store is a legitimate company that takes securing your privacy and personal information seriously. Then you will see the seals displayed on their site.

4. Get informed before you buy.

Make sure that the products have good detailed descriptions. You need to know what you are buying before you buy it because sex toys cannot usually be returned. Make sure that the measurements and sex toy materials are what you are looking for. See if it’s quiet if you need discretion, some vibrators are quite noisy. Make sure it’s waterproof if you plan on taking it in the bath or shower. If you want a vibrator or clitoral stimulator that has a lot of power, make sure the description mentions it because sex toys have varying ranges of power and intensity of vibrations. Make sure the sex toy description accurately describes the product so you know if it will suit you because for the most part, you will not be able to return the adult toy.

5. Check the return policy

Are you able to return the product if you don’t want it? If the sex toy store in question allows no hassle returns of unwanted items, it might not be such a good idea to buy from them. Why? Because if a toy is returned, you can almost guarantee that it will go back on the shelf to be sold again. Think of it from a business perspective, if an item is retured, they are not going to throw it away because the sex toy store would lose money.
Do you want to buy used sex toys? Probably not!
Now that you know this, make sure that the online sex shop’s return policies only allow replacements for defective items. If an item is defective, the shop will get a replacement from the manufacturer and send you out that replacement in exchange.

Any Questions?