Penis Extensions

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Penis Extensions are specifically made for men who need that little bit of extra length, and come in a couple different forms. They are considered sex toys, as they are related to the subject, and really are just sex toys in disguise! They can also be considered erection control, as the solid, strap on penis extensions are stiff like dildo sex toys.

Think you need a bit more length? Well first there are penis extensions that roll down the shaft of your penis, much like a condom. The material is soft and sleek, and very comfortable. At the tip of the condom like extension, there is a foam like substance that fills the head. The extra length can range anywhere from 1.5 inches to 4 inches, and some extensions can also increase your girth by 0.5 or so inches.

For vibrating penis extensions, there is a hollow spot in the foam at the head of the extension, which holds a small bullet vibrator. Then there is a small, pillowy foam flap that covers the bullet vibrator, and an added piece of material, often cyberskin, that ensures the most comfort for him. These then vibrate through out the foam extension, and feel like shes masturbating with sex toys, although better because it’s her man!

Adding length to your penis is no good if you cannot maintain your erection in the first place. So there are sex toys penis extensions that are hollow dildos with a strap. These are comfortable, quick and easy to slip on. Simply slide up the strap around your hips, and place your penis inside the dildo shaft. Now you have a new, harder and longer penis to pound with. These dildo sex toys are soft, sleek, flexible yet stiff, and can come ribbed, noduled, or textured in many different ways.

Cyberskin penis extension sex toys are great for avoiding premature ejaculation, as they cover the complete shaft, and lessen the sensations the man will get. These have a filled head as well, and add girth also. Futurotic material is also used to make some penis extensions, and these also add girth, length and desensitize you a bit.

Ribbed, bumpy, textured, veiny or a combination of all of them, what ever you are looking for in a sexual sensation, these penis extension sex toys will do th trick, and keep your woman satisfied. The vibrating penis extensions can be used with out the mini bullet vibrator for a standard sensation, but the option for erotic vibrations is there.

Penis extensions are perfect is your girl wants to be penetrated by you deep down, and you need a little help satisfying her. Even if that is not the case, but you want to see what it is like, then penis extensions sex toys are perfect for you. Try one today, and see what you think! Use in conjunction with your favorite cock ring for even more erection control and sturdy love making.

Sex Toys And Novelties

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There are many different things in the world of sex toys, besides just sex toys. There are also games, furniture, silly phallic key chains, etc. all knows as novelties. These are the funny little things you buy your best friend for their birthday, and the ridiculously large dildo sex toys you get them for their bridal shower. All of these sex toys and novelties are fun, and besides being a joke, can also be taken seriously and used to bring couples closer, and rekindle sparks that may have been lost.

If you haven’t tried a fun little novelty before, then what are you waiting for? Edible underwear, funny dice, naked playing cards, all of these fun things can bring you and your partner close together and give you some ideas for spicy things along with your sex toys in the bedroom.

Sex dice are little dice that usually consist of different positions and different actions that you preform on your partner. You can integrate your sex toys into using sex dice, and have a really fun evening.

Like playing cards? Instead of drinking games, why not try sex games? Get a set of erotic playing cards, and pull out all your favorite sex toys. Start with a strip game, and once you both are naked, then start playing for passion! The winner gets 5 minutes of the partner using sex toys on them, or the looser has does not get sex toys! How ever you make up your games, this is a fun way of integrating sex toys and novelties into your sex play. A great way of spending a Friday night at home.

Edible panties! These are the perfect novelty for if you love oral sex. Eat your way through the underwear straight to your partners love spots. Get the man to eat his way through the crotch of some candy panties, and then bring on the sex toys! Stick a vibrator through the hole when she is least expecting it, sending her into swirls of orgasmic passion! And it all started with some edible undies! You can get edible bras and male underwear also.

Try using romantic coupons with your sex toys. Write out the coupon as, “1 Great Orgasm”, and give it to your partner. You will then promise to give them a great orgasm with their favorite sex toys when the redeem their coupon. Or make a coupon reading, “2 new sex toys”, and giving this to them ensures you will purchase them two new sex toys of they choice when ever they want it!

