Sexy Lil’ Slut

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My girlfriend bought me this pretty embarrassing birthday present, and I thought she must have been kidding. Actually, she wasn’t. She told me she thought I could use a little someone for when she was not around, and I got an ‘urge’. I couldn’t believe how thoughtful that was, I mean, most girls think it’s gross when a guy dose what he needs, but she gave some sex toys to help me get off faster! Before I begin, here is the male sex toys for men store I got my masturbator from.

This is my first masturbator, and I like it so much, since then I’ve boughten a bunch more masturbator sex toys. The Sexy Lil’ Slut, (who never says no!), is made out of a soft, and really stretchy silicone. I’m not so sure about the pink color, seems kinda girlie, but it’s OK cause the chicks tits and thighs bulge right up when you thrust into her. That was pretty cool. Gotta say, one of the hottest sex toys ever!

The hole is in her neck though, which is weird, and the other end is closed. So you push into her neck, and the toy is see through, so when the your head reaches the closed end, you can see the silicone stretch around you in her pussy spot. Now you can blow in her if you want, it feels pretty damn good, but it’s easier to clean up if you just use her in the shower, and pull out right before. She is waterproof so you can you can use soap and water to clean up this toy, or sex toy cleaner. Waterproof sex toys are of course always the best, since masturbation in the shower is the best.

So, more about how she feels. You have to use a water based lube on her, don’t use a silicone one cause it will ruin your toy, and once she is lubed up, push yourself right in. The deeper you push in, and the more you thrust, the more she sucks herself around your manhood, and damn dose it feel good. The tube inside her is fitted to be a suction type tube, and kind of feels like getting a blow job. I love blow jobs, and sex toys that can do that is a really great invention!

The hole looks really small, and at first I wasn’t sure if I’d fit in, but it really stretches wide. So she can accommodate anyones size. When you are doing her, it may seem like if you stretch her too much she will rip, but the silicone is pretty durable, and as long as your careful, it’ll be fine.

To keep her fresh, you’ll need to wash her, dry her, and keep her wrapped in a plastic bag. If you don’t keep her wrapped up, over time she’ll begin to dry out and get cracks. So I guess over all, this is a great toy for any guy who is new and shy and wants his privacy when masturbating. Or you can get your girlfriend to use it on you for you! Either way, it’s fool proof; 1 piece, waterproof, drop it and it won’t break… really guy-proof… OK well there ya go.

Wireless Teddy Vibe

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I really love wireless, vibrating sex toys, and I really love this clitoral vibrator. It’s the cutest shape, a little baby teddy bear! I’m not sure if they come in any other colors, but mine came in red, and red is a pretty sexy color for sex toys! I ordered it off the Internet, and it came pretty fast and in a super discreet package. OK so I’ll tell you about my great experience with this sex toy..!

I get home from work one night, like two days after I bought this adult toy. My boyfriend was already home, and had found my toy in my underwear drawer. He hadn’t seen it yet, and I guess the sight of a new sex toy, (I have a lot of sex toys already!), drove him absolutely crazy, cause as soon as I walked in the door, my senses were overwhelmed with the smell of vanilla candles, rose petals scattered on the floor leading up to the bed room, and the closer to my room I got, I could hear my favorite song coming from behind the closed door. My boyfriend loves sex toys, and he loves me using my sex toys while he watches, so I susspected this had something to do with my teddy vibe.

So I am not only curious, I’m pretty excited to see whats behind the door. Turns out, my boyfriend had been sitting by the window waiting for me to come home, and as soon as he saw my car drive up he ran to the bedroom, took off all his clothing and hit “PLAY” on the stereo. So the rest is a little private, but it defiantly did include me wearing my Wireless Teddy Vibe, and some of my other sex toys. Oh man, oh man it was soooo erotic! OK here’s what I love about this toy…

It’s made out of a super soft jelly, molded into the shape of a little teddy. The teddy has a little snout that nuzzles it’s way right up to your clitoris and vibrates so strongly. And he has got little teddy-bear feet, and little teddy-bear arms too that kind of act like pleasure nodes. The adjustable straps are also elastic-y, and I barely noticed they were there. They go two around the thighs, and one around the lower back, so was it ever good when I wore it during intercourse. I love sex toys that can be worn during intercourse or masturbation.

