Strap on’s

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For many people, female couples especially, sex with a penis is unmatched, but who wants a man in the way? Also, a woman with a penis can be a very attractive, intimidating and exciting thing. This is where strap on sex toys come into play! Worn by women, for women, strap on’s allow girl-on-girl action to get a lot hotter, and more satisfying for each partner. But this is not the only way strap on’s are used. Think about that poor guy who has seen younger days, and isn’t built like he used to be. He may be suffering in the “keeping sex with his wife abundant” area, and can use a little help. Here is another scenario where strap on’s can come in very handy, and maybe even save a marriage!

So strap ons are a wonderful adult toy, useful in so many different scenarios: a guy and a girl are alone, hot and heavy into their love session, when oops, no condom. What to do? Grab a strap on! The guy can still satisfy the womans craving, and no chance of an accident. But what kinds of strap on’s are there? Which one is right for who? Well, even thought they all look different, and are different sizes, there are some that would suit different people better than others. Read on to see which is best for you.

Some strap on vibrators are specially designed for women. They can have either a removable, interchangeable dildo, or not, and may have clitoral stimulating jelly nodes on the inside of the dildo, meant to rest up against the wearer. Strap on’s like these may also vibrate, enhancing the stimulation of the wearer, and their partner. These types of strap ons are made for girl-on-girl love making. Different harnesses; rubber, jelly, plastic, nylon or leather are mostly all available in these types of strap on’s.

There are strap ons made for men, which have an open crotch area, room enough for the penis and testicles to hang below comfortably, and no get in the way. These are perfect for men who still love satisfying their wives, but have a hard time keeping up with their foxes women, or for men who love to satisfy their male partners, and want to try a new feeling. Women can also wear these strap on designs, as they built for ultimate comfort, and kinky creative sex play with the crotchless aspect. Again, these can have interchangeable dildos for a selection of different sizes and textures to satisfy every different craving.

Another type of strap on for women are the double dildo kinds. These have the classic dong in the front, but what makes these sex toys extra pleasureful is the small self pleasure dong located inside the strap on harness. This enters in the wearer, leaving them satisfied as well. You can get these in different sizes for a different sensation for both partners.

Besides vibrating strap on’s, there are also very flexible dildos that can bend in most positions you want, perfect for hitting the g-spot or re-shape for stimulation on the prostate. Inflatable strap on’s are also good for anal sex play, but are also great for vaginal. These give you a different feeling every time you play. Some dido’s are hollow inside, for men to place their penis in, to create a more life like sexual encounter.

If you have a wide selection of dildo’s already, or if you have your favorite one already, then you can get just the harness alone. Different materials are used for a better selection of harness. There are plushy ones, leather ones, vynal ones, most with adjustable nylon straps. Some adjust up to a 60 inch waist, some not so big. If you are not sure how or if one will fit, make sure to ask the retailer.

Enjoy your strap on sex play, and don’t forget to use proper lubrication and to clean your sex toy throughly in between uses, or before sharing with any other partners.

Romantic Ways To Play

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Are you looking for something to help not only create a romantic setting for the you and your partner, but also to spice things up at the same time? Well, why not try adding some small, but fun sex toys. Or maybe a sexy board game to add romance and adventure! There are tons of romantic ways to play, and you can’t decide which one is best, or if you simply can’t think of one yourself, then hopefully this article will help with spark some creativity and give you a sense of imagination to help create a romantic, yet exciting play time for you and your lover.

Small sex toys are very cute and romantic. They are not big and intimidating like some sex toys, and can be stored discreetly for the couples privacy. Some ideas for smaller sex toys would be love rings, which help maintain the mans erection, and stimulate the woman either by vibrations, or clitoral arousal nodes. Or maybe small clitoral stimulator sex toys, either a finger-vibe or just hand held. These are great as the man can use it on the woman giving her an unmatched orgasmic feeling, or the woman can tickle the man with it, in a cute, romantic foreplay scenario. Smaller sex toys are also really great for beginners, and for new couples, as these sex toys are not too kinky and wild for a couple who has only had sex a couple of times. Although it may not be advisable to introduce sex toys to your partner immediately, unless you are sure that they are excited about it and not to timid!

A great romantic gesture is to give one another a relaxing, sensual massage. Wonderful smelling, and luscious to the touch massage oils are a great way of adding a special, romantic touch to these much craved massages. Or, if it’s not a massage you are after, but you still want to pay special attention to your partners heavenly body, why not try some edible body butters, or chocolate body paint. This is a great way of nibbling or teasing nipples to get each other’s sex drive soaring. If you want to get really down and dirty, there are edible oral sex aids that will increase excitement for the giver and increase pleasure for the receiver. Try mixing these lovely lotions with sex toys and watch the thermometer rise!