Of course you can just try using multiple sex toys in a sex session. He can use a clitoral stimulator on her, while she massages his penis with a some small vibrating sex toys. Or try wearing a strap on dildo, and using a clit toy as well. There are many combinations possible for a sexy and erotic sex play session that will get you not only loving sex toys more, but possible each other more too!

Try getting a sexy bondage chair, strapping down your partner, and probing them with their favorite sex toys. This will prove to be very erotic, as you cannot move in the bondage chair.

Sex toys in general will help deliver you orgasm after orgasm, but adding fun novelties along with sex toys will give you an experience that is fun, erotic, and shared with your favorite person in the world!

Vibrators for Beginners

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Vibrator sex toys are widely used, from lonely women, to college women, to married women and everyone in between. But what if you have not used a vibrator before, and sex toys is a new idea you’ve never thought of before? Well have no fear, because sex toys are probably the biggest thing right now, but so discreet you’d never know! If you are anxious to get involved in the sex toys craze, and need a few tips and points to get you going, then hopefully this vibrators guide for beginners will help you out a bit, and perhaps get you excited to try sex toys for yourself!

First of all, female sex toys are a category of their own! Different from male sex toys, vibrators are a girls best friend. Of course, men can use them to tickle themselves, or perhaps tease their anus, but besides that, vibrators are female sex toys that women can call their own. For beginners using vibrator sex toys for their first time, maybe you should start small. This is no necessary, as if you have had sexual intercourse with a man before, and you are used to the size of a man, then maybe matching that size would suit you best. But if you are not sure what the vibrations feel like, and are nervous about sex toys, starting slim would be your best bet.

Try something with a 1.25 inch shaft, and any length, as you do not have to insert the entire vibrator is you do not want to. Use lubrication for easier insertion and more comfortable movements. Water based lubrication would be best for beginners, as it is easy to clean up, and does not leave a tacky stick to clothing or bed sheets.

If you want to read more information about vibrators, and learn about the different types, styles and sensations of each kind, please visit this great written Vibrators Guide I have found. Enjoy sex toys, and your new love for vibrators. It’s true, a vibrator is a girls best friend!

Begin by sliding the vibrator into your vagina, and turning it on to your preferred speed. Most vibrator sex toys are multi-speed for more stimulation and comfort. If you would rather turn it on before you insert, then that works just fine also. Start at a slow speed, and massage yourself. Feel around and get to know your body. There is no rush to reach your orgasm, as you may not even be sure how to do it yet. Every women is different, and sex toys are made to accommodate that. Push the vibrator in as far you you want, until it feels good. Be gentle with your movements until you find a spot that feels the best for you.

You can also slide out the vibrator and use it to tickle your clitoris. Simply use the head of the vibrator and snuggle it up right next to your clit, spreading your vagina lips with two fingers to get a closer, more erotic sensation. This will not only get you naturally wetter, which helps with the insertion and thrusting of the vibrator, but it also sends messages to your brain saying you are aroused. This is the psychological part of masturbation. Your mind receives these messages, and decides to relax and enjoy!

Now that you are comfortable using a vibrator, have experience an orgasm, and are starting to enjoy sex toys for all they can deliver, maybe it is time to try something new. Pick a vibrator made from a different material. Try jelly for a flexible, comfortable and easy to maneuver feeling, or Cyberksin for a life like sensation. Perhaps a larger size, and a more powerful vibration? Also, try vibrator sex toys that have clitoral stimulators on them. These are the ones that have the shaft of the vibrator, and a small bit coming off one side and pointing up. Weather it be bunny ears or just a rigid piece of jelly, these clitoral stimulators tease and tickle your clit while the vibrator is on and inserted. Some of the higher end Rabbit Vibrator sex toys have independent controls, so you can have the vibrator shaft at one speed, and the clitoral stimulator at a separate speed. These vibrators are a bit more expensive, but are well worth it!