So not only can you wear this clitoral vibrator, but the little bullet vibe is removable and can be used separately. So if your other sex toys are out of batteries, this one is ready to go! Like two sex toys in one. The immediate cold feeling of the bullet is so erotic, and putting it up against my nipples makes them 10 times harder! The whole little teddy is removable as well, for easy cleaning, or just using it in your hand. I would classify this teddy vibe under the small but strong sex toys section!

Waterproof sex toys are of course better than non-waterproof sex toys, and this toy is waterproof, so you can wear it in the hot tub! How good is that! Also, it is little and discreet, so you can wear it under your clothing around the house for discreet, but erotic use of your sex toys! But it is not a multi-speed vibrator, just one speed. It’s OK thought, cause the speed is totally sufficient, I could probably reach orgasm with just this toy! My boyfriend likes the feeling of my clitoris vibrating in between my legs while he is making love to me as well. I am not the only one who enjoys the super powerful vibrations of this awesome clitoral stimulator. It takes 4 watch sized batteries which are included.

Over all, I totally love this sex toy. The strong vibrations and the teddy-bear shape. The soft, adjustable straps and the removable vibrator. Waterproof and all! This is defiantly a must have addition to anyones sex toys collection. Just make sure you clean it properly, and use a rubber compatible lubrication, and have fun!

Ideas for Finger Vibrator Use

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Finger vibrator sex toys are a smaller sex toys, more discreet kind of vibrator sex toys. They have a finger ring or attachment which slips on your finger and stays in place while you satisfy your kinkiest desires. There are many different ways you can use finger vibrators besides just pleasing your clitoris, and here are some ideas on how! Don’t forget to use lubrication with sex toys, including finger vibes.

First of all, there are a few different styles of finger vibe sex toys. Some of these sex toys have a separate, hand-held controller with a multi-speed dial attached to the finger vibrator by a wire, some slide on parallel to your finger, and some others slide on your finger but stick out for a more direct stimulation. Each feel different, and each look different. It all depends on what you like, and if you don’t know what you like, then try one, and then try another!

Finger vibrator sex toys can come in many different materials. Some are jelly with pleasure nodes spotted around the surface on the sex toy for added pleasure, and a solid vibrating core with a ON/OFF, or ON/OFF/Multi-Speed dial. Or there are purely plastic finger vibes with a solid vibrating core and different attachments; some are solid plastic pleasure nodes and some are molded in a unique, sophisticated swirl. Also, there are some that are just plastic with rubber or jelly attachments. Out of all sex toys, finger vibrators are the smaller, more unique sex toys for women.

So with all the varieties and combinations possible, there are so many different sensations waiting to be felt, and so many ways to feel them! These finger sex toys are perfect for slipping under your pillow, or in a pocket for a quick hide away. Many sex toys are large and bulky, but these sex toys are powerful and petite.

O.k. so the first idea is the standard clitoral stimulation. Just slip the toy on your finger the way it is meant, (some are all 5 fingers, some are just 1 finger) and maybe spread your vagina lips with your other hand for some real close stimulation, or just place your finger vibe on your clit and use your other hand to massage your breasts.

You can also try using your finger vibrator on your clitoris while masturbating with other sex toys. It may seem like a handful, but really, it’ll be the complete orgasmic experience you can have while doing it all yourself! Maybe try the finger vibe on your clitoris, and anal sex toys that can be suctioned to a chair or the bath tub ledge.

Finger vibe sex toys are also great during sexual intercourse. Try using your finger vibe on your clitoris while you are having sex; for extra pleasure, try having sex doggy style and vibrating your clitoris with the finger vibe. Or, another idea is to try using your finger vibrator on your nipples during intercourse for some added stimulation.

These type of adult sex toys don’t need to be used only to reach climax, try using them during foreplay to get things started. The female can tickle the inside of the man’s thighs with the finger vibe, or the man’s nipples to get him aroused. To get things really erotic, try getting the guy to wear the finger vibe, and rubbing the girls clitoris from behind. That will definitely get you both hot! Sex toys are not only for masturbation, but they are also great for foreplay.