Romantic board games and sex dice are also a fun way of adding adventure and creativity to your passion play. They are fun and silly, yet will bring the pair of you closer together and keep you coming back for more! Great if you haven’t experience sex toys yet, but want to get intimate. These novelties make a great gift as well, for a birthday, anniversary or even a yearly holiday gift.

A really sexy way of increasing romance in sex play is beautiful lingerie. Lingerie on women adds a goddess like aura and makes a man think about how lucky he is to be in the presence of this mythical creature he’s about to take. A woman feeling sexier is also a good way of increasing her arousal, and lingerie is definitely a good way of doing that. If not clothing lingerie, try getting a super sleek and sexy pair of high heels, the kind like the porn stars wear. That will drive any man crazy! Lingerie on men can also be a romantic thing. Get him a harness or a cute man g-string, and see how his beautiful ass looks in it. It is sure to get you both right in the mood. Edible lingerie is a great alternative to the edible massage butters. Put on a candy g-string and watch your man nibble way, getting slowly closer and closer to your love spot. This is a sure fire way to get more arousal out of a woman.

Try putting on your ultimate favorite piece of lingerie, then to your partners surprise, pull out all your favorite sex toys! Sex toys and lingerie are definitely a match made in heaven, and will leave your partner floor and feeling so lavished with what is standing in front of him.

Another romantic idea is light bondage. A pair of fuzzy handcuffs, or a sexy satin and velvet mask will get your sexual senses raging. Tie each other up and have your way with one another, and see how much closer this brings you. The romance will fill the air, and intensify night after night as the pair of you get more creative with your bondage play. Get your sex toys involved and paddle each other while you vibrate each others love spots! Sex toys and bondage were made for each other and deserve to be incorporated together!

There are many ways of increasing and maintaining romance in a relationship, you just need to find which one works best for you. Enjoy all the wonderful aspects of sex toys click here and your sex play may just get a little wilder, and a litter more romantic. Try buying your partner new sex toys for their gift giving occasions, or incorporate sex toys into all your sex play. Follow all these ideas with a nice breakfast in bed together, or share a warm shower in the afternoon. Keep thinking about each other sexually all day, and that will help later at night think of some great romantic ways to play!

Ben Wah Balls

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Ever wonder about Ben Wha Balls? How they are used and what they are for? Well you are definitely not alone in your curiosity, many women are afraid of using them, and unclear of their benefits. There are a few different types of Ben Wah Balls, and some are better for beginners, and some are to be worked up to. Ben Wah Balls are great for increasing a womens arousal, and for improving general health of women. Here’s how!

Ben Wah Balls, also spelled Ben Wa Balls or also called Pleasure Balls or Love Balls, have been around since abut 500 A.D. and used through out time mostly in the orient. They were originally used to increase pleasure for a man during intercourse, but was later recognized as being very beneficial for a woman. Today we see Ben Wah Balls all over the world, with women using them daily as a part of their love making, and as a part of their exercise routine. Ben Wah Balls are very elegant and feminine sex toys, that any woman can learn to love.

Ben Wah Balls are small balls, ranging from plastic to metal and come in all sorts of colors and widths. The vibrating balls are called SmartBalls, and there are also Duotone balls which are a larger ball with a smaller one that moves freely inside the larger one. Some are attached by a retrieval string for easy removal, or for women who are afraid of them getting stuck in the vagina. This is highly unlikely, as things cannot just disappear inside a woman! What goes in must come out!

Using Ben Wah Balls is easy, safe and comfortable. It is recommended to ensure you’re bladder is empty before inserting the balls. If you are wearing your Ben Wah Balls and you have to urinate, do not go with them still in you, as they will fall out into the toilet, and good luck getting them out! Lifting one leg is an easy way to insert the balls; simply push them in the vagina, one at a time. Once they are inside, you will feel them massaging your vaginal walls and floating around freely inside. This is very good for arousing a women, and great for helping the vagina lubricate itself.

Now, you are going to have to hold them inside with your muscles, or the will just fall out. The muscles specifically are the pubococcygeus (PC) Muscles, which are the same muscles you squeeze when you need to urinate. While you are holding your Ben Wah Balls inside, this is exercising these muscles, also called Kegel exercises, helping strengthening and tightening the vagina. This is one reason Ben Wah Balls are excellent for women who have given birth, or who have bladder control problems. Also, when these muscles are tighter, sex becomes a lot more intense feeling. Women and men have both reported sex feeling a lot better when the women has strong PC muscles and squeezes them around the mans penis. To strengthen the PC muscles, is it recommended to wear your Ben Wah Balls a 3 to 4 hours every day.

For beginners, try out plastic balls, or the Duotone balls, as they will be easier to hold in. Metal balls will fall out easily if you do not have strong PC muscles. Place them inside your vagina and spend the next couple of hours at home, doing lighter activities. If you are not used to Ben Wah Balls, or do not have strong PC muscles, it is not recommended to go out in public or do heavy activities with them in, as the chance of them falling out it way greater. Imagine being in line at the grocery store, sneezing, and having a little ball drop down your pant leg! After a few weeks of regular wear, you should be able to move up to metal balls, which will have a more intense sensation, and wear them during heavier activities. Unlike other sex toys, you can wear these all day if you want, how great is that.

