Plastic or Rubber?

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Remember when we used to go to the grocery store and the cashier asked us if we wanted paper or plastic? Now, we ask ourselves, plastic or rubber? Not for grocery bags through, but vibrators and other sex toys!

When looking at the selection of an online sex toy store, you are impressed and awed by the pretty colors and striking patterns. Sure the colors are vibrant and the designs are cute, but how do you know how the toy will feel? After all, visual appearance does not matter when you are inserting something into your vagina! Not to be graphic, but it’s the truth!

I’ll start my analysis with comparing the two types of popular vibrators with the known aspects of each material - plastic is hard and smooth, rubber is silky and smooth. I can’t say that all rubber sex toys are soft, especially with some rubber vibrators because some have a solid core like a plastic shaft with a rubber coating. This gives the texture more of a silky feel when you touch it but it remains solid like a plastic vibe.

Another factor about rubber coated plastic sex toys is that they feel a little more warm then plastic, which tends to be very cold. Rubber also warms much easier as it absorbs body heat and plastic takes longer.

If you are one for fast gliding, then plastic is sure to win in the debate of slickness - hands down (no sex pun intended!). The rubber does glide too when properly lubricated but the feel has a little more fiction then plastic - not necessarily a bad thing because many women like the feel of the textured friction.

Some rubber vibrators are foam like inside. These are usually latex rubber vibrators which are very cheap in price and often first timer vibrators because of the price. The foam feeling is very comfortable, much more so then plastic because it bends easily and can conform to your unique shape inside.

The vibrations are another factor to consider when debating if you prefer plastic or rubber sex toys. Any plastic vibrator will be strong because there is nothing muffling the intensity and the sound. All plastic vibrators are noisy, that’s juts the way it is. Don’t be shocked by this, just know that it will happen.

To silence the noise of a noisy vibrator a little bit, wrap the batteries in a half sheet of paper before inserting them into the vibrator because it will prevent the batteries from rumbling against the plastic and will help to reduce the noise a little bit. You can also do this for any other noisy vibrator sex toy too.

On the side of the rubber vibrator, the vibrations will be very subtle and soft on the latex vibrators that are foam like on the inside. This is physics in motion, the extra padding prevents the vibrations from flowing freely throughout. It will give you a gentle massaging feel. Rubber vibrators with solid centers will vibrate more strongly. Now it’s a question of preference, silky or solid.

When it comes to cleaning your sex toys, the cleaning of latex vibrators can be quite tricky because the material is very porous. You must be careful to clean the vibrator well using sex toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and hot water. Don’t go too hot because you could melt your sexy toy!

Plastic is very easy to clean, it is the least porous besides glass so there is no worry about bacteria forming on the surface. Some say it’s even safe to share these types of adult toys or to use them as anal toys (always make sure to clean in between vaginal and anal insertions).

One last factor is rubber sensitivity. Many women are allergic to latex and if this is the case. I would recommend staying away from rubber vibrators because most have some latex in them, better to be safe then sorry. Stick with plastic or jelly.

Aside form the appearance, you now have a few tips to go on now when shopping for sex toys!

Make a wise vibrator choice when shopping because the store that you buy from should not allow returned and you want to make sure that you fet what you will like. Remember if the sex toy store accepts returns chances are you are buying something that has been sold and maybe even used, no one want used sex toys, that’s terrible! Be sure to check for a good no-return policy before you give any sex shop your business.

Happy self-pleasurizing!