Most finger vibes have multi-speed dials, so the slower vibrations can be used for gentle, sexy foreplay. The higher speed can be for the hot, wild sex that comes after! Some finger vibe sex toys, like the Fukuoku 9000 Finger Vibrator, really do emit super strong vibrations, and there are some with gentler vibrations. So if you want to be hit hard with waves of pleasure, then go for the stronger finger sex toys.

One of the great things about finger vibe sex toys is how discreet they are. You can keep them in your purse, sock drawer, or even under your pillow! Most are small and fit nicely in the palm of your hand. Others, like the Little Beaver Finger Vibe, have the clitoral stimulator, and the separate hand-held controller that is perhaps not as discreet, but not much bigger. This one can still be hidden in a drawer, but between the toy and the controller (which has an expandable wrist wrap), it might not fit so well in your purse.

Most finger vibe sex toys have either a rubber/jelly finger ring that will stretch to fit your finger, a spring loaded adjustable finger clamp, or just a finger clamp that adjusts as you slide your finger in. So they will equally fit on the male partner and the female partner.

So over all, finger vibe sex toys are very fun, very sexy, and VERY orgasmic! They will keep you and your partner wanting more and more, until you eventually try each and every one!! Enjoy your exploration in the exciting world of minute finger vibrators and have fun!

Comparing Sex Toys: Butt Plug vs. Anal Toy

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Many people enjoy the adventurous world of sex toys, and are curious about anal sex toys. If you are one of them, or even brand new to the adult sex toy experience and wondering, then this article is for you. Comparing regular butt plugs to playful anal toys is a good way to understand why and how people use sex toys, and which, if not both, are for you.

Before the comparison, I would just like to explain how anal lube is different than other types of lubrication. Anal lube is a thicker, water based lube that coats the anal toy/plug. Compared to other lubricants, it stays on the toy instead of coming off and needing to be re-applied; and eases insertion in the anus better than other lubes, as the anus is a tighter opening.

Butt Plug

This regular butt plug is made from Crystalessence material, which is firm, smooth pliable jelly. It has a solid core, surrounded by the jelly, and a suction cup base. The jelly is molded in a sophisticated swirl to make it easier to insert. The shape of this anal toy is a bulb, with the flat base which helps keep the toy inside the anus once inserted. This butt plug is meant to remain inside the bum during intercourse or masturbation, instead of thrusting in and out.

Anal sex toys requires the specialized anal lube to aid in insertion. For females, once inside the anus, the butt plug pushes against the vagina canal by widening the anal canal, and tightens the vagina. This is very pleasurable for women as she can feel the penis rubbing the vaginal walls better, and gives the illusion of the penis going deeper. Plus the butt plug tightening the female also increases pleasure for men, as the vagina is tighter around the penis and squeezes it harder.

For men, this butt plug is alright, but there are better ones. Butt plugs in men are meant to reach the prostate and apply constant pressure to it. The prostate in men is equal to the G-spot in women, but it is not just straight in the anal canal. It is curved and in a bit, so this toy may not reach it. There are curved butt plugs that are meant to reach the prostate. I’ll compare those in another article!

For cleaning your anal sex toys, sex toy cleaner is the best method, as soap and water may eventually dry the jelly a little, or erode small holes in the surface.

Over all, the standard butt plug is very good for increasing pleasure in women, and men when the women is wearing one. Men can wear it, but this particular model is better for women. This may not be the best choice for beginners, as it is very blunt right away. You can suction it to a chair or the ledge of the bathtub and sit on it, or just wear it around. It is meant to remain inside the anus, instead of in-and-out and anal lube is a very good idea.

Anal Toy

This Anal Tool is made from a very pliable, soft and smooth translucent jelly with a suction cup base. It is ribbed with large bulbs at the base that get significantly smaller at the top. This sex toy is super jiggly, and flexible and can be used with any type of lubrication. Once lubricated, this toy is meant to be thrusted in and out, as a toy rather than a plug. If inserted all the way to the base, then it might remain in the anus, but if semi-inserted this toy will not remain in the anus.