Wearing your Ben Wah Balls during sex increases the pleasure, as they massage around inside while the man’s penis thrusts in and out. This helps keep the vagina lubricated, and also helps keep the vagina feeling “full”. Also, Ben Wah Balls do help the mans pleasure, as he can feel them inside the women, which will arouse the man even more. Try the vibrating SmartBalls during intercourse, as they have received very good reviews from women and men alike. Ben Wah Balls are great sex toys that you have to experience for yourself to understand the real intensity. No other sex toys are like these perfectly engineered sex toys, made just for women like yourself!

Over all, Ben Wah Balls are a great addition to sex play, and a great idea for the perfect Kegel exercise. The perfect small, feminin, discreet sex toys that will please you and your partner. Great reviews and being a high seller in sex toys stores is proof enough that these little pleasure givers are perfect for almost every women, and great for their partners a swell. Go ahead and try your very own Ben Wah Balls today!

Lingerie Materials

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Lingerie is beautiful, and makes women all over the world feel sexier, and look great. But what different kinds of materials are there, and what good are they? Well, some materials are better for different sizes, and some are better for hotter situations. These materials range from super stretchy latex and super glossy vynal all the way to super comfy cotton and really breathable sheer.

Starting at the thicker end of the scale, leather would probably be the most durable material out there for lingerie. It is great for playing out your kinky fantasies, as it is a very dominant style material. It does not breath very well, so the sweat could get pretty wet! Just make sure you are not head to toe in leather, and you should be OK. Leather is popular in bondage play, as it can be used and abused, and will withstand the pressure. Leather and sex toys go great together, as you can have your kinky leather corset and your erotic sex toys and play all night long. Leather harnesses are great for suspension, and leather whips are great for leaving a mark. Leather can be very soft, or coarse, and can vary in color. Leather restraints with a soft lining are widely used in this kind of rough play.

Vynal is one step up from leather. It can be very durable and strong like leather, but it has a shiny, glisteny surface. Run your fingers on vynal, and it make stick a bit, but when wet it will glide very easily. Vynal is great for tight lingerie, as it will accentuate curves and can be sturdy enough to push up cleavage. Vynal is a very sexy material, and is also a popular style in role playing and bondage sex games. Vynal does not breath and will also get very hot. Lots of sexy foot wear is made out of vynal. Vynal panties and sex toys like vibrators make a very appealing group. There are vynla panties that you can get the come with a vibrator in the inside that sits into the woman while she wears them. Or try using your favorite sex toys, like a strap on dildo, with your partner and watch the erotic games come out strong. Vynal can range from black to transparent.

Rubber, or latex, is another thick material used mostly in bondage and any kind of kinky sex games. It has the tight, curve hugging properties of vynal, but is not as shiny It also won’t breath, and is more delicate. Rubber, or latex articles of clothing may split at the seams, and will melt in very hot conditions. If you store rubber articles for too long in one position, they will melt together and ruin. Rubber is very sexy, and looks great on almost anyone. Rubber is also a material used to make sex toys. Rubber sex toys and rubber lingerie should not be stored together, as they may melt together if they sit long enough. Rubber sex toys are typically sturdy, strong and sexy. Try your rubber sex toys with your rubber gear for an extreme look your partner is sure to love.

Velvet is another thick material, but also a very sexy, sleek and elegant one. Anyone can look first class in a sexy velvet corset, or a cute velvet skirt. Most velvet like lingerie is not made from real velvet, as it is hard to care for, but rather a material that has the same look and feel. This material is washable instead of real velvet being mostly dry clean only. Velvet comes in any color, and breaths better than the leathers, vynals and rubbers, although it can retain heat very well. Velvet lingerie would suit best with glass sex toys, as glass sex toys are elegant and classy, just like the velvet you are wearing.

Going a bit thinner now, cotton is a popular material in more flirty style lingerie. It is a more bed-time material, as it breaths very well, and is very comfortable. Cotton is more used in panties rather than corsets and full pieces outfits. Cotton comes is any color, and any style. A cute cotton nightie and some sweet little sex toys will give you that young little girlie girl aura. Keep your sex toys hidden under a pillow, then when your partner comes over and you are in your nightie, they will be so surprised when you pull out whats underneath!

Nylon is a great material for lingerie, as it is usually mixed with spandex, and will stretch to fit most sizes. It breaths very well, so hot and heavy play is welcome for hours and hours without excessive heat being retained. This material is versatile and flexible. Move and bend, jump and crawl around, this material won’t wrinkle too easily, and will stay looking great. Comes in any color and shape. Why not try a crotchless nylon body suit with some sex toys, and have fun with the erotic stripper style role playing games you can try!

