Odd Fetishes

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You know that deep down you have an odd fetish and you are dying to let it out. This might appeal to those darker and strange fetishes.
Dildo usage within marriage. Wives who use sexual penetration on medical advice! Read this page about sexual empowerment for the new millennium!

Frigid Wives and Feminisation! In 1962 Dorothy L. Grant, a popular ‘agony aunt’, published her now infamous book about frigid wives.

A great way to get a virgin to enjoy sex is with role reversal, in addition it is a secret fetish of many people. The best site for bizarre sexual things and fetishes, these two sites are sure to be unforgettable for anyone who takes a peek!

Vintage Underwear

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Sensual women’s wear really has changed over the years, it has evolved in different stages and has appealed to men and made women feel sexy. It’s almost a history lesson to see vintage underwear, it’s erotic and sensual in a nostalgic way. Back in the day of corsets and repression, you can sense the restrained sexuality of these women by looking at them posing in their vintage underclothing, you can see the repression peek through and sense the subtle sexiness that was hidden behind the full-covering lacy and tight pieces of clothing.
Looking at these pictures might also be a reminder of the days gone by when you wore this or your girlfriend wore a nightgown or slip to seduce you. Take a trip down history lane and see something that you don’t usually see anymore!