Finding Sex Advice the Better Way

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sex-advice.jpgIt’s been a while since I’ve written on my blog, all I can say life has been busy but I haven’t forget about the internet.

Moving from New York to Chicago is quite the change, even though it’s not completely across the country it is a different world over here. It’s hard to adjust to new surroundings but I’m settled and am quite fond of Oprah’s old home. I’ve made new friends and have been exploring new new state.

I have a close friend named Jamie who was hired on to write on a blog every day. In a recent interview with Jamie, she quoted me the following:

“I love to teach others about sex, from enjoying replay to toys to techniques with a humorous twist, I love it when friends consider me their sex therapist and I’m proud to show my teachings to the world”

I’m rooting for her all the time, she really is an expert. You can read here:

sex advice blog at theadulttoyshop

every week day there’s a new opinion, review, even some funny stuff. If you think sex advice is boring read her modern day blog with real sex tips for real women. One of my favorite features is the top sex toys section which compares products and speaks a little more about some best sellers. I’ve never seen this before and for the average consumer Joe, he’ll really get to know some stuff better.