Aqua Dream Vibrator

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I originally purchased this vibrator sex toy thinking it was made from a type of plastic, but then when I received it in the post, to my surprise, it was made out of jelly! Not just floppy jelly, but a nice, firm, lush and ultra sleek jelly! This vibrator was a surprise to me as to how great it is, and how powerful it was for sex toys.

The first thing that attracted me to this vibrator sex toy is the gorgeous aquamarine color. It is absolutely radiant when held up to the light. Even in the dark, this vibrator glistens wonderfully and shines brightly. I must admit, the color is a very big selling feature. Sex toys with a gleaming colors really catch my eye, and I am a sucker for a pretty vibe!

Also, the unique design with the solid pleasure nubs first appeared to be very stimulating, and then when I actually tried it, it was all I hoped for from sex toys. The three numbs at the insertion end of the vibrator really seek out the G-Spot and massage it perfectly. The three nubs at the base ensure a non-slip grip, as to not let you drop the vibrator, or slip off and mess up your amazing encounter. The three bumps at the head are like I said solid, and are not just for the G Spot, I also used them to stimulate my clitoris. Wow did that ever feel good! And with the curved shaped of the vibrator, you can massage your clit easily, with no awkward hand position like some other sex toys.

The vibrations that emit from this sex toy are nice and strong, and perfectly radiate through the shaft straight to the places I like it most. The vibrator bit is that silver piece near the head inside the shaft, which is perfectly placed for deep down vibrating. You get 4 different speeds to choose from with an easy switch to change quickly with out bother, as some sex toys you need to fumble with a switch. And the hand pack is so silk smooth! Holding it really makes the aura complete, the soft, smooth and supple hand pack really is the cherry on top of the cake. Unlike wireless sex toys, battery pack sex toys can get in the way, but this vibrator is in that lovely group of sex toys that have a unique and comfortable controller, which you really don’t mind holding.

More about the jelly now, it is so soft and sleek, and when I put lubrication on it, it made it even better. The tapered head really slides in nicely and comfortably, and when the bumps slide over my vagina opening, man oh man! It is the first sensation of many to come. Also, the rounded head can double as a clitoral stimulator. It’s like two sex toys in one! Also, this vibrator can considered in the anal sex toys group as the shaft is slim and the vibrations are sensual!

The shaft measures 7.5 inches long, and the head measures 1.5 inches wide. This is nice for a slimmer vibrator sex toy, perfect for a quickie. The handle measures 1 inch wide, so the whole vibrator gets slimmer down the shaft. The battery pack takes 2 AA batteries, which were not included, but I have enough vibrators and sex toys to know I usually need to buy batteries too!

I like to share interesting sexy articles and erotic resources that I come across. I believe that it is important to create relationships with other sexuality blogs. I like to meet other webmasters and adult blog writers and share links. By doing this, people can increase the popularity of their relationship blog and can create links to increase our popularity in turn. Honestly, we all write articles about sex and fun sex ideas for couples because we want couples to read and learn from it! We don’t want to write posts and not have anyone read them, there would be no sense in that! Let’s share each other’s sex stories and romantic tips. This is why I am sharing the links to sex blogs from other people that I have met during my travels on the internet. These women write about sex, dating relationships and other issues relating to sex, love and life. Read and enjoy!

I really enjoyed this vibrator, and it is definitely now one of my favorite sex toys. The stunning color, the super quiet vibrations, the powerful sensations, the unique curved design with the three pleasure bumps, the silky battery pack. Everything about this vibrator really makes excited, and I highly recommend it to any woman who likes the sexual energies that a great sex toys, in particular vibrators, can produce. A very orgasmic G Spot vibrator, this sex toy for women really gets me going! Try this sex toy for yourself, I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up. Sex toys provide so much pleasure for women, and this vibrator is definitely one of the sex toys that will come to mind when I think of an arousing and tempting vibrator!