A G-Spot vibrator is another option you can try, and will probably love! As most sex toys, G-Spot sex toys are very popular and very sensational. The are the vibrators that are curved a bit, sometimes with a larger head one the end, maybe round or bulbous. These vibrator sex toys are meant to be inserted with the curve pointing up, towards your belly button. When turned on, massage the front vagina wall until you find your G Spot. You will know it is your g-spot as it may give you the sensation that you need to urinate one you hit it. This will past after a few moments, and extreme pleasure will replace it. Sex toys that vibrate this area are very good at what they do, as a g-spot orgasm is one of the best experiences a women can have! These are the ones that send you to bed smiling, and let you relax and rest better.

Penis Pumps for Penis Enlargement

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There are many myths surrounding the use of penis pumps sex toys for penis enlargement. One such myth is that penis pumps actually make your penis bigger. This does not happen ‘just like that’. What happens is when you pump your penis, you are forcing blood to rush into the shaft, creating an erection. The ‘enlargement’ part comes because with the pressure of a pump, you do get a slightly larger erection than your natural erection, but this larger size is not extreme. Also, regular use of a penis pump sex toy means regularly working your penis as a muscle. Working out any muscles makes it bigger, so over time, your penis may grow as a muscle.

Another myth is that penis pumps are very dangerous, and should not be used. This is also untrue, as penis pumps used properly may be safe and easy to use. Make sure you read the complete instructions before you use your pump, never pump more than you need to gain an erection, and only use a penis pump once a day will help you stay safe and not harm your penis. Also, you should consult your physician before you use a penis pump if you are unsure of the potential for you. Penis pumps used improperly can lead to may dangerous problems, such as internal bleeding, vascular damage and blisters.

Penis pumps can be considered both sex toys and erection control aids. Some penis pumps have a vibrating feature, or a tickler inside the cylinder that will stimulate the head while you pump, making them more of a sex toy than an erection control aid. Penis pumps are really their own category of sex toys, as they are sexual items and stimulate the man. Also, some penis pumps have a noduled sleeve inside the cylinder that massages your penis while you pump, making them sex toys as well! This is how a penis pump can be used as a male masturbator sex toy, and can simply be cleaned and put away. Sex toys are very popular amongst men and women alike, and as an erection control aid, penis pumps will help you get an erection quickly and easily.

To use one look though for instructions, and like all sex toys, lubrication is important. Lubricate the air tight seal at the base of the plastic cylinder and slide your penis in. Lubrication is important for easy removal once you have reached your preferred erection. Otherwise, it may be difficult and painful to slide your penis out, as the air tight seal will be tighter and more secured around your shaft once you have an erection.

Next, pump up your penis until you have reached your erection. It is very important not to pump excessively or to quickly, as this may be very harmful to your penis. Read the manufactures pamphlet before beginning, and notice the pressure range in which you should not exceed. This is easier with a penis pump that has a pressure gauge on it that you can read. Not all penis pumps do, so it is recommended to begin with one that does have a built in pressure gauge. Once you have gotten used to how much pumping you will need, then moving on to a fancier pump that does not have a gauge will be easier.

To maintain your erection more successfully, before you remove your penis from the pumping cylinder, lubricate slip on a cock ring sex toy for maximum erection control. This can also be done before you use a penis pump, or you can place the cock ring over the base of the pumps cylinder and when you are finished pumping, slip the cock ring off the cylinder and down to the base of the shaft. Then slide the pumping cylinder off the shaft, and enjoy your erection.

Penis pumps come in all shapes and sizes, and some even come with the cock ring sex toy already. These pumps are safe to use if used properly and should be cleaned well after each time. See your doctor before using a penis pump if you are have erectile difficulties, blood pressure issues, or if you simply not sure. Your doctor will tell you if it is a good idea for you or not. Penis pumps used properly are excellent for enlarging your erection, and exercising your muscles to gradually enlarge the girth of your penis.