Women’s Sexual Health in Menopause

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A healthy sex life extends far beyond the bedroom. Women reaching menopause also benefit from a healthy sex life even though there are some body changes that prohibit satisfying sexual encounters. Firstly, intimacy is so important in marriage, to have a healthy relationship with your husband includes a long lasting love life that allows for intimate moment in the bedroom. When a couple no longer makes each other feel sexually satisfied, this can lead to other problems in the relationship.

When a women feels tense, it is nice to be able to enjoy love making with the partner for a more fulfilling love moment. Certainty product are available to help aged women enjoy their romance properly, for example, adult products that vibrate are held against the clitoris and help product natural lubrication. One of the side effects of menopause is vaginal dryness but it is easily overcome with these vibrating devices. Helping the body to feel stimulated, a return response if for the vagina it make it’s own lubricant. Another thing that is very popular to add is lubricant, easy to use and safe for sexual introduce and safe with vibrators, this slippery liquid imitates the dame that originates from the body allowing a better more satisfying sexual encounter. These products are available online.

A few other ideas include crating a setting for romance which means everything leading up to the bedroom. Go on a romantic date, buy her flowers, go for a walk on a hot evening I the park golfing hand. Recreate the courtship you had in the younger years. Ceasing a sense of want for each other;s bodies is a key to enjoying a better sex life at any time yo feel the need for intimacy.

It is no surprise at what health benefits a healthy sex life has to your body. First we will start with the physical affects. When the body reaches orgasm, adrenaline and serotonin rush through the body, literally cleanings your system fro toxins. The feeling of cloud nine after, so to speak is the final result of a total body flush. It’s a cleanse for the body that reaches beep into the tissues. It can help relieve pain.

Try this next time you have a headache – get your favorite vibrator and pleasure yourself, notice that during the climax your headache has complete disappeared? This is no joke, it’s true and it happens because you body goes numb from the rush of hormones and even pain goes away! This is not a popular solution, but it’s something that is recommended a while back in one of their blog posts and I thought it was comical so I ant to share ti with you today.

Now to talk about the emotional affects. It is tied directly to the physical benefit because after you feel very relived and calm. This gain is no joke,these emotions after are very real. Sometimes a girl might cry after good sex, but this is simply due to the cathartic reseal of someones that has flushed her body clean, she feel good, clean and pure thus resulting in crying. A silly comparison we know but it’s the truth and this side effect of good sex needs to be explained somehow!

Finding Sex Advice the Better Way

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sex-advice.jpgIt’s been a while since I’ve written on my blog, all I can say life has been busy but I haven’t forget about the internet.

Moving from New York to Chicago is quite the change, even though it’s not completely across the country it is a different world over here. It’s hard to adjust to new surroundings but I’m settled and am quite fond of Oprah’s old home. I’ve made new friends and have been exploring new new state.

I have a close friend named Jamie who was hired on to write on a blog every day. In a recent interview with Jamie, she quoted me the following:

“I love to teach others about sex, from enjoying replay to toys to techniques with a humorous twist, I love it when friends consider me their sex therapist and I’m proud to show my teachings to the world”

I’m rooting for her all the time, she really is an expert. You can read here:

sex advice blog at theadulttoyshop

every week day there’s a new opinion, review, even some funny stuff. If you think sex advice is boring read her modern day blog with real sex tips for real women. One of my favorite features is the top sex toys section which compares products and speaks a little more about some best sellers. I’ve never seen this before and for the average consumer Joe, he’ll really get to know some stuff better.

Make Sex Easy

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Sometimes sex is really uncomfortable. You loose yourself in the passion when you have to prop up your body parts and keep your balance. If you hare having sex on a stool, you have to worry about falling backwards, so then you shimmy over to the wall. The you can prop your back against the wall, but then you have lost some momentum when you moved, you had to “detach” from him and then the temperature went down a little. Then you want to move positions and shimmy to the floor, where again you have to avoid rug burn. Sometimes sex is hard on the limbs and muscles - no wonder it’s considered a workout! We all know about rabbit vibrators, but what about sex slings?

In this American age of laziness, we don’t want to move that much or be uncomfortable during sex, am I right? We don’t always want movie scene sex where the table is brushed off with one giant swoop of the arm and then the magic couple throws themselves on the table and he enters her tight wet love hole easily. That looks erotic in the movies but in real life, it’s not that great. That’s why bed sex is so popular because it’s the most6 comfortable place to have sex. The you have the problems with monotony. Sex gets so regular on the bored that couples loose the erotic urge to even take of their pants and do it.