Sex Lube

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Lubrication is important during sex play with sex toys. If you do not use proper lubrication, friction can be produced between the sex toys and your skin, and this could lead to unnecessary pain and swelling, which could be damaging to tissues in your sensitive areas. But you do have to be careful of which type of lubrication you use with each sex toy material.

For example, if you use a silicone lubrication on a silicone sex toy, chances are the two types of silicone will melt, destroying your sex toy. So to avoid this, make sure silicone lubrications are only used with non-silicone sex toys. Use a flavored lube or a water based lube for your silicone sex toys.

You may now wonder, why is there even silicone lubrication is it could potentially ruin sex toys? Well, when used with other materials, or on skin during male masturbation, silicone lubrication is the most slick, slippery and long lasting lubrication! Silicone lube does not dry out like water based lubricants, instead its silk texture keeps going strong, and slick with no dryness or friction. It is also not recommended to use for intercourse, as silicone is harder to clean off, and should not be inserted into a vagina or anus. When I say hard to clean, it is really just that it takes lots of soap and water, as it is not water soluble and may need a bit of a scrub!

Water based lube is a popular type of lubrication, as it can be used on anything, and may enter the body safely. You may experience water based lubrication drying out a bit, but this is just because the most predominant ingredient is water. There is no need to apply more lubrication when this occurs, simply add a little bit of water or saliva and it will reactivate the slick, slipperiness.

For anal sex or anal sex toys, specific anal lube is recommended. This is a water based lubricant, but it is thicker and will stay thickly on a toy easier than with regular water based lube, which will smear off too easily, and dry out quicker. Anal lube will last longer for the tight opening, and will stay intact longer for better anal sex. Water based and anal lubricants will clean off simply with soap and water.

Flavored lubes are great for oral sex, and on sex toys. These are usually water based lubricants and will clean off perfectly after use. These lubes come in so many tasty flavors, from spicy peach to cinnamon to blueberry cheese cake and all the way to Root-beer! Of course you can also get your standard cherry, strawberry, apple pie and passion fruit, but why get something boring when you can get Espresso or Pina Colada! Whichever you choose, flavored lubrication adds spice and heat to your kinky oral sex play!

Not all lubricants are drippy though, some are jellies and some are more butters. It is all really which ever you prefer. If you like body butters that smear, or if you like jellies that are colder to the touch, or even if you do like the drippy lubricants, each are perfect in their own ways with their own benefits for each person.

Try each one out for yourself, and see which one you prefer. Sex toys slathered in lubrication feel better and slip and slide so much sexier and easier, and as for intercourse, lubrication will get you hotter, wetter, and make you feel sexier! Having a dripping wet vagina and a slathered rock hard erection will get you both going and create a sexual encounter you will never forget, night after night!

Love Rings & Cock Rings

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Love rings and cock rings come in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of functions and modes to choose from. Like most sex toys, they have practical uses and simply erotic uses too. Ranging from all the colors of the rainbow, to black and clear, and everything in between! Love rings and cock rings are great little sex toys for couples that will add spice to any sexual encounter!

Some cock rings are made from jelly and have little rings for mini bullet vibrators to tickle his partner. The vibrations will hit her and make her want to grind down on him, but also the vibrations will drive him crazy also! You’d think this would get him to orgasm quicker, which it may, but the reason for the cock ring is to avoid premature ejaculation, and to keep him from orgasming too quickly. Try adding sex toys to the mix, like little nipple clamps or just sexy lingerie for even more hot visual aids!

The way this works is the ring is placed over the penis or penis and testicles while he is sill a bit limp. Then as the shaft fills with blood as the erection grows, the ring squeezes the shaft and does not allow semen to flow past the ring. This is great, but can also be very dangerous. It is not advised to keep a tight cock ring on for longer than 20 minutes during a sexual encounter, as this could damage blood vessels as oxygen cannot pass the ring. It is fine if you use your cock ring in small amounts, but only once during an encounter.

