Sexy Lingerie for Valentines Day

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The sexiest occasion is on its way, and what better way to celebrate then with sexy lingerie! This year please yourself and please your partner by looking good and feeling great! I love to wear the fanciest lingerie any time of the year, but when Valentines day comes around, I love to boost it up a notch!

Classic lingerie like corsets and ruffle panties look great with low heel, toy-doll style shoes, and ultra tight curly hair. Along with some shimmering glitter and fishnet tights give you the luscious look of a glowing goddess. Or go more modern style and try a vinyl bikini with some sexy 8” pumps and a super tight, high ponytail. This look will stop any man dead in his tracks!

When choosing lingerie, always make it personal! Just like a painting, if you don’t absolutely HAVE to have it, then it may not be the right piece for you. Look around until you find something that screams “Damn you’d look good wearing me!” Then you won’t be disappointed when you make your grand entrance. If something doesn’t fit right, then you can always do a little stitching or pinning to make get that perfect fit. Every womans body is different, so don’t expect a perfect fit every time. A little effort may be required, but in the end it will be totally worth it!

Accessorizing is the ultimate in important! Pearl necklaces, diamond bracelets, hoop earrings etc. Whatever you need to make that perfect look, then go ahead and spring for it. Fishnet or sequined stockings, arm bands, head bands, hair clips and barrettes, feather boas, garder belts, sexy socks, lacey gloves, wrist cuffs, a whip or paddle etc. All of these items are important and will make you feel so much sexier!

Don’t forget about good looking makeup. Classic browns or vibrant blues and greens; match up with your outfit and you’re set! Eye liner and glitter, red rouge and shimmering lips, all good and all sexy. This valentines day, be the Goddess you know you are and treat yourself to some ultra chic and very erotic lingerie! Happy shopping!

Romantic Evenings to Hot Holidays!

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Spicing up your love life is easy, fun and oh so worth it. But many people may need some hot hints to heat up those naughty sheets. There are many things you can do, and many objects and toys that can also be a good aid, but what about location? It’s true when they say, “it’s all about location, location, location!”. Think about it, would you feel sexier in a cold kitchen or on a hot beach? Maybe the steaming jacuzzi would be a little bit more suiting for a romantic evening then your messy front room. If your house is the perfect place for you, then why not try sprucing it up a bit!

Try adding some sweet smelling flowers, or some sexy scented incense to help infuse your aromatic senses. Your sens of smell is definitely an important factor in a sexy evening together. Feeling sexy is also a great way of getting yourself in the mood. Put on some sexy high heels and your favorite dress, with a kinky peek-a-boo bit of lingerie underneath!

Put of some music that makes you want to move and shake, and this will also help your mind ease and get ready to seduce! Make a super tasty dinner, or order in your favorite Chinese or pizza, and share it with your lover. Feed each other, and laugh when you spill! Then, time for desert! Key lime pie, whipped cream, strawberries and cherries! What a perfect combination to ease any sweet tooth! Use your fingers to eat desert, and go ahead, make a mess! You can always clean it up in the morning. Why not eat desert in the bedroom, in the jacuzzi, or any place that you have set up to be your sweet seduction area! Also, get creative, don’t always use the bed. Try a couch, the bathtub, up against a wall… the possibilities are endless!

Get silly and play a sexy game for adults only! This will give you some kinky hints to help you later on when the heat is on! Some fun adult sex games can not only help spice things up, but can kill those boredom blues when theres nothing else to do! If your not in the mood to get silly, try a romantic love kit to set a seductive mood!

But who wants to stay home! With all the daily stress we subject our bodies and minds to every day, it is definitely worth it to get away every now and then. But even though you need a relaxing holiday, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic relaxing holiday! Why not book a flight to a sexy ocean getaway! Just imagine you and your lover watching the sunset over the ocean, with the pleasing pounding of bongo drums in he background, sipping your favorite tropical drinks! What a great way to re-kindle that spark that may be lingering instead of roaring!

Before you venture off to your romantic tropical vacation, pick up some small and sweet sex toys. Good traveling toys would be a small teaser kit that contains a couple different options for some different sensations for her, or sexy vibrating cock ring to send him soaring!

Whatever your sexy craving, make sure you have the perfect backdrop to accommodate your naughty mood. You and your lover will enjoy sex better while wrapped in the perfect scenario. Turn your bathroom in to a tropical paradise, or hop on a plane, and find your favorite spot on the beach!

Honesty about Oral Sex

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The following contains the most important pointers of when it is good to tell the truth about oral sex. Sex advice that every couple needs at one time or another…

If you are giving oral sex, it might kill the mood a little bit or be a slight crush on your partner’s ego to stop and ask “how am I doing” but truth be told that each person likes something different and not everyone has the same technique. In th end, how do you know you’ve pleased your lover?

It’s a matter of honesty and in a very delicate situation. Just like you’d never tell your partner that his penis is small, you don’t want to hurt their feelings either when it comes to oral sex techniques or you may detract them from doing it in the future. Oral sex may become a chore or your partner might wonder the entire time if you are feeling the groove, distractions ruin the flow and affect the technique.

It’s a very touchy situation when it comes to being honest about sex techniques.
How do you tell your partner that they are licking, sucking or nibbling too hard? If the issue is too much force, the easiest way is to tell them by showing them. Do not use words, instead, grab their head and gently pull back a little bit until it they can only reach with their tongue the softness that feels the best. Hold their head there are they may get the point of the message you are trying to convey.
If they do not understand your subtle hint and push against your hands and try to proceed with their oral sex technique as before, pull their head back again and whisper “right there feels the best”. This little line will never crush the confidence and instead of critiquing their cunnilingus or fellatio method, you are actually giving a suggestion.
Recap of this sex advice: The best fix for too hard cunnilingus is to hold their head back and say “right there feels the best”.

If the situation is the opposite as above, their fellatio or cunnilingus is not hard enough and lick or suck so lightly that you can barely feel it, do just the opposite as the sex advice suggestion above. Push their head harder down into you and they will get the point. If they retract and keep doing it lightly, push their head down again and say “right there feels the best”.

When it comes to critiquing your partners sexual technique, it can be daring becuase you don’t want to affect their ego at all. Take this sex advice and use suggestions instead of actually telling them. It will definitely result in better results, enjoy your satisfyingly new oral sex life!