Sheer materials are one of the most elegant materials. They are the netting style, see-through ones. They are very soft, sensual and delicate looking. The are great for showing all your privates, yet keeping them covered with a sexy curtain. Sheer breaths 100% and is easy to care for. A sexy material for any goddess, this material makes panties, bra’s, teddy’s, bikinis and many more. A popular material to add to an existing article. For example, you might find a sexy cotton and nylon corset with a fancy sheer lining. Again, glass sex toys would suit sheer excellently. Glass sex toys will give you that little touch you need for the ultra-hot and ultra-sleek style you want.

Silks and satins are another gorgeous material, usually used in baby dolls, teddy’s, panties, bikinis, and sleepwear. Soft, breathable, sexy, and flirtatious, silk and satin is a beautiful fabric to drape a sexy lady in. Also great for a sexy trim, or a nice soft lining underneath. Many luxurious colors and styles to choose from! Use any of your favorite sex toys while dolled up with silks and satins and experience a soft, luxurious sensation only to be felt with sensual sex toys and the softest materials!

Lace is a beautiful touch to any item. It looks great sneaking out from under leather, or ruffling around a nylon bikini. Lace is usually just an added touch, for a cute, sexy effect. Made from delicate materials, lace is easy to care for, and can be stretchy.

Faux-Fur a cute finishing touch on bikinis, panties, high heel sandals, or the perfect lining for restraints. This material is usually made out of cotton or polyester, a very versatile fabric also used in mixing with other materials. Faux-fur comes in any color, and can help bring out the animal instinct in you! Wear your faux-fur boa, and play with your more erotic sex toys for that “rich bitch” look!

Many materials, many styles. All of them look great, and all of them will make you feel like a goddess. Lingerie makes the perfect gift for your sexy lady, or a great way to spoil yourself! Lingerie adds spice in the bedroom, and goes well with sex toys. Get a sexy costume and role play your kinky fantasies, or why not get some erotic bondage gear and try something new. Anything you choose will add adventure, and a sense of sexuality to any sexual encounter. Make sure to read the tags for proper care instructions, so you don’t ruin your lingerie.

Glass Sex Toys, A True Wonder !

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There are many materials used in making sex toys, specifically dildos, but some are definitely better than others in respect to class, feeling, and exquisite properties. Some are of course softer, and some are more are more flexible, but there is one material used in making sex toys that stands above the rest! The material in particular that many agree is the best of course, is glass!

Glass sex toys are a whole new world when it comes to female sex toys, as they have an incredible ability to retain temperature. You can place your glass dildo in the microwave or run under hot water for a few minutes, and feel the sexy warm touch on your gentle skin. Or you can place the glass sex toy in the freezer, and experience the cool chill of a freezing cold dildo in your hot wet pussy!

The feeling of cold for a women is such a unique feeling that is unmatched by any other. Ice cubes are of course the ‘old fashioned’ way of getting that orgasmic cold feeling down there, and that can of course be a kinky situation, but the modern way of experiencing that ultimate sensation is of course, a glass dildo, or vibrating dildo. There is no more mess, and it is perhaps a little more classy! Sex toys that can mimic the most erotic feeling from your freezer, what a great thing this is!

The reason glass sex toys retain temperature so well is because they are made out of a glass similar to Pyrex. Pyrex is the glass they use in baking dishes as it is very durable, and is crack and shatter resistant. These qualities also appear in glass sex toys, which give them another great quality! They may seem fragile, but get down and dirty and play rough with your glass sex toys and they will resist the abuse!

Not only are they practical, but glass sex toys feel great. If your vagina is naturally lubricated at the moment you wish to use your glass sex toys, then no synthetic lubrication is necessary! A glass dildo will still slide in and out perfectly, to help you reach your orgasm faster and oh so much better! Other female sex toys require lubrication at all times, but glass is one of the very few materials that are comfortably inserted without.

Glass sex toys, such as dildo’s and butt plugs are also, of course, beautiful. Most are transparent, and most are individually hand blown. This ensures each one is unique and unmatched to any other. The sexy glass look is so classy and exquisite, you will feel like a goddess just owning one. Glass sex toys also come in many luxurious designs. Some are ribbed and some are spiraled. Some have a clitoral stimulator, and some are just the most unique style, bulbed, ribbed and spotted with pleasure nodes. Most glass sex toys also come with their own velvet touch pouch for a classy, yet discreet storage option.

Glass toys are also not porous at all, meaning they can be sanitized completely, very easily. You only need soap and water, and they are dishwasher safe. Just like glass dishes. So, because they can be sterilized, they can be shared with others safely. As long as you wash them in between people.

Some glass sex toys are also great for use with strap-on harnesses, as long as you get one with a flat base. You can use them in place of a rubber or jelly dildo for a different experience. There are also some glass dildo’s that come with a cock ring and a mini bullet vibrator what turns your glass dildo into a vibrating wonder! Some have a big bulged end and a smaller “penis head” end, which both are insertable, almost like 2 sex toys in 1! If you have a glass dildo and it does not have a cock ring, most are compatible with any cock ring and mini vibrator. So you can turn your solo dildo into a cold, vibrating diamond!