I would suggest getting a sex sling to make sex easy. There are many kinds you can buy, or you can make your own for half the cost. they are quite basic, all you need to so is get some nylon straps and sew a padded sheath over tip, a short one about 12 inches or so. This section is designed to go around the back of the neck to support your head. At the end of the nylon straps, you sew them closed to form a look where you can put your feet, arms or whatever. The whole point of the sex sling is to prop up the limbs to ease pressure off the muscles.

You can also use pillows which work very well. You don’t need to spend 100 dollars on a sex pillow, I think they are totally overpriced because all it is is a block of foam with a velvet soft cover. Just buy yourself some foam from a mattress store or even a moving commonly. You can out a bed sheet over it. The best thing about your own foam is that you can cut it in the shape you want with a reciprocating saw.

I would not expect it to looks as good as the store bought foam, pillows, but who cares, as long as it supports your hips upward so that when he enters you, there is an easy and good fit,. the you can thrust away your carnal urges and really get hot and passionate.

Sometimes easy sex is wonderful but tot her times you like to have the excessive benefits so personally, I find a perfect blend of both, it also keeps my sex life interesting. Building sex toys and sex furniture together is a really fun thing to do, it gets you close on this intimate level because together you are participating to increase pleasure with An arts and crafts project. It’s a great way to bond.

Las Vegas Escorts

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If you’re a prude you need not read any further because the content of this piece is definitely for mature, adult audiences only. This is an article about Vegas escorts, stunning, alluring creamy-skinned beauties who will come to your room and entertain you for as long as you want, in any way you might desire with no holds barred. That means the sexy Vegas escort who knocks at your door is there for you, and you alone. Your room is your haven, your retreat, and your escort will join you in that retreat in a manner you never thought possible.

And everything about your adventurous experience will most assuredly be as exciting as it is fulfilling. Whatever you thought about can happen and the blonde at your door is there to see to it that even your wildest fantasies come true. An unbelievably wide selection of girls are at your beck and call, ready to come to you and do your bidding. They are there to entertain you and only you. If you call and ask for twins there will be a double knock at your door within minutes after you dial the number.

Want a black-haired vixen to dance at the foot of your bed, slowly undressing as she sensuously arcs her body with a flirty, arousing motion designed to make you moan? Might you be more interested in an Asian beauty who comes bearing the culture and grace of the Orient? Or an escort dressed like a cheerleader, a nurse or an officer of the law? They are all available, in a holding pattern awaiting your call. You pull the trigger on the call and one of the prettiest women you’ll ever see will fire the magic bullet that sets off the fireworks.

They are young, vivacious and full of life, primed to please you. To undress for you and to tantalize you as you watch your dreams turn into reality in the safety of your own room. Want a pony-tailed head turner to come dressed as a school girl? Or maybe a blonde who is the spittin’ image of Daisy Duke? Chances are she’s available, along with the dark-haired, bikini clad goddess with a full-figure including pert free standing breasts to die for.

This is not the seamy side of Las Vegas. It is the adult side. No strip clubs with exorbitant fees and hidden charges that will make you feel like you’ve been robbed or ripped off.

A Vegas Escort is dependable, with a body to write home about and near flawless features. The Big Apple can’t match that. Neither can any other place in the world. Las Vegas escorts are top of the food chain merchandise and ready at the drop of a dime. In fact, a Las Vegas escort will probably give you nine cents change. How’s that for service?

Natural Breast Enhancement

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Attention women with small boobs: If your breast size is lacking and you really want them to be bigger and fuller, there is an alternative way to get the rounded mountains you desire!

If your breasts are big enough but not very perky, turn back your biological clock!

In only 4 to 6 weeks, you can grow into the woman you want to be by taking the herbal breast enhancement called Breast Actives. An herbal pill that has other great effects like increasing your libido and reduces the risk of certain types of cancer, thanks to the natural hormone production that helps your body in many different ways.

The active ingredient is phytoestrogens which entices your body to create these hormones that protect your body and help it develop. Get the perky breasts you’ve always dreamt of!

Plastic or Rubber?

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Remember when we used to go to the grocery store and the cashier asked us if we wanted paper or plastic? Now, we ask ourselves, plastic or rubber? Not for grocery bags through, but vibrators and other sex toys!

