Make Sex Easy

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Sometimes sex is really uncomfortable. You loose yourself in the passion when you have to prop up your body parts and keep your balance. If you hare having sex on a stool, you have to worry about falling backwards, so then you shimmy over to the wall. The you can prop your back against the wall, but then you have lost some momentum when you moved, you had to “detach” from him and then the temperature went down a little. Then you want to move positions and shimmy to the floor, where again you have to avoid rug burn. Sometimes sex is hard on the limbs and muscles - no wonder it’s considered a workout! We all know about rabbit vibrators, but what about sex slings?

In this American age of laziness, we don’t want to move that much or be uncomfortable during sex, am I right? We don’t always want movie scene sex where the table is brushed off with one giant swoop of the arm and then the magic couple throws themselves on the table and he enters her tight wet love hole easily. That looks erotic in the movies but in real life, it’s not that great. That’s why bed sex is so popular because it’s the most6 comfortable place to have sex. The you have the problems with monotony. Sex gets so regular on the bored that couples loose the erotic urge to even take of their pants and do it.

I would suggest getting a sex sling to make sex easy. There are many kinds you can buy, or you can make your own for half the cost. they are quite basic, all you need to so is get some nylon straps and sew a padded sheath over tip, a short one about 12 inches or so. This section is designed to go around the back of the neck to support your head. At the end of the nylon straps, you sew them closed to form a look where you can put your feet, arms or whatever. The whole point of the sex sling is to prop up the limbs to ease pressure off the muscles.

You can also use pillows which work very well. You don’t need to spend 100 dollars on a sex pillow, I think they are totally overpriced because all it is is a block of foam with a velvet soft cover. Just buy yourself some foam from a mattress store or even a moving commonly. You can out a bed sheet over it. The best thing about your own foam is that you can cut it in the shape you want with a reciprocating saw.

I would not expect it to looks as good as the store bought foam, pillows, but who cares, as long as it supports your hips upward so that when he enters you, there is an easy and good fit,. the you can thrust away your carnal urges and really get hot and passionate.

Sometimes easy sex is wonderful but tot her times you like to have the excessive benefits so personally, I find a perfect blend of both, it also keeps my sex life interesting. Building sex toys and sex furniture together is a really fun thing to do, it gets you close on this intimate level because together you are participating to increase pleasure with An arts and crafts project. It’s a great way to bond.