Glass sex toys are a little bit more expensive, but they sure are worth it. If you have never experienced all glass sex toys have to offer, then I highly recommend to get on it and buy yourself a lovely treat. Bring out the Goddess in you, and feel one of the most invigorating, orgasmic feelings ever delivered by a sex toy!

Shopping for Lingerie Online

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Shopping for lingerie online can be just as fun as shopping for lingerie in person, but a little bit trickier. Sometimes you will buy stuff that just won’t fit, and then you can’t return it. Sometimes it’s the other way around, and the extra large item is useless to your body type. There are a couple of things you should be aware of that will help make you’re shopping experience easier, with less disappointment in the end. Here is a quick guide to buying lingerie online, to hopefully help you find whats right for you!

One thing you really should look for when shopping for lingerie online is great pictures. If you see an item you really like, make sure it’s not a picture from the manufacturer. This would be a photo of the packaging, usually a real life model wearing it with the fancy lettering around it. These photos are not trust worthy as the outfit has been pinned and stitched to fit the model perfectly. Also, these photos are meant to look perfect, so they have been put on a computer and edited and air brushed until they look like the model was born to wear the lingerie she is sporting. Underneath all photos on online shops is most likely a small blurb about the item in question. How can you write a description of an item you have never actually seen? These descriptions have either come from the manufacturer, or someone who hasn’t even touched the item is making it all up.

The photos you should be looking for are ones on a mannequin, or laid out on a surface. Photos like these mean the website people have actually bought the products they are selling, taken them out of the package, felt them, looked at them, and really have a good idea of the item itself. When the lingerie item is placed on a mannequin, sure the mannequin looks perfect with its sleek body shape, but at least the item is on something other than a fake picture of a girl. The lingerie isn’t pinned or stitched, and no air brushing will mostly likely happen.

The people who have touched the material, who have seen the stitching and the sewing job, and who have fitted a mannequin with these articles will have a thousand percent more accurate description of the item at hand than someone who is just guessing. It is a very good idea for you to look for these good pictures with their precise blurbs if you want to know whats real about the item.

Lingerie mostly comes in one size only, unless you are buying from a specialty shop. If you are worried about an article of lingerie fitting properly, your best bet would be to find something that ties with adjustable ribbon or string or laces or whatever. There are some bra items that have the ties in the middle of the boobs, that are adjustable to most sizes. Also, you can find panties that have the ties on the sides to adjust to most sizes. Not only are these great for a wide range of sized women, they look really cute too!

Another way to get a good fit is to buy something stretchy. Elastic straps, or spandex-like material would be a good option to consider. These materials will hug your body and make it tight, but it won’t be uncomfortable as this material is very flexible to fit most women. Don’t suffocate yourself in an outfit that wont adjust it’s self to your body! If you do purchase something that dose not fit right, before you return it, try giving it a quick fix stitch. More often than not, a little thread and about 5 minutes could alter your outfit to make it perfect.

Lingerie should not be that expensive. If you do go to specialized lingerie websites, it will on the more pricey side, but if you look around, within some sex toy websites, or some independent lingerie websites will sell their items at a more reasonable price. Considering these items are mostly going to be worn in the privacy of your own home, cheap items will work just fine. They are still made out of proper materials, and will still look great!

Also, while buying lingerie online, purchasing some sex toys is a good idea. This way you don’t have to go to the sex toys stores in your city, and you can have them both. A site that sells both would be an easier shopping experience. Sex toys go very well with lingerie and add a more erotic aura to already sexy items. Wearing your favorite new piece of lingerie, and playing around with your favorite sex toys will drive you partner crazy when they walk in and find you enjoying your fantasies! They will be jealous of the sex toys you are using, and might even come in to replace them! Try sex toys with your lingerie and see for yourself. Even if it simply small sex toys, they will compliment your lingerie perfectly.

Overall, search for great pictures, pick a material that will fit your needs, and enjoy your lingerie shopping experience. No matter what you buy, if you are comfortable, and feel sexy wearing it, then it was the right choice for you! Don’t forget about sex toys as well. They will match your lingerie and give you that dominant goddess feeling. If you have questions about a product, don’t be afraid to contact the website owners. If they do have the oh-so-important great pictures, then they will surely be able to answer your questions. If they just have the factory photos, then chances are, they haven’t a clue. Challenge them! That is what the customer service department is for! Have fun!

Celebrate with Sex Toys !

