Penis Pumps For Erectile Dysfunction

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Penis pumps are designed to help men with erectile dysfunction. This is an issue that makes many men unable to fully please their partners, which can lead to a boring relationship and possibly lower self esteem for him.

The vacuum suction cylinder from works by forcing blood into the shaft of the penis, when it naturally takes a lot of effort to do so. If you wear a cock ring in conjunction with a penis pump it will help the erection last longer. It works best if you put the cock ring on before you begin, or when you are semi-erect. Slide the ring right down to the base of the penis, and slip the penis pump onto your penis. Push the pump right down to the base and begin pumping.

Once you achieve an erection, pull the pump off your penis. If you smooth a little bit of lubrication on the sleeve of the penis pump and a little on your penis itself, it will be easier and more comfortable to remove. If you don’t use lubrication, it will pull and may be painful to remove the pump. Using a penis pump specific lube will be sure to work well, or you can use a simply water based lube.

All penis pumps are mostly the same. The difference in price comes from the difference materials. The more expensive pumps will have an acrylic cylinder, while the cheaper pumps are usually made from plastic. The acrylic cylinders will last typically last longer. The more expensive pumps will also usually have a pressure gauge to allow you to monitor your progress. These pressure gauges are recommended for beginners so they know how much pressure is requires for their specific erection.

Penis pumps can be a man suffering from ED’s very best friend! Talk to your doctor before using a penis pump, and see if it is right for you! Enjoy sex again, and please your partner the way you used to!

Vigorelle Clitoris Stimulant Cream

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If you are experiencing a less-then explosive sex life, there is a small product that will have big effects.

Female stimulating cream is designed to add a tingle and enhance the sensation. This will make you more receptive to sex and you will be able to enjoy it just as much as your partner!

Vigorelle clitoris stimulating cream using the ingredient called L-Arginine which is a safe to use stimulating agent when applied it increases blood flow to that area and heightens sensation.

You will be able to produce natural lubrication and it will have the perfect impact on your sex life. What are you waiting for? Go get some!

Realistic Cyberskin Sex Toys

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Realistic sex toys have come farther in technology than ever before, and today, they are so close to life like, it is unbelievable! These sex toys are mostly made from the most technologically advanced material on the market, Cyberskin.

Cyberskin is a smooth and complex mix of silicone and rubber, that has been perfectly tweaked to provide the soft, skin like texture and the plump, thick and weighted life like muscular sensation. The skin like texture is silky and supple, and in the more expensive Cyberskin sex toys, this ’skin’ can be pulled like the real thing.

Most Cyberskin sex toys are hand painted for perfect detail and flawless style. For vibrators, the blue vines you’d see on a real penis are vividly depicted. For male masturbator sex toys, the pussy lips are softly hand colored pink.

Although Cyberskin sex toys are plump and fun, they must be cared for exquisitely, or they may dry out and crack. To care for your Cyberskin sex toys, first you need to wash them before and after each use.

To wash, use an anti-bacterial soap and warm water and lather well, or you can use an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner. Since Cyberskin material is very porous, it can hold bacteria easy. You can pat your sex toys damp, and then allow to fully air dry before storing.

If you plan on storing for a period of time, be sure to dab them with Talc or baby powder. This will ensure your sex toys will remain moist and soft. If you do not do this, they could dry out and become flaky, or you will begin to see many small bubble style holes in the material. This could eventually be followed by cracking. Once this occurs, your toys will no longer be enjoyable.

Cyberskin sex toys are really neat, and very pleasing. If you long for the real thing, then this is definitely a great option for you. The more expensive will of course be the higher grade ones, as with anything, but even the lower end toys will amaze you! Enjoy the reality and life like sensations!

Diverse Positions Make Sex More Enjoyable!

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Couples who are lacking in their relationship could be suffering from one simple problem: boredom. If the sex is simple and not very exciting, this could lead to other aspects of life being dull and unexciting. One simple way of spicing things up is by spicing up your sex positions. Try a new position you’ve never tried before, and you’d be surprised, you may even find your new favorite position.