When looking at the selection of an online sex toy store, you are impressed and awed by the pretty colors and striking patterns. Sure the colors are vibrant and the designs are cute, but how do you know how the toy will feel? After all, visual appearance does not matter when you are inserting something into your vagina! Not to be graphic, but it’s the truth!

I’ll start my analysis with comparing the two types of popular vibrators with the known aspects of each material - plastic is hard and smooth, rubber is silky and smooth. I can’t say that all rubber sex toys are soft, especially with some rubber vibrators because some have a solid core like a plastic shaft with a rubber coating. This gives the texture more of a silky feel when you touch it but it remains solid like a plastic vibe.

Another factor about rubber coated plastic sex toys is that they feel a little more warm then plastic, which tends to be very cold. Rubber also warms much easier as it absorbs body heat and plastic takes longer.

If you are one for fast gliding, then plastic is sure to win in the debate of slickness - hands down (no sex pun intended!). The rubber does glide too when properly lubricated but the feel has a little more fiction then plastic - not necessarily a bad thing because many women like the feel of the textured friction.

Some rubber vibrators are foam like inside. These are usually latex rubber vibrators which are very cheap in price and often first timer vibrators because of the price. The foam feeling is very comfortable, much more so then plastic because it bends easily and can conform to your unique shape inside.

The vibrations are another factor to consider when debating if you prefer plastic or rubber sex toys. Any plastic vibrator will be strong because there is nothing muffling the intensity and the sound. All plastic vibrators are noisy, that’s juts the way it is. Don’t be shocked by this, just know that it will happen.

To silence the noise of a noisy vibrator a little bit, wrap the batteries in a half sheet of paper before inserting them into the vibrator because it will prevent the batteries from rumbling against the plastic and will help to reduce the noise a little bit. You can also do this for any other noisy vibrator sex toy too.

On the side of the rubber vibrator, the vibrations will be very subtle and soft on the latex vibrators that are foam like on the inside. This is physics in motion, the extra padding prevents the vibrations from flowing freely throughout. It will give you a gentle massaging feel. Rubber vibrators with solid centers will vibrate more strongly. Now it’s a question of preference, silky or solid.

When it comes to cleaning your sex toys, the cleaning of latex vibrators can be quite tricky because the material is very porous. You must be careful to clean the vibrator well using sex toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and hot water. Don’t go too hot because you could melt your sexy toy!

Plastic is very easy to clean, it is the least porous besides glass so there is no worry about bacteria forming on the surface. Some say it’s even safe to share these types of adult toys or to use them as anal toys (always make sure to clean in between vaginal and anal insertions).

One last factor is rubber sensitivity. Many women are allergic to latex and if this is the case. I would recommend staying away from rubber vibrators because most have some latex in them, better to be safe then sorry. Stick with plastic or jelly.

Aside form the appearance, you now have a few tips to go on now when shopping for sex toys!

Make a wise vibrator choice when shopping because the store that you buy from should not allow returned and you want to make sure that you fet what you will like. Remember if the sex toy store accepts returns chances are you are buying something that has been sold and maybe even used, no one want used sex toys, that’s terrible! Be sure to check for a good no-return policy before you give any sex shop your business.

Happy self-pleasurizing!

Romantic Evenings to Hot Holidays!

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Spicing up your love life is easy, fun and oh so worth it. But many people may need some hot hints to heat up those naughty sheets. There are many things you can do, and many objects and toys that can also be a good aid, but what about location? It’s true when they say, “it’s all about location, location, location!”. Think about it, would you feel sexier in a cold kitchen or on a hot beach? Maybe the steaming jacuzzi would be a little bit more suiting for a romantic evening then your messy front room. If your house is the perfect place for you, then why not try sprucing it up a bit!

Try adding some sweet smelling flowers, or some sexy scented incense to help infuse your aromatic senses. Your sens of smell is definitely an important factor in a sexy evening together. Feeling sexy is also a great way of getting yourself in the mood. Put on some sexy high heels and your favorite dress, with a kinky peek-a-boo bit of lingerie underneath!

Put of some music that makes you want to move and shake, and this will also help your mind ease and get ready to seduce! Make a super tasty dinner, or order in your favorite Chinese or pizza, and share it with your lover. Feed each other, and laugh when you spill! Then, time for desert! Key lime pie, whipped cream, strawberries and cherries! What a perfect combination to ease any sweet tooth! Use your fingers to eat desert, and go ahead, make a mess! You can always clean it up in the morning. Why not eat desert in the bedroom, in the jacuzzi, or any place that you have set up to be your sweet seduction area! Also, get creative, don’t always use the bed. Try a couch, the bathtub, up against a wall… the possibilities are endless!