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Do you have an up coming anniversary or birthday party? Still looking for a gift? Why not get ‘em some sex toys! If it’s a gag-gift you’re looking for, or a serious sexy gift, sex toys are the perfect gift for any adult! Think of the surprise when you’re best friend opens a gift and inside is the King Dong 12-inch dildo! You’ll be the life of the party as everyone laughs and howls at your witty gift. Or, imagine the look of your lover’s face when they open a gift and inside is a beautifully feminine, 10 function Love Vibrator, or any sex toys you want to see her use! Whatever the occasions, celebrate with sex toys!

A bachalorette party is a great occasion to give sex toys. The whole party is based on the fact that sex with others is no longer available to this person, so sex toys are second best! Try a gift between a range of clit toys to vibrators, or something more unique. The reaction of their face to a Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue! This is a small, discreet adult toy you place up to your vagina, and turn it on with the hand held controller. The toy begins to vibrate on your clitoris, and the suction cup gently sucks your vagina for an unmatched sensation! The bachalorette will be floored! A joke at first, but in her mind, she’s taking it seriously, and can’t wait to get home an try it!

Sex toys for a bachelor party is also a great idea. Get your best mate a porn star vagina masturbator, or a hot sex doll! Gag-gift or not, sex toys will probably make him happy inside, as he can go home and use his lovely pussy when his real like mate is gone! Sex toys are also a hilarious gift for a man. Think of his expression when you give him sex toys. He will be so red, it will make the best bachelor party photo ever. Show it to his new wife, and maybe you will have indirectly added sex toys to their relationship! That means they will have you to thank when sex toys are their favorite part, and wild sex is all the they do!

If it is a private anniversary party, try giving your female partner a strap-on clitoral stimulator. These sex toys attach by a comfortable, adjustable strap and rest on the clitoris. When turned on, the mini vibrator stimulates only the clitoris, sending her into a fit of passion. The best part with these types of clitoral stimulator’s is that you can still penetrate her, as they only occupy the front of the vagina, and intercourse is very welcome. This will add so much pleasure to your sexy anniversary evening, and is another great way for couples to celebrate with sex toys!

Like wise, a private anniversary party, but a male gift, sex toys are still very appropriate. The unforgettable expression when he opens his gift, and inside is a erotic love ring! These fit snuggly around the penis, and most have a mini bullet vibrator that attaches to it. As the pair of you engage in intercourse, the cock ring will keep him hard and help avoid premature ejaculation. The bullet vibrator will send her into a swirl of pleasure as every time he pushes deep, she touches the vibrating pleasure nodes, and this will drive her crazy! Her expression will definitely render the man incapable of thinking any other thought but how great sex has become since they introduced sex toys into their relationship! The perfect end to a perfect anniversary.

For a gag-gift female birthday, there are lots of massive dido’s and other sex toys you can buy. They are cheap and deliver hours of jokes and funny comments. Watch her blush as she opens the best gift at the birthday! You don’t have to make it a penis either, why not try a huge rubber fist! For a male birthday, there are tons of different types of masturbators and sex toys available that will get the party started! Get you’re best bud a Cyberskin Lip Service masturbator! It’s the girl that never says no to giving good blow job. Guaranteed he’ll at least think about really using it, and who wouldn’t! These sex toys are great for men who want to have orgasms all day long, but their partner is not a machine! You can also get masturbators molded from real female vagina’s! Just play your gift off as a gag-gift, but in their minds, you are the best friend for getting them the best gift of sex toys!

For a really special private birthday, or anniversary, or even Christmas, why not get your partner some exotic bondage gear! Everything from your typical faux-fur lined leather restraints, to an inflatable sex chair! This is a great way of spicing up your special occasions. Your partner will definitely react well with images of tying you up and spanking you running through their mind! A great way of playing out your sexy fantasies! Also, why not get some sexy costumes to really get into the role-playing! Incorporate sex toys with your bondage play and really get things going! Sex toys and bondage are the ultimate tools in role playing your fantasies, and you will really experience sex toys, and bondage gear it its best.

Probably one of the more classic sexy gifts is lingerie. A female can get it for a male, intending her to wear it, or a male can get it for a female, also intending her to wear it! Sexy lingerie is a personal way of reassuring each other your sex life is as spicy as ever! Of course, sex toys and lingerie drape together and give the goddess love you want! Imagine your partner masturbating with sex toys wearing a gorgeous satin gown, or an erotic vynal corset!

So really, sex toys are the perfect gift for most celebrations, and most recipients. Best friends, significant others, roommates, or whatever; everyone will appreciate the funniest, most erotic gift they get this occasion! So get ‘em something they will never forget, and can enjoy countless hours of sexual fun with. Go on, celebrate with sex toys!

Oral Sex Tips For Couples

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Being intimate with your partner is an important part of having a meaningful relationship. But when it comes to oral sex, do you feel your missing out? Could your partner do better? Well, many men want to provide a woman with the extreme orgasmic pleasure of oral sex, but they really are not sure the best way. This can lead to a woman feeling unfulfilled and disappointed. Maybe you try and make up for it by using sex toys, but it just isn’t quite the same. Sex toys are good for adding to the oral sex, but they cannot replace it all together. Well, have no fear, here are some tips to ensure you are delivering, or receiving, the best oral sex ever imaginable!