This anal toy is good for beginners as it is smaller at the top, and you can ease it in slowly, or not even all the way. This toy will work it’s way up the canal and for men, and reach the prostate. The full effect of prostate arousal will not be felt as the tip is small, but the area is very sensitive, and it will defiantly be felt. The bulbs moving in and out will also be felt, and deliver waves of pleasure. For women, the full effect of tightening the vagina will not be felt, but for playing around it will defiantly add extra pleasure, as the anus is a sensitive area and a whole different feeling then just vaginal penetration.

Anal sex toys should be cleaned with sex toy cleaner, as soap and water may eventually dry out the jelly and erode small holes in the jelly.

Overall, this anal toy is a good investment if you are looking for something new and exciting to add to your sexual encounters, or if you are a beginner and need something small. You can also suction this toy to the bath tub or a chair, and thrusting rather than remaining inside is the way to use this one. This model is fun for men and women alike and adds so much extra pleasure to any sexual encounter.

So it really depends on what you are looking for, and what feeling you want to experience from your sex toys. Both are good in their own ways, and both have a totally different sensation. Why not try them both and enjoy the diversity of all the makes of sex toys! Enjoy!

Don’t Be A One Minute Man

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Do you love having intercourse with your partner, but it always seems to end quickly? Do you think she is getting a little bored with how short the fun time is lasting and perhaps turning to sex toys to finish? Well, there are some things you can do to improve your sex life by reducing premature ejaculation. Here are some products and their uses you can get to give you some extra time, and even give her more time to reach the ultimate climax!

First of all, don’t be upset about not being able to last. There are thousands of men who cannot last very long, and it’s nothing to be shy about. That is why these products have been created to boost your self-esteem and render your penis a brand new, hot sex machine!

Before you try products like these, if you prefer, you might try stimulating her for a while with sex toys first. Sex toys are great for foreplay, like little clitoral stimulating sex toys, or wireless vibrating sex toys. Try these before you try other products if you already have them laying about the house. Or, you could try incorporating sex toys with these other ideas for the ultimate in sex experiences!

There is a wide variety of lotions and creams you can buy to desensitize your penis, and help you last longer in bed. These lotions are called sexual enhancing creams, and are made with benzocaine, a powder used as a local anesthetic. It is safe for topical use on skin, and will numb the head of your penis to make you last longer. There are different styles of desensitizing creams you can buy: flavored creams, unflavored creams, body butter, balms, gels, and even sprays. Some are made with natural desensitizing ingredients instead of the benzocaine, but all the types made with benzocaine are safe for use with condoms. Durex maintain condoms have benzocaine already applied to them.

Now all you have to do is pick the one for you. After you’ve made your selection and you are ready to use it, just rub a small amount of the head of the penis 10 minutes before engaging in sexual intercourse. If you don’t wait the 10 minutes, and just engage in intercourse right after applying, your partner will also go numb and it will not be any better! If you choose the spray, it’s the same method, 10 minutes before, then go for it!

Benzocaine cream is also a good aid for anal sex. It’s numbing properties help relieve the slight discomfort that can occur during anal sex. Mix a small amount of the benzocaine cream with some lube and apply either to the anus, the penis, or the condom, which ever you prefer. For this, you do not want to wait 10 minutes before insertion to activate the numbing properties right away.

Another method of premature ejaculation control is cock ring sex toys. Again, there are many styles and sizes you can buy: rubber cock rings, vibrating cock rings, metal cock rings, magnetic cock rings, pouches, cock rings that stimulate your partners clitoris, cock rings that stimulate your partners anus and erogenous zones and many more. Pick the one you are most interested in, or the one that catches your eye, and get ready for some exciting fun. I’ll leave the “how they work” to another article, so check for that one if thats what you’re looking for.

Sex toys like cock rings, and I supposed lubrication fits into the sex toys category as it is needed to satisfy, are great from reducing your temptations to ejaculate to soon. Try them for yourself, and see what works best for you.

Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator

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This vibrator is really cute with a little bunny as the clitoral vibrator, and the head of the penis as a little person! The package says it comes in varied colors, and mine came in a pink sleeve! Pink seems to be a good color for sex toys, makes it more feminine and sexy! As a personal favorite, bath time is my favorite sex toys time, and this is one of my favorite bath time sex toys as it is waterproof! If you’re not using it in the tub, then smother it in a lube for ultra wet and wild experience!