Love rings are a bit different than cock rings. Love rings are not really meant for premature ejaculation control, rather for pleasing both partners instead. They are not really worn that tight, and have many little add ons to turn the mans penis into a wild love machine! Some love rings have mini bullet vibrators that will in turn vibrate little pieces of jelly or cyberskin that stick out to tickle the womans clitoris. A women could place a love ring over her favorite sex toys and create her own category of sex toys! Try placing a love ring over your favorite dildo for a new experience you’ll love!

Also, love rings can have two bullet vibrators instead of just one, to vibrate her clitoris and his testicles at the same time. This is a very arousing sensation, and will kink up your sex very much. Some love rings have pleasure nodes and bumps that stick out from the love ring and tickle both partners erotically. Love ring sex toys are very arousing and comfortable!

Cock rings are meant mainly for maintaining an erection for the man. This works the same way as avoiding premature ejaculation, by keeping the base of the shaft tight, the blood is only allowed to flow one way, into the shaft. So you can keep your most raging hard one stiff and ready to penetrate your lover harder and faster than ever before! Some of these also have vibrators to add sexiness and pleasure to your sex.

Some cock rings and love rings are made from silicone, which is stretchy and strong, and very durable. It is not advised to use a silicone lubrication with silicone sex toys or cock/love ring, as it may melt the material. But with a water based lubrication, you can turn your cock ring into a slippery love machine with silicone spikes and bumps for your lover to slide over and scream out in orgasmic bliss!

Enjoy the fun and erotic love making that come with sexy cock rings and love rings and just sex toys in general. You will notice how your sex can be better, and your erections harder. Pick your favorite color, and design, and surprise your sexy partner with more intense, and erotic sex tonight by bringing out the sex toys and love rings!

Fool Around With Sex Toys

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Sex toys are a great of of brining a couple closer sexually, and emotionally. Of course they will spark up the kinkiest kind of sex play, but emotionally, thinking that there is only one person in this world that you share your erotic fantasies and their props with is very good for your mental state. Love blossoms with the use of sex toys, and leave both partners feel satisfied and happy.

So bringing sex toys into your home is a really great idea for sharing more than just love with your partner. Weather it is just a clit toy or a full out strap on dildo kit, sex toys are great for couples. Try this theory out for yourself. Why not try driving your partner crazy when they least expect it, and see if the results work for you the way they have for many others. Get a small clit toy and wait until your partner comes home from work. When they walk into the bedroom, still wearing their suit and tie, let them walk in to you masturbating with your sex toys. Try wearing some sexy stockings or a cute bustier. I will let you finish the image in your head. How do you think your partner will react to this sexy sight? Well, maybe better, hotter and more exciting sex will be the out come!

Why not try using a strap on dildo for a sexy change of tempo? There are strap on dildos for men, which will let your manhood hanging down comfortably, and will let you pump your partner with an erect, plastic penis! Of course they are not all plastic, many different materials are used in constructing sex toys and strap on dildos. Some strap ons are vibrating, and some are inflatable. Strap on dildos are fun and creative sex toys, and will leave your partner feeling fulfilled. Strap ons for women to use on a man are also available. These come is many shapes and sizes, from curved for pinpoint penetration, to super thick for the men that love it. Of course there are really thin ones also, for men who like just a little poke!

Sex games and sexy lingerie are also cute ways of sharing intimacy with each other. Try a funny board game that will give you ideas for new positions, leading to new sensations. Get a beautiful satin bikini or a sheer mini skirt and dance around for your partner, he will be so impressed, you will notice it in his lovemaking. And lets face it, one partner being more aroused will lead to the other being more aroused, which in turn give you more pleasure and sensations in the bedroom! Add sex toys to your erotic dance and really watch the drool drip!

