What Porn can do for Women

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This article is about pornography and it’s uses for women. There is no need to speak about what it can do for men which is already well known! The two sexes are not that far off when it comes to watching pornography but they do offer and here is how.

For women, watching porn by themselves can be just as fulfilling as when a man watches it. There is nothing suggesting lesbian or bisexual behavior because juts like you see the woman naked, you also see the man naked. It’s an unfair stigma to assume that a women who watches porn is a lesbian, no more then suggesting that a man who watches porn is gay.

There is equal nudity of woman and men, so push those thoughts aside because it’s completely untrue. Women are not allowed to enjoy porn, so by pushing this aside also is required in order to really enjoy the experience like a man does.

There is nothing wrong with watching people have sex. It is a perfect normal act and perfectly normal to watch it. It arises the instincts and gets you in the mood for sex.

There is something liberating about being a woman, watching an adult movie and masturbating with a vibrator at at least a clitoral stimulator.

She will get as aroused as a man will. You can out yourself in the fantasy. Admire the bodies, the perfect shaven woman and the nicely trimmed large muscular man. Notice them like you notice models on a runway - it’s all about being sexy.

Forget the smutty part, put yourself in their shoes and pretend it’s you having completely satisfying sex. Imagine the man is whenever you wan him to be, your husband or Brad Pitt, it doesn’t matter. Whatever makes you get hot and bothered.

Allow yourself to be aroused. By getting tuned on by the women is not a bad thing, you are not aroused by her but by the entire makes sex act that is being performed in front of you.

You can enjoy adult movies with your lover. This is a common practice, more common then you think, especially with the age of internet porn and video on demand adult movies, you don’t even ned to embarrass yourself by walking to an adult shop and picking out a movie, You can enjoy this part of human sexuality in the privacy and discretion of your own home.

The next tip for being fulfilled by adult porno movies is to use a sex toy to please yourself. You can do this on your own or while you watch porn with your lover. You can use a vibrator but I would suggest a smaller clitoral stimulator like vibrating egg or bullet. The reason I suggest this over a vibrator is that it’s easier to use sex toys while sitting up whereas a vibrator usually requires you to lay down so you cannot see the computer monitor or television screen. Yes, don’t forget lube to make to even better,

Grab your favorite clit toy and enjoy some porn. Use the tips mentioned above and you can have a new naughty little secret! It;s up to you if you want to invite your lover or not, but I suggest you try it both alone and with your lover.