When I first opened my vibrator from its package, it really smelled of rubber, but as time went on, the odor totally reduces. I hate the strong smell of plastic/rubber sex toys, but this one stopped stinking really fast, which I liked. Or you can just use a nice scented lube to cover the smell! Anyway, the internal vibrator is firm and straight, so this vibrator dose not bend, although the core vibrator stops just at the head, so the head and tip are stiff, but flexible. The head is a hard jelly, so you can’t squeeze it to much, but if you drop it, it probably won’t break! The little clitoral stimulator rabbit is made of the same jelly material and is attached, but can move back and forth more freely as it has a separate motor inside, attached my a wire. The two bunny ears are straight up and vibrate very strong. You can see them wiggling back and forth when the vibrator is on, just for an idea of how powerful they are.

I usually like vibrator sex toys that are curved, but this vibrator makes up for that by having little pleasure bumps on the back of the shaft, just under the head, and a large hump that goes all the way around the penis, in the shaft, almost near the base. The hump really adds extra pleasure when the vibrations are set to high on the multi-speed dial. Slow speed creates an aura of gentle bliss, while I find high speed sends me straight to orgasmic pleasure! This rabbit vibrator takes 2 AA batteries which are not included. A delightful extra on this sex toy is a little light in the base of the clitoral vibrator that shines through the jelly to emit a beautiful pink glow! Looks pretty cool in water, especially with bubble bath, the bubbles glow pink! Sex toys that glow have got to be a plus!

Overall, this is for sure a good buy. I bought mine over the Internet, and it came in such a discreet package, I had no idea it was my new vibe when the mail man rang the doorbell! Good for bath time, or just with lube, and washes easily with sex toy cleaner! Have fun with your sex toys, and keep your collection growing with all sorts of sex toys, including Rabbit Vibes!

Finger Fun Vibrator

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I really like small sex toys, and so I bought this sex toy to add to my growing collection, and like most finger vibes, I love it! It’s small and discreet, compact and personal. I can keep this adult toy in my purse and no one would even know it’s there! It is made from jelly, and comes in purple, pink or a cute baby blue, and all are translucent.

I love how this finger vibe is waterproof, so I can take it into my hot tub when my boyfriend comes over! He loves it when I use my little vibrators to tickle his bits too, he loves the feeling of the vibrations! Whenever we get intimate, he always whispers in my ear to go get “something to play with!”. I tell him, that’s why I buy them, I love the vibrations too! Anyway, not only is it waterproof, but the 3 watch size batteries necessary are included, so as soon as I got it in the mail, I jumped for the tub!

The vibrations that are created by this tiny toy are so powerful! It has a multi-speed dial, so you can have the slow relaxing, sensual vibrations that calm you after a hard day’s work, or you can turn it right up to send you to an orgasmic wonderland! And it’s all in the tip of your finger! The silicone finger ring is nice and tight, so the vibrator staying in place nicely. And it is stretchy for bigger fingers, perfect for your partner to use it on you!

The tip of sex toy is bent and has a flexible jelly tip to help pint point where you want to feel the most vibrations. Also, it is nicely decorated with pleasure bumps which help the sensation. If you’re not using it in the shower or tub, just lube it up, and it feels oh so good! I just love this little toy!

The Finger Fun Vibrator is really also quiet. You can barely hear it across the room, so it’s defiantly usable with other people in the house and no one will even know! Just tell people you’re really tired and going to bed early, just don’t sound to excited! Anyway, you can also use this toys on your nipples during intercourse. I like the strong feeling of the vibrations on my nipples during intercourse, it really adds to the experience. And because it sits on your finger, your hand is still free to spread your fingers or clench a fist, and you won’t drop your toy!

This powerful little toy is defiantly a must for any finger vibrator collection. Easy to us and stays in place perfectly. Maybe most importantly, this toy is very easy to clean! You can was it with soap and water or sex toy cleaner, but because it’s waterproof it’s a snap. Usually toys this small are difficult to clean if they are not waterproof. Also, the ultra strong vibrations that drive me crazy, or the soothing low ones if you prefer, and quiet quiet quiet! I love my Finger Fun Vibrator!