Vibrators are probably the most well known sex toys on the market today. These come in so many different shapes, sizes and have so many added features. From inflating, to flexible, to multi-speed vibrating with different functions. These are also great sex toys for couples, and the man can use it on the woman as foreplay, or he can watch her use it during mutual masturbation. Vibrators also make the perfect gift for your partner, as they are very personal and only to be used in private scenarios. Giving your partner such a taboo gift will let her know that you want to be part of her sexy intimate time, and that you are willing to try new things to keep the sex intense. She will be so thrilled to know that you are the one who wants to be part of her secret world, she will definitely reply with more exhilarating sex!

Of course there is more to it than just bringing sex toys into your relationship. You must have man more elements to make your relationship happy and successful, but sex toys are one aspect of it, and may even be on of the most important ones. Try adding sex toys to your relationship and finding out for yourself if they really do create an intense, loving and sexy relationship in the bedroom, leading to everyday happiness and love.

Keeping Your Sex Toys Clean, Keeping You Safe

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Making sure your sex toys are clean and free of bacteria will ensure your safety and health. Because sex toys are constantly in contact with bodily fluids, bacteria can set in and possibly give you a diseases, especially if you share your sex toys. So what materials need to be cleaned more than others? And how do you clean them properly so you stay safe?

Well, first of all a term used to describe the material is porous. Porous means the amount of tiny holes, or pores, the material has. These pores make the material softer and more flexible in most cases. The more porous the sex toys, the more tiny pores they have, and the better they needs to be cleaned.

Examples of very porous sex toys would be Cyberskin and jelly. Sex toy cleaner is recommended for these materials, as it is a powerful anti-bacterial cleanser that will not dry out the material. If you use an anti-bacterial soap and water, the soap has harsh properties that will dry out the material over time, leaving it flaky and eventually it will get harder and cracked. Simply spray on the sex toy cleaner on your sex toys and rub it around really well. Let it air dry completely before storing.

Rubber and silicone sex toys are a little less porous than the first two materials, so they do not need to be cleaned with sex toy cleaner. You can just use anti-bacterial soap and water and scrub it well. Rinse the soap off completely and pat dry. Allow your sex toys to air dry completely before storing. You can use sex toy cleaner for these sex toys if you want, as it is specially designed for sex toys. Sex toy cleaner would be the safest option for all sex toys.

As for plastic sex toys, anti-bacterial soap and water will be sufficient for these toys. Dry off your plastic sex toys well and store as usual. Plastic sex toys often will have batteries in them, so if they are not waterproof to begin with, then make sure you are careful when washing them, as the batteries should not get wet.

Glass sex toys are not porous at all, so they can simply be rinsed or boiled, or soap and water, or sex toy cleaner, or whatever you want! That is what makes glass the only safe sex toy to share. Bacteria has a hard time setting in on these sex toys, so as long as you wash in between uses, you can share glass sex toys most often safely.

As for lingerie, make sure to read the tag and wash accordingly.

Make sure you always dry your sex toys completely before you store them, as water could leave ugly water spots on glass, or dry out other materials such as Cyberskin. Cyberskin sex toys need talc powder or renew powder to keep the material soft and supple if you are going to store them for a long period of time.

Sex toys are really easy to clean, which makes them fun and fast to use! As long as you keep all of your sex toys clean and bacteria free, then you should stay safe and clean, and keep up your erotic sex toy play! Cleaning does not only keep you safe, it also will help keep the life of your sex toys going longer, keeping you happy for longer! Enjoy your sex toys safer and longer!

Vibrating Bullets

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Vibrating bullets come in all shapes and sizes, for all requirements of a women and are great sex toys for couples or lonely ladies. Some have super high powered multi-seed vibrations, and some are simple and strong, with purely sensational vibrations. Made from many types of materials, vibrating bullets and eggs are very good for women, and can be used as the perfect foreplay toy!