Get silly and play a sexy game for adults only! This will give you some kinky hints to help you later on when the heat is on! Some fun adult sex games can not only help spice things up, but can kill those boredom blues when theres nothing else to do! If your not in the mood to get silly, try a romantic love kit to set a seductive mood!

But who wants to stay home! With all the daily stress we subject our bodies and minds to every day, it is definitely worth it to get away every now and then. But even though you need a relaxing holiday, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic relaxing holiday! Why not book a flight to a sexy ocean getaway! Just imagine you and your lover watching the sunset over the ocean, with the pleasing pounding of bongo drums in he background, sipping your favorite tropical drinks! What a great way to re-kindle that spark that may be lingering instead of roaring!

Before you venture off to your romantic tropical vacation, pick up some small and sweet sex toys. Good traveling toys would be a small teaser kit that contains a couple different options for some different sensations for her, or sexy vibrating cock ring to send him soaring!

Whatever your sexy craving, make sure you have the perfect backdrop to accommodate your naughty mood. You and your lover will enjoy sex better while wrapped in the perfect scenario. Turn your bathroom in to a tropical paradise, or hop on a plane, and find your favorite spot on the beach!

Honesty about Oral Sex

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The following contains the most important pointers of when it is good to tell the truth about oral sex. Sex advice that every couple needs at one time or another…

If you are giving oral sex, it might kill the mood a little bit or be a slight crush on your partner’s ego to stop and ask “how am I doing” but truth be told that each person likes something different and not everyone has the same technique. In th end, how do you know you’ve pleased your lover?

It’s a matter of honesty and in a very delicate situation. Just like you’d never tell your partner that his penis is small, you don’t want to hurt their feelings either when it comes to oral sex techniques or you may detract them from doing it in the future. Oral sex may become a chore or your partner might wonder the entire time if you are feeling the groove, distractions ruin the flow and affect the technique.

It’s a very touchy situation when it comes to being honest about sex techniques.
How do you tell your partner that they are licking, sucking or nibbling too hard? If the issue is too much force, the easiest way is to tell them by showing them. Do not use words, instead, grab their head and gently pull back a little bit until it they can only reach with their tongue the softness that feels the best. Hold their head there are they may get the point of the message you are trying to convey.
If they do not understand your subtle hint and push against your hands and try to proceed with their oral sex technique as before, pull their head back again and whisper “right there feels the best”. This little line will never crush the confidence and instead of critiquing their cunnilingus or fellatio method, you are actually giving a suggestion.
Recap of this sex advice: The best fix for too hard cunnilingus is to hold their head back and say “right there feels the best”.

If the situation is the opposite as above, their fellatio or cunnilingus is not hard enough and lick or suck so lightly that you can barely feel it, do just the opposite as the sex advice suggestion above. Push their head harder down into you and they will get the point. If they retract and keep doing it lightly, push their head down again and say “right there feels the best”.

When it comes to critiquing your partners sexual technique, it can be daring becuase you don’t want to affect their ego at all. Take this sex advice and use suggestions instead of actually telling them. It will definitely result in better results, enjoy your satisfyingly new oral sex life!

Don’t Be A One Minute Man

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Do you love having intercourse with your partner, but it always seems to end quickly? Do you think she is getting a little bored with how short the fun time is lasting and perhaps turning to sex toys to finish? Well, there are some things you can do to improve your sex life by reducing premature ejaculation. Here are some products and their uses you can get to give you some extra time, and even give her more time to reach the ultimate climax!

First of all, don’t be upset about not being able to last. There are thousands of men who cannot last very long, and it’s nothing to be shy about. That is why these products have been created to boost your self-esteem and render your penis a brand new, hot sex machine!

Before you try products like these, if you prefer, you might try stimulating her for a while with sex toys first. Sex toys are great for foreplay, like little clitoral stimulating sex toys, or wireless vibrating sex toys. Try these before you try other products if you already have them laying about the house. Or, you could try incorporating sex toys with these other ideas for the ultimate in sex experiences!

There is a wide variety of lotions and creams you can buy to desensitize your penis, and help you last longer in bed. These lotions are called sexual enhancing creams, and are made with benzocaine, a powder used as a local anesthetic. It is safe for topical use on skin, and will numb the head of your penis to make you last longer. There are different styles of desensitizing creams you can buy: flavored creams, unflavored creams, body butter, balms, gels, and even sprays. Some are made with natural desensitizing ingredients instead of the benzocaine, but all the types made with benzocaine are safe for use with condoms. Durex maintain condoms have benzocaine already applied to them.