Cliterrific Penis

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Personally, this Clitterific Penis is one of my favorite multi-speed rubber vibrator sex toys. It’s 8 inches long, with a diameter of about 1.5 inches, so it’s not too big, and defiantly not too small. It’s got a nice smooth texture, a gentle shine and only takes 2 AA batteries. Also, it’s not to noisy, as some sex toys can be. I find on the highest speed, I can just slightly hear it, and on the lowest speed, it’s more of a quiet humming sound. So if it is discretion you want, then you’ll never hear this one through the walls!

The Clitterific Penis is the peachy color of natural skin, well as close as rubber can get I suppose! And to make it seem more realistic, this vibrator had raised lines to mimic the veins of a real penis, and a raised “muscle” piece running up the back. The tip of the vibrator is shaped to be like a circumcised penis, with a soft, smooth head and little wrinkles underneath. This adult toy get wider at the base to form an area meant to be the testicles, but they are not that big. Also at the base, around the testicle area on the inside are 4 rows of firm, but flexible, little bumps that tickle the clitoral area really well! The middle bumps are bigger that the ones on either side, so they are the main focus for the clitoris!

Out of all vibrator sex toys, this one does not emit the strongest vibrations, but they certainly do the trick. And with the multi-speed dial at the bottom, you can adjust it to however fast or slow you want. This toy is not however waterproof, so the vibrations are left to other areas of the house. Also, when you squeeze this vibrator, the top of the shaft is firm, but the head and from the middle of the shaft to the base of the penis is a foam like core. You can squeeze it like a stress ball if you want!! But the toy its self is not flexible and bendable, so it stays in its straight, slightly curved position.

Oh and one thing I like about the Cliterrific Penis is that it is made out of natural rubber, so it’s hygienically superior and super easy to clean than some sex toys. You can use sex toys cleaner on your vibrator, or just soap and hot water, so no boiling or alcohol necessary. A rubber compatible lube is defiantly recommended for easy insertion and a smooth, constant glide for all sex toys.

This is one of the sex toys that my partner really likes to watch me use! It makes it hard for him to keep his hands to himself, but if it’s a toy to use for visually teasing your after, this is a good buy. Over all, I like sex toys, and this is definitely one of my favorite vibrator sex toys!

The different Materials of Adult Toys

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Adult sex toys come in all shapes and sizes, and you should be able to pick the ones that fit your needs and comfort levels. But what about materials? What if you are allergic to a certain kind of material? Does that mean you are left out of all the fun? Absolutely not! Here is a list of different adult sex toys and the different materials they can be made from to keep you safe and comfortable.

Plastic: Sex toys made of plastic are cold, firm and great for external stimulation. They are commonly, but not always, covered in a metallic silvery outer casing to give the toy a more sophisticated look, and a chilly feel. Since they are made of plastic instead of a more flexible material, the vibrations are felt very clearly. Plastic sex toys are mostly smooth and can glide easily when lubricated. These sex toys are easy to clean with sex toy cleaner.

Silicone: Silicone is a life-like feeling material. It is a smooth, sleek and very flexible, jiggly material with no rough or sharp edges. It warms up fast and retains that temperature. Once lubricated, silicone sex toys will slide in and out easily and comfortably. Because of its flexible nature, the vibrations are not felt as fully as hard plastic. It is non-porous and can be cleaned easily with soap and hot water. Silicone sex toys are almost hypo allergenic. It is rare for someone to have an allergic reaction to toys made from this material. Your silicone sex toys are also very durable will last a long time.

Rubber: If you are not picky about your sex toys, this is a good material to purchase. Rubber latex sex toys are not as flexible and life like as jelly or silicone, but will still do the trick and have a nice, silky smooth texture. They are soft, but not as soft as silicone. This material is more porous and may need to be cleaned more attentively. Sex toys cleaner is best for this material. Once a rubber-compatible lubrication is applied, sex toys made from this material are very easy to glide in and out, but many people have allergies to latex, and must stay away from adult sex toys made out of rubber latex.