Try using vibrating bullet sex toys right before you engage in sexual intercourse and feel the heightened sensations the man will give you. Once you have felt the erotic vibration, the man’s pumping will only add to the intense pleasure!

Bullets with flickers on the end are perfect for pinpoint clitoral stimulation. Turn the bullet on and feel the tongue flick around and tap the clitoris, all while snuggling the bullet into the perfect crevasse of your vagina. This is a very stimulating sensation, and will drive you crazy with lust! You could also use the flicker tongue to tickle his nipples and get him all worked up! Try holding the bullet against his testicles and see if he likes it!

Metal or plastic bullets and eggs with a stretchy jelly or silicone sleeve are also a great choice. These have jelly or silicone nodes that will tickle your vagina and clitoris perfectly! The sleeve can also be removed and the bullet can be used on its own for a strong sensation. Vibrating bullet sex toys with texture are usually more erotic and will feel better for the woman.

Mini bullets on a wand are also a big favorite. You can turn on the handle, and slip the wand inside your vagina. The wand will then bend and flex as you do and keep up with all your pinpoint needs! Bend the want to experience a G-Spot orgasm, or hold it against your clitoris for a stimulating sensation. For sex toys, these are some of the most sensual.

Multi function bullet sex toys are also a favorite among women. These have different styles of vibrations you can feel. Some range from pulsing to throbbing to thumping and back to regular steady vibrations. You can customize your orgasm and choose the function that suits you best.

Some bullets have two different pieces on one hand held controller. One piece will be a bumpy, longer bullet that will please you and tease you, and the other will be smooth for a simply stimulating sensation! This is just one model, others have a curved G-Spot bullet and a smooth one, or maybe two smooth ones, but different sizes.

Which ever bullet or egg you choose, you will love the feeling of a little ball of vibrations nudged into your vagina lips, making you smile and squirm, and giggle with glee! You will love the feeling, maybe enough to collect many different designs! However you choose your bullet or egg vibrator, enjoy it and welcome to the wonderful world of sex toys!

Fun Adult Novelties Will Add Spice To Your Sex Life!

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Fun adult novelties are just that, fun! Think of how your love making may be a little lacking, and think about maybe getting a sexy adult board game, or some crazy sex dice! There are many different things you can buy that will spice up the bed room romp sessions, and keep the pair of you interested and excited about sex!

Adult party games are a good start for getting ideas and creativity to change it up every now and then. These board games are competitive and sexy, and will not only spice things up, but they will get you and your partner giggling, laughing and rolling around all night! There are also bondage style board games for those who love it, or want to try it!

If you like to play cards, why not get a deck of nude cards! Either men or women, and all the naked pictures you could want! Turn ordinary poker in to strip poker, or crazy 8’s into kinky 8’s!!

Of course, the sex dice are always a favorite! Roll ‘em and see what you need to do. What action to what body part. For example, “KISS” “BELOW WAIST”, is only one if the many options you could land on.

If games are not your thing, why not try getting tasty with edible underwear. G-strings, briefs and bras, these edible wonders will add spice to your sex, and creativity to your passion. These make great gifts to stop your lover in their tracks. Imagine the look on their face when you strut in wearing a G-string made of candy! Your lover will want to throw you down and eat it right off you, all while giving you a few licks of course!

To add some kinky romance, a fun adult novelty is a sex coupon book! Redeemable in the bed room, these coupons are good for various actions that will arouse and stimulate both partners until sex is the only answer left! Give your parter the gift of control with these sexy coupon books for couples!

Why not surprise your hubby when he gets home with some hilarious cookies! Cookie cutters shaped as penises, tits and all the sexy body parts will add humor to a wedding anniversary, or add kink to your sex play. Also available are ice cube trays with all the funny shapes. Add a penis to your friends drink and let the laughing ensue!

All of these fun items are available at reasonable prices, and are excellent for spicing things up! Or they will also make the perfect gag gift for a stag or stagette. Either way you choose to use them, if you need a little humor or creativity in your bedroom fun time, an adult novelty item is one of the best routs.