For him:
First of all, make sure you know all the sensitive areas. The clitoris is of course the main one. The clitoris is where many of the nerve endings that run through the vagina meet together, making this a very sensitive spot. Direct stimulation to this spot will arouse your partner, and definitely get her wanting more. Get her to lie on her back, and you on your front, with her knees bent and her legs spread.

A good way to begin is to work you way around the clitoris by flicking the it lightly with your tongue, just enough so she feels it. Make sure you look up at her to see her expression. If you keep an eye on her, you’ll be able to tell what she likes and what she does not like. After the clitoris is stimulated, you can tell this because it is puffed up larger than usual and bright pink, move your tongue around gently, try moving up and down instead of circles for now.

Lay your tongue out flat, and press it against your partners whole area, then slowly lick up while heavily breathing warm air on her. This will get her tingling in a great way! Make sure to always refer back to the clitoris as this is most important spot in oral stimulation. Try gently sucking on it, and pulling a bit. Use your teeth very VERY gently and nibble it a bit.

Next, suck on her clitoris firmly and slide one or two (which ever she is more comfortable with) fingers inside her vagina. Move your finger around and turn your hand up so your palm is facing your head. Find her g-spot, a spongy like small area about the size of a quarter about 2 inches up towards the navel, and and massage it with your finger. A combination of this while a strong sucking on her clit will send her soaring into a wave of pleasure. Don’t forget to notice her expressions.

You can also use sex toys for this. Try getting a mini g-spot vibrator and use it while sucking and her labia or clitoris. This is a totally different sensation than a finger, and may send her to orgasm fast! Sex toys can also be used for stimulating the clitoris while you like a little lower. Try licking just above the anus while you use her favorite sex toys to stimulate her vagina. That will definitely get her going! Sex toys will add to her stimulating oral experience, so get creative and try many different potions with the sex toys, your tongue and your finger.

Get a bowl and some ice cubes. This is a small trick that everyone should experience at least once. Warm up her vagina opening using your breath, once she is all warmed up and least expecting it, put on ice cube in your mouth and cool off your tongue. Then lick her labia and clitoris with your cold tongue and watch her squirm! After she knows you have ice cubes around, try sliding one inside her and then licking her labia quickly, and maybe in circles this time. You might want to have a towel under her bottom, as the ice cube with naturally melt inside her and be a bit messy.

A great alternative to ice cubes is glass sex toys. Get a glass dildo and put it in the freezer for a couple minutes. Then take it out and teaser her while you lick her. Glass sex toys are sexy, sleek and all around perfect. She will love the sensations, and you will love giving them to her. Glass sex toys make sexy gifts and will last a long time.

Fer Her:
In order for him to be able to get you off, you’ll have to help a little bit. You have to be in the right frame of mind, or nothing will be accomplished. Think about what you are doing, how much it turns you on, and how much you want to reach your orgasm. Besides thinking about that, don’t think about anything! Relax and let yourself go. Also, you can try rubbing your breasts, as this will increase sexual stimulation.

Sex toys will work on him also. Get a vibrator and tickle him while you suck on him. This will be sure to arouse him and make him orgasm faster than you could imagine! Sex toys will not only arouse him sensually, but the thought that his partner wants to fool around with sex toys is a hot idea, and will help with the illusion. So get him some sex toys and tell him you’ll use them on him, if he’ll use your favorite sex toys on you after!

For both:
Just have fun. Oral sex is a great way of fore-playing, or can be a sole way of pushing your partner to their orgasm. Try pleasing each other by 69′ing. This is achieved when one partner is on their back (easier if it is the guy), and the other onto, with your faces in between each others legs. Then orally please each other, play, tickle and frolic together! Oral sex is a great experience, and should be shared by all couples! Have Fun!

Love Vibes Vibrator

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I saw this vibrator on the Internet on a great sex toys site, and had to buy it. I immediately fell in love with the cute design, and the pretty color. Then I read on to discover it actually has 10 different functions available! That was the selling feature for me. So I ordered it up, and in no time my new vibrator arrived.

Now my first impression was, “wow, great size!”. Not to small and not to big, this sex toy is in my opinion the perfect size for a grown woman. The insertable part of the vibrator is 7 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. Perfect since most sex toys are either to big or to small, but this one is great. The material is a red, translucent, glittery, super soft jelly sculpted with swirly thick ribs instead of the typical penis design. On top of the ribs on the probe are little red jelly hearts, bulging out to as texture and add extra pleasure. The base of the vibrator, where the 2 AA batteries (not included) are inserted is designed to be a great handle. So you can twist it and turn it and never let it go!