Jelly: Jelly is not as flexible and jiggly as silicone, but more so than rubber. More life like than rubber, but less than silicone, jelly is the middle material out of these three. Jelly sex toys are not good to clean with hot water, just mild water and soap, or sex toy cleaner. One draw back from jelly adult sex toys is the smell. Jelly has a strong plasticky odor, which is not bad, but for people who don’t like the smell, this material is not for you. This material should be used with a water based lubrication for best use and to make it easier to clean! An advantage of jelly is the variety of shapes and sizes of sex toys made out of jelly for unique sensations and different textures. Not all jelly sex toys smell, it is better to ask before you make your purchase.

Cyberskin: These sex toys are the most life-like material out there. They feel more like real skin than silicone does, and are more expensive as well. Cyberskin material looks real and feels real and is very advanced. The surface is pliable and flexible and the inner core is sturdy, it easily replicates the feeling of an actual erect penis. This material is great for maintaining temperature and is typically used in reproducing female parts. Sex toys made from Cyberskin are very satisfying and are worth the money.

Vinyl: This material is usually used for clothing purposes. It is made from rubber, but is way shinier. It is very tough yet flexible, but does not breath very well. Mostly smooth to the touch, but your finger may skip a bit like the stickiness of rubber. Some sex toys are made from vinyl, as a more solid material

Leather: Leather is used in the making of straps, harnesses, restraints, whips, and clothing. It is very strong, and can handle a lot of pressure. Items made from this material do not breathe very well, and look like a dull version of vinyl. Leather goes great with role playing and sex toys.

How to Bring Sex Toys into your Relationship

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Are you totally into your partner, and want to involve sex toys into your relationship but are not sure how to bring it up? Well, this can be a very tricky subject and for some, and not easy at all to just talk about. Some people are too shy and others just plain uncomfortable. But if you want to try exploring the fantastic world of sex toys, and are way to nervous, then here are some hints and tips to get the conversation flowing.

  1. I know this is a pretty silly piece of advice, but don’t be shy. Well, try to be as least shy as possible. This is one of those big steps in life that is so much better once you’ve taken. And you will most likely not regret it. Try doing some research before you bring it up. Look at sex toy websites and magazines, and get informed on the toys you want to try. That way you can answer the obvious questions your partner will have.
  2. Start with beginners sex toys, or just the easy, small ones. Maybe a bullet vibrator and cock ring. Something discreet that will just open the door to your new hobby. You don’t want to throw your nervous partner into something uncomfortable. Comfort is one of the most important parts of exploring sex toys.
  3. Maybe don’t talk about it. If you want to be sexy about it, try buying a sex toy, and surprising your partner with it. Come home Friday after work, and give them a gift nicely wrapped. They might blush and wonder what is up when they open it, but just tell them you thought maybe tonight the two of you could try it out! This way you skip the embarrassing conversation, and it will be easier on both of you having a toy already there. If you are going to show up with a new toy, make sure you also purchase lubrication. Lube is very important to use with any sex toy. It relieves the friction the toy may create, and will allow for easy insertion.
  4. If you are not sure which toy is appropriate for you and your partner, maybe just come home with a bottle of lube itself. Then suggest the pair of you spend some time later that night looking at sex toys on the Internet and choosing which one to try together. Make sure you gather a list of websites you will look at first. If you are not organized, the plan will just become awkward and fall through.
  5. If you do want to talk about it first, then there are ways of bringing it up. Wait until bed time and bring it up then. Just start by asking, “so.. what do you think about trying out sex toys?” Or something along those lines. Like I mentioned earlier, just make sure you are informed, because your partner will react with questions, and you should be prepared to answer them!
  6. Try leaving tiny hints around the house as a cute way of bringing it up. Star out by leaving a bottle of flavored massage oil next to the computer to hint you want a sexy evening. Then maybe a bottle of lube next to the phone, and later print or cut out a picture of a clit stimulator and place it on your partners pillow. That is a sure fire way to hint that you also want to use sex toys!

However you choose to bring up the subject of sex toys, make sure you are respectful to your partners needs and concerns. I mentioned earlier that comfort is one of the most important aspects of the sex toy experience, but number one aspect is safety. Always use lubrication with your sex toys, and proper cleaning too. Use a sex toy cleaner to wipe them clean before and after each use, and make sure to note if your sex toy is waterproof or not. Use common sense, and don’t try anything you don’t want to. Start out small, and work your way up. There is no rush, just sit back and enjoy the new and exciting world of adult toys! Good Luck!

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