These also make great introductory tools to the exciting world of sex toys! If you’ve never used a sex toy, then starting with a novelty item is a great idea. This way you can see what it’s like using something other than each other to stimulate and arouse your sex drive. Add a little fun and sexiness to your love life and invest in a great adult novelty toy today!

Glass Sex Toys

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Glass sex toys are great as they are not only beautiful, but easy to clean and easy to use. They have some magnificent qualities that no other sex toy materials posses, and they are safer than other sex toys to share. They are classy, and make the perfect gift, as women and men who like dildos will definitely like glass dildos. Not only dildo’s, but glass sex toys in general, which includs butt plugs.

Glass sex toys have the amazing ability to retain temperature. You can put them in the freezer for a couple of minutes, and they will feel just like ice cubes, just with no messy, wet, melted water. Or try putting them in the microwave for a couple minutes and feeling the warm tingle on all your love spots. No matter what temperature it is, when you have a glass dildo inside of you, it will gradually change to your body temperature and retain it.

Glass sex toys are also not porous, so they can be simply rinsed off or boiled to clean. You could use soap and water or sex toy cleaner also if you wanted to. Glass sex toys being so easy to clean makes them one of the only sex toy materials safe to share, as long as you clean them in between users. Once you’ve cleaned your glass sex toy, dry it off with a towel, and they most often come with a sexy velvet pouch for storing. This adds to the elegance and sexiness of glass sex toys.

Sex toys truly are beautiful, and unique. Most glass sex toys are each hand blow separately, for individuality and personality. This way you know you are getting a one of a kind! Quality and care are put into the blowing of each piece of glass, ensuring a seamless, flawless finished product.

Glass sex toys are also very sturdy and safe. The type of glass used in the production is similar to Pyrex, and is very strong. Fracture resistant, they can be dropped at a reasonable height and survive. Also, they are chip resistant and will overall not break. They can also with stand rapid temperature change without cracking.

Glass sex toys are comfortable, and may not need lubrication. If you have a lot of naturally body lubrication, glass sex toys will slip and slide around with you. If not, lubrication is very welcome on them. Glass sex toys are easy to use, but they are very stiff and will never bend.

Try something new, and experience glass sex toys. They make a perfect gift for your lover, as they are so elegant and classy, and they feel great. They are a bit pricey, but for the product and quality you get, they are priceless in the end!

Keep Your Sex Toys Clean

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Keeping your sex toys clean and free from bacteria is very important. This is how you stay safe and and free from certain ailments! It is easy to clean most sex toys with minimal effort but huge results and safety. Each material is different, and have different care instructions. If you are not sure how you should clean your sex toys, ask who ever you’ve made your purchase from. If you bought it online, call up the web site you bought it from, and ask them! That is what they are there for!

The reason different sex toy materials require different cleaning methods is because of how porous it is. Porous means how man pores the material has. If it is a very porous material then it has more pores, non-porous means it has no pores. A material that is porous will hold bacteria and let it grow way easier, and something that is non-porous won’t hold any bacteria. It is easier to clean something that is non-porous. All the while, not matter how porous the material it is, sex toys should be cleaned in between each use.

Starting with the most porous materials, Cyberskin and jelly are two of the most porous materials out there; sex toys made with these materials will retain bacteria if not properly cared for. To clean them, sex toy cleaner is highly recommended. This is a specially formulated, anti-bacterial cleaner that will protect the material and clean it sufficiently without damaging it. Just spay it on, rub it around a little bit, and rinse it off. Make sure you always pat dry, and let air dry completely before storing these two materials. The reason soap and water will not work for these materials is because over time, the harshness of soap will dry out the your sex toys, leaving you with a flaky, crusty adult toy.

