Add Some Flavor To Your Sex!

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Being romantic with your partner is fun and definitely makes brings the pair closer together. Most women love to be pampered and taken care of, especially in a romantic encounter. A great way to make your lady feel like the center of your universe is to get her some sensual gifts, perhaps some sex toys or some massage oils, and plan a quiet, sweet, romantic evening. Now you probably had this in mind, so why not add an edible aspect? Food and sex are linked closely and can make for a real invigorating experience!

Here’s a great idea: Laying together, lots of candles lit, and romantic music in the background. Feed each other strawberries, a very sexual food. After you’re done eating them, pull out a sexy surprise bottle of strawberry flavored massage oil! Not only will she be excited for a sexy massage, but you can lick it off too! So don’t necessarily massage her back or her feet, why not a sensual massage between the legs or on her breasts? A great way to surprise her and keep her coming back for more! For a spicier version, try adding some lush sex toys. Massage her clitoris with a vibrating clit toy while you massage her thighs; she’ll be sure to orgasm as soon as you let her!

For a kinkier encounter, try some flavored oral sex gel. On men, these help the woman numb the gag-reflex for ultra deep throating with no icky gag, and make his penis a yummy treat. On women, these gels may have warm for a tingling effect, and always taste great. These lubrications turn her pussy into a flavor fest, making him beg for a taste. Once your done licking and slurping, through in some of your favorite sex toys and let the wild nights begin! If you want to tease him visually, so he begs for your love, show him the flavored oral sex gel, and let him think you’re going to put it on him, then oops! You’ve slathered up some sex toys instead, and begin licking them. Show those sex toys what a womens tongue is like, and he’ll begin drooling while he anxiously awaits his turn!

There are also flavored, edible condoms to try. These are great for any occasion, and any couple. These edible condoms will add a flavorful twist on lovemaking. Sex toys and edible condoms also go hand in hand very sweetly! Slip an edible condom over your favorite vibrator and show your man what it looks like when you lick and slurp him. Very fun, and very tasty. Also, try edible underwear for men and women, and edible candy bras! These are yummy and fun. Get your face right in there and nibble away! Lick and kiss, and make each other giddy with some sexy edible underwear!

If you want to go warming lube, massage oil and body butter crazy, then it might be a good idea to invest in a vynal sex sheet. These are large, super strong sheet that can be laid out over most surfaces so you can get wet, wild and sloppy, with minimal mess! Lay the sheet out on your bed before messy, sticky play and then when your finished, just wipe down and store away with your sex toys for next time! Great for beds, tables, chairs, sofas or even the floor!

Whatever your favorite flavor, look and see, you might be able to get it in a sexy body butter or massage oil. There are flavors ranging from plain raspberry, peaches n’ creme or chocolate mint to vanilla creme, cherry almond and tangerines n’ creme! Yummy flavors in many different products. Why not try a blubbery cheesecake lubrication? All of these taste treats will add so much sexy fun during your sex play. Use these lubricants and gels with all your favorite sex toys and have fun!

Male Masturbators

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There are all these high-tech, fancy vibrators power packed with dual vibrating this and clitoral stimulating that, but is there any sex toys out there for men? Well yes there is, masturbators! Male masturbators are sex toys that can be shaped like a vagina, or an anus, or a mouth, or a flower, or simply a tube etc. that the penis is thrusted into and massages the penis for a very sensual orgasm. Like all sex toys, masturbators come in many shapes, sizes, and have all sorts of different attributes. Which one is the best one? Well it differs from man to man, and what he wants in a masturbator.

Some masturbators are made from cyberskin material, which makes them look and feel so close to real-life skin. They are soft and supple, very flexible and definitely one of the best out there. If life-like is what you want, then cyberskin sex toys are a great choice for you. These masturbators can be shaped like vagina’s, asses, mouths, breasts, feet or whatever, and will have a usually ribbed tunnel in which you place your penis. Some cyberskin masturbators come with a mini bullet vibrator for extra great sensations. Very comfortable, and great feeling, cyberskin sex toys are quality for money, with thousands of satisfied men using them every day. When storing your cyberskin masturbator, you must apply a little bit of talcum powder to keep the sex toy moist are fresh. Cyberskin can dry up and crack if not properly cared for.

Jelly masturbators are not life-like, but the are very comfortable. They are flexible and usually when you penetrate a jelly masturbator, the harder you push, the tighter it get around your penis. This is a great feature, as it helps mimic a blow job. These are one of a kind masturbators that will satisfy any man looking for a quickie, or something to take in the shower with him. Jelly sex toys are easy to clean, and are low maintenance when storing.

You can also get a masturbation pump. These are usually a tunnel with a masturbating sleeve lined with jelly nodes. You place your penis inside, and it masturbates you. The usually have a hand pump for mimicking oral stimulation. Some also vibrate for an unmatched sensation. These masturbators have a cylinder, usually plastic, outer and the jelly sleeve inside. Great for men who like to try something new. Exotic and intense, these machines are battery powered, and can be taken apart for cleaning.

The best material for life-like is Ultra Realistic Skin 3.0 - UR3. This material is like cyberskin, but better. It’s a real treat to have sex toys made from this material. It is very soft and very flexible. A high costing material, but definitely worth it. You won’t get any closer to the real thing with out it being the real thing! This material also must be cared for properly by applying talcum powder while storing to keep it fresh and ready for next time.

There are some masturbators that are actually molded from real girls. These girls are of course porn stars, which only makes these sex toys kinkier and sexier. Imagine having your very own piece of porn star pussy to ravage when ever you want! These molded masturbators are pretty costly, but well worth it. Of all unique sex toys, porn star vagina masturbators are some of the best selling and most worth it!

All of these masturbators are great, and the all get the job done. Which one is better all depends if you like a classier masturbator or if you don’t care. All feel great, and different from each other. There are many masturbators to choose from, and which ever one you choose, you’ll most likely love it. Sex toys are exhilarating, and will help you please yourself quicker, and with way more passion!

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