Women’s Sexual Health in Menopause

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A healthy sex life extends far beyond the bedroom. Women reaching menopause also benefit from a healthy sex life even though there are some body changes that prohibit satisfying sexual encounters. Firstly, intimacy is so important in marriage, to have a healthy relationship with your husband includes a long lasting love life that allows for intimate moment in the bedroom. When a couple no longer makes each other feel sexually satisfied, this can lead to other problems in the relationship.

When a women feels tense, it is nice to be able to enjoy love making with the partner for a more fulfilling love moment. Certainty product are available to help aged women enjoy their romance properly, for example, adult products that vibrate are held against the clitoris and help product natural lubrication. One of the side effects of menopause is vaginal dryness but it is easily overcome with these vibrating devices. Helping the body to feel stimulated, a return response if for the vagina it make it’s own lubricant. Another thing that is very popular to add is lubricant, easy to use and safe for sexual introduce and safe with vibrators, this slippery liquid imitates the dame that originates from the body allowing a better more satisfying sexual encounter. These products are available online.

A few other ideas include crating a setting for romance which means everything leading up to the bedroom. Go on a romantic date, buy her flowers, go for a walk on a hot evening I the park golfing hand. Recreate the courtship you had in the younger years. Ceasing a sense of want for each other;s bodies is a key to enjoying a better sex life at any time yo feel the need for intimacy.

It is no surprise at what health benefits a healthy sex life has to your body. First we will start with the physical affects. When the body reaches orgasm, adrenaline and serotonin rush through the body, literally cleanings your system fro toxins. The feeling of cloud nine after, so to speak is the final result of a total body flush. It’s a cleanse for the body that reaches beep into the tissues. It can help relieve pain.

Try this next time you have a headache – get your favorite vibrator and pleasure yourself, notice that during the climax your headache has complete disappeared? This is no joke, it’s true and it happens because you body goes numb from the rush of hormones and even pain goes away! This is not a popular solution, but it’s something that is recommended a while back in one of their blog posts and I thought it was comical so I ant to share ti with you today.

Now to talk about the emotional affects. It is tied directly to the physical benefit because after you feel very relived and calm. This gain is no joke,these emotions after are very real. Sometimes a girl might cry after good sex, but this is simply due to the cathartic reseal of someones that has flushed her body clean, she feel good, clean and pure thus resulting in crying. A silly comparison we know but it’s the truth and this side effect of good sex needs to be explained somehow!