For Cyberskin in particular, if you are going to store this material for a long period of time, make sure you rub a little bit of Talc powder or baby powder on it first, and wrap it in a plastic bag. This is will ensure a good, moisturized product when you get to it again, otherwise it will also dry out.

Silicone and rubber materials are less porous, but can still retain bacteria. Anti-bacterial soap and warm water will work for these sex toys, but you will need to scrub it well. If you your sex toys are waterproof, try using them in the shower. After you are done using it, it will be so much easier to clean since you are already in water! Sex toy cleaner can also be used if you prefer! Make sure to pat dry and finish by air drying completely before you store.

Plastic is so easy to wash, as it is only slightly porous. Anti-bacterial soap and water will work fine for these sex toys. Wash them well and pat them dry. Make sure if your toy is not waterproof that you do not get the battery area wet.

Glass sex toys are not porous, so they can be washed with anti-bacterial soap and water, or boiled. They may not retain bacteria, but should be washed for maintaining cleanliness and safety. Glass is the only sex toy material recommended for sharing as it is the easiest to clean.

Make sure your sex toys are completely dry after washing before storing, as the water could dry out the materials. Also, when storing your sex toys, make sure the ones that need to be wrapped in plastic are, and that no two sex toys are touching. If you have two materials that are placed side by side over a long period of time they could end up melting together and ruining. Keep your sex toys clean, and keep yourself safe!

Sex Toys and Your Imagination!

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Sex toys are great fun, and perfect for foreplay and even during sex, but that may get a little boring at times. So what should you do about it? Well, you can incorporate your imagination with your sex toys, and see what wonderful things you can come up with! Role playing would be a big part of this.

Role playing may seem strange and only for people who like weird, kinky things, but that is the farthest thing from the truth! Many average people love role playing, as it takes them away from the pressures of reality, and whisks them to a land where anything goes, and I mean anything! Sex toys are an obvious addition to any role playing game!

Take your average family man and his pretty wife for example. They of course love each other, and their children too, but after 10 or 15 years of marriage, their spark may be a small smoldering pile of embers by now. That is the pressures of reality at their peak; loving husband and wife are ’supposed’ to just carry on, ignoring their sexual appetite because after that long sex is a no-no. Well that is so not the way things are supposed to be, and that is where role playing comes into play!

Send the kids to their friends houses, turn down the lights, and let your imagination run wild. Why not invest in a cute little French maid costume, or get him to be the sexy fireman you dreamed of in high school! Even if you don’t want to put money into a costume, you can get some cheap and sexy lingerie and pretend from there! Maybe she can put on a sheer bikini and be an erotic dancer for the night, or her can be her client as shes a call girl! These are just a few kinky scenarios that can lead to very hot sex. Add sex toys and you have the ultimate sexy time!

Also, you can try getting some light bondage gear. Some cute pink handcuffs, like the ones above, or a little whip and paddle. Even a blind fold will help your imagination, and get you two really going! Try these with your favorite sex toys for a paddling game with vibrating outcomes!

If that is not your cup of tea, then why not try a sex board game? Pick one out together, and play it late at night. You can get really cheap sex dice for a cute little fun game. Roll the dice and see what action you need to do to which body part. This is a good way to get closer to each other, and getting some fun ideas for different ways of expressing each other.

Now you can also try and use your sex toys for different purposes. For example, why not try using a vibrator as an anal toy, or you can use an anal toy as a vaginal toy. Mix it up a bit and see what you can come up with. Get some mini nipple clamps, and put them of her vagina lips!

Whatever you do, don’t loose your sex. Sex is very healthy and very natural. Even if you have 10 kids and it’s been 10 years, you can still experience mind blowing sex if you are willing to try! Having good sex after years of marriage will help ensure your happiness in your relationship, which in turn will radiate through everything you do. You children will be happier because you are happier! Overall, it does not matter how old and tired you and your significant other are, you can still get that libido pumping, and expressing your love to each other for your whole lives!

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