Now all you have to do is pick the one for you. After you’ve made your selection and you are ready to use it, just rub a small amount of the head of the penis 10 minutes before engaging in sexual intercourse. If you don’t wait the 10 minutes, and just engage in intercourse right after applying, your partner will also go numb and it will not be any better! If you choose the spray, it’s the same method, 10 minutes before, then go for it!

Benzocaine cream is also a good aid for anal sex. It’s numbing properties help relieve the slight discomfort that can occur during anal sex. Mix a small amount of the benzocaine cream with some lube and apply either to the anus, the penis, or the condom, which ever you prefer. For this, you do not want to wait 10 minutes before insertion to activate the numbing properties right away.

Another method of premature ejaculation control is cock ring sex toys. Again, there are many styles and sizes you can buy: rubber cock rings, vibrating cock rings, metal cock rings, magnetic cock rings, pouches, cock rings that stimulate your partners clitoris, cock rings that stimulate your partners anus and erogenous zones and many more. Pick the one you are most interested in, or the one that catches your eye, and get ready for some exciting fun. I’ll leave the “how they work” to another article, so check for that one if thats what you’re looking for.

Sex toys like cock rings, and I supposed lubrication fits into the sex toys category as it is needed to satisfy, are great from reducing your temptations to ejaculate to soon. Try them for yourself, and see what works best for you.

Some Tricks to a Good Blow Job

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The idea of oral sex to some people may be a little icky, but in reality, it can be a sure fire way of reaching the ultimate orgasm. Of course, your first time might be a little intimidating, or you’ve done it a lot, but aren’t sure if you’re doing any good, well here are some pointers to help make every oral sex encounter pleasurable for both partners.

Here are some tricks to make oral sex on men not only easier, but a sexier experience for both. First of all, if you have a strong gag reflex, as many do, and can’t reach your throat with out it acting up, there are gels you can get to help. These gels have a numbing ingredient that targets the area in the throat which triggers the gag reflex, so when the penis hits it, you will barely feel it and will be able to keep going. Also, some of these products have a tingling effect on the penis, increasing arousal. They are highly recommended as a lubricant keeping the penis moist, and are thicker than regular lubes to avoid the mess. Most are flavored to increase the interest of the giver.

Now after applying the oral sex enhancer gel, here is the fun part. Start by sliding the penis into your mouth, and wrapping your hand firmly around the base. Try to maintain a firm grip on the base while moving your mouth up and down the shaft, slowly at first. You can speed up or slow down as you wish; try and notice noises and body language signifying “good” and continue with that, or just ask which they prefer.

Now don’t forget about your tongue! As you pull your mouth up to the top, flick the tip of the penis a bit, then swirl your tongue erotically around the head before you slide back down. As you move up and down, press the flat of your tongue firmly against the shaft. You can also swirl your tongue around the shaft as firmly as possible. The warm rubbing of your tongue feels like nothing else in the world to a guy! When you tongue reach the bottom of the penis, try and push it as far into your throat as possible without hurting yourself (this is known as “deep throating”). While doing this, stick your tongue out as much as you can to try licking the very base. The feeling of the tongue on the base of the shaft will give the illusion of the penis being farther in your mouth than it really is. While you’re doing this, use either your other hand, or the hand you are gripping with, and firmly hold the testicles. Try rubbing them, gently squeezing them, or lightly pulling on them, just be careful, they are very sensitive!

You can also use your teeth, as long as you are careful. Drag your teeth up the shaft lightly enough so your partner can barley feel it, and then glide them over the head, and towards the tip. Be very careful not to nip the tip of the penis, you won’t get a good reaction from that! It’s a good idea to always mix it up between rigid gliding teeth, and a hot swirling tongue. Once in a while it’s good to take the penis out of your mouth, still gripping the base, and press your tongue on the base of the shaft and lick all the way up. Then as you reach the tip, wrap your lips around the penis again, and continue bobbing up and down. Also, breathing hot and heavy over the penis increases sensitivity.

There is also a pressure point between the balls and the bum that really gets em’ going if you take your thumb, and press the spot, gently, but firmly, massaging in circles. This spot acts almost like a G-Spot in women, and can really help reach orgasm faster.

Having said all this, every man is different, and they each like different things. Talk to your partner and find out which tricks they like the best.

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