This vibrator is also surprisingly flexible. By just looking at it, you would never know, but it can bend and flex each and every way you choose to move. It won’t stay how you bent it if you just hold it up and bend it, but if it is inside you and you are crawling around on the floor, it will arch when you arch your back, and it will curve when you curve. This is a great feature that is not seen in enough sex toys. Your partner can thrust it in and out for you, and bend it all around, giving you every ounce of pleasure this sex toy been created to convey!

It is also waterproof, so you can have your bendy fun in the bathtub or shower! Why not get your partner to play with it for you in the shower, and return the favor next time with his favorite toy! If your not using this toy in the shower, make sure to use a good lubrication for easy insertion and comfortable play. Waterproof sex toys are usually plastic, but this one exceeds my requirements above and beyond!

OK so about the 10 different functions that this marvelous sex toy comes equipped with. It’s hard to explain them all, they vary from a slow, gentle vibrating great for foreplay or prolonging orgasm, to a fast, strong vibrating to send you straight there! But it’s hard to use those settings when there are 8 more that are new and exciting. There is a pulsing, kind of heart beat type, and a thumping like type, which is kind of like patting your pussy. There is also a thudding which would be more like a fast hard burst of vibration, and some settings are a mixture of these sensations, in different orders to give you a whole new world of pleasure.

There is a separate ON/OFF button from the functions button. So really, you can try them all and decided which one emits the right vibrations for you, delivered to the right spots for you. Every time I use this vibrator it is a new experience, and that keeps me coming back for more! Every girl is different, so with this great vibrator you can personalized your orgasm! Sex toys are definitely one of my favorite pastimes, and sex toys shall continue to be! This 10 Function Love Vibe has continued my faith in great sex toys and for that I am thankful!

Masturbation Tips For Men

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Throughout the ages, masturbation has been a healthy way of releasing sexual tension in humans. It is a great way of keeping your hormone levels under control so your not horny all day long. Unfortunately, after the excitement and arousal has passed, some people feel shame and guilt. This is not necessary, as masturbation is one of the most healthy and natural things one can do in their private time.

If you are a man who loves masturbating, and you just do it the old fashioned way with your hand and a towel, well, maybe it’s time you treated yourself to a brand new masturbator! Sex toys for men are a great thing, and every man should experience them! They are a great thing for men any shape or size. They are typically made out of a super soft jelly, silicone or cyberskin, and are durable and very flexible. Some have only one open end, which is where once lubed up, you insert your penis. These types typically have a ribbed tunnel, and suction chambers to help simulate a blow job. The suction feels really good, and will leave you wanting more. You can blow inside them, or take the in the shower and pull out just before for easier cleaning.

Other types have both ends open. So it’s a tunnel you stick your penis into, and is nicely ribbed and textured inside for added stimulation. With these sex toys, once lubed up, you can move them really fast back and fourth for an unparalleled feeling. This will send you to your orgasm fast and feeling great. With these sex toys, you can push your penis out the other end and blow with it on for a less messy result.

These male sex toys come in many shapes and sizes, from your typical cylinder shaped, jelly sex toys to a complex, molded from a real girl, cyberskin pocket pussy. The cyberskin ones are more expensive, but are the closest thing you’ll get to a real life look and feel. They are pretty neat as they are anatomically realistic.

Some of these realistic masturbators are not shaped as pussy’s, but mouths! You can pretend to be getting a blow job by a girl who’ll never say no any time! Also, you can get male sex toys, masturbators, shaped as a pair of tits with a hold in the middle, mimicking having sex with a nice pair of boobs.

Now if it’s not a masturbator or pocket pussy for you, maybe you prefer using your hand. In this case I suggest trying using a nice lubricant. There are many different kinds you can get, from nicely scented to yummy flavored. Try just getting a nice silicone based lubricant, not to be used internally, or a water based lube. You’ll be surprised how much better it feels, and how much faster you can go! If you are using silicone lubrication, do not put it on silicone sex toys, as the sex toys may melt. Silicone on silicone does not work, and you don’t want to ruin your sex toys!

If you don’t want a masturbator, and no lube in hand, there are still ways of making your masturbation time feel great. Try laying on your stomach and grinding into the bed, or a pillow. Or, an even better alternative, try mutual masturbation!

You and your partner can sit together, and watch each other play with your own genitals. This can be a really big turn on, as visual stimulation is a big part of arousal. Watching your partner please themselves will surely send you into orgasm pretty fast. Or, why not try masturbating each other. This is a good alternative to sex, if you don’t have a condom or just wanna try something new. Incorporate sex toys into your mutual masturbation time, and really get aroused! Especially since sex toys were initially made for masturbation. Sex toys are the ultimate tool in mutual masturbation, go try it!

Anyway you do it, masturbation is very healthy thing, and should never be recognized as a ‘bad’ thing. Only in recent history did people start frowning upon it, and I’m pretty sure it’s because they ran out of other things to complain about. So have fun, be creative and be safe! An orgasm a day keeps the blues away! Keep your sex toys clean, and keep your sex toys plentiful, and enjoy your masturbation!

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