If you have trouble coming up with new ideas and positions, you can always get a book or DVD. There is a lot of reading material out there that helps couples be more creative and lists hundreds of fun sex positions to try. These books and DVD’s can be bought in most bookstores and online. Reading a sex positions book with your partner can make a more romantic learning experience and can lead to some very exciting foreplay!

Another option you can try is venturing out of the bedroom and find some new love making places! Try taking a warm shower together and soaping each other up then washing each other off. You could get wild and exotic on the stairs with a towel beneath you, or how about the kitchen counter! Anywhere in your home can be a good place to try a new and kinky position! baby making sexual positions are fun too!

Have fun with sex and don’t forget to mix things up. Couples who have better sex because of a wide range of sexual positions will often stay together longer and will typically be happier from day to day!

Fun Toys as Gifts

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Whether you are looking for that perfect gift for your lover, for your friend, for the bride and groom or for yourself, sex toys make the perfect pick! From seriously pleasing to hilarious and purely a gag, sex toys are appropriate for most adult celebrations!

Novelty items such as funny hats, ice cube trays, penis shaped candles, funny jewelry, phallic soap on a rope, and many of these types of sex toys make great gag gifts for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, and any of your adult parties! These are funny gifts that the receiver will most likely use, even if they deny it! Giving a silly adult gift like this will make you the most popular partier!

If its a romantic gift you seek for that special someone, then a powerful and pleasing vibrator for her, or a testicle teasing cock ring for him will be a hit! Think of how excited your woman will be when you show up with a bouquet of roses, a bottle of wine, some sweet smelling bath salts and a sexy waterproof rabbit vibrator! She will be delighted!

For him, there are many man toys that are designed to give him a more pleasing experience. These toys can be used together, like a vibrating cock ring which will give both partners more sensation. Also, you could get a more personal toy like a realistic masturbator sex toy, and maybe use it on him so he can relax and enjoy being hands free!

Even buying your partner a bottle of flavored lubrication can count as a romantic girt! Think of how happy you will be licking luscious candied cherry flavored lube off your lovers most intimate spots!

Going on a honeymoon? Be sure to bring some sex toys as a naughty surprise when your new partner is least expecting it! Include some sexy lingerie and a classy pair of heals and you’ve got yourself a romantic, franticly erotic night of sex, lust and hot encounters!

Hot Summer Lovin’ in Your Favorite Bikini

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This summer has been full of intensely hot weather and heaps of dumping rain, which could never be better! Some say it is too much, some say they cannot wait for it to be over, but we say “let the good times roll in the hot sun!” Why complain and grump about all the wicked weather when you can put on your favorite little bikini and go enjoy the sun and the rain!

Bikini’s are the best way of revealing your sexy body to that cute boy you’ve spotted, but at the same time keeping your standards high and your self confidence at a max! No one can say anything bad about a girl in a sexy swimsuit! Whether it is a simply stunning one piece, or a hot and bothered bikini, show everyone what you’re made of while playing your favorite beach games!

Beach activities are fun and healthy for the mind and body. Playing beach volley ball strengthens and tones your legs, arms and abs, and why not wear a cute bikini while working out! Same thing as jogging on the beach, playing sand soccer, or any of your favorite beach work outs. You can do them all in your sexiest bathing suit! And the most convenient part, when you are all sweaty and tired, take a refreshing dip in the ocean and revitalize yourself for the next round!

Better Sex From Daily Exercise

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We’ve all hear that a daily exercise routine is good for your body, heart and soul, but it is also great for increasing your sex drive. As your metabolism increases, your energy levels increase giving you the power to go harder for longer! Does this mean athletes are amazing in bed?

Since athletes are finely tuned, muscular machines, such as those in the Olympics, chances are they are dynamite in the sack! Exercise helps stretch your lungs and your heart as a muscle, allowing you to breath heavier for longer, and your blood to pump perfectly as your energy is being spent.

People who don’t exercise regularly, or even at all, can expect to last about 10 – 15 minutes during rough sex, where as a person who is fit can go for as long as 25 – 35 minutes without stopping! If you rely simply on sex toys to get your partner panting, try getting your body up to par with her favorite vibrator, or his sexiest masturbator sex toy. Replace their sex toys with you! Imagine how good it feels to enjoy your lover thrusting fast and hard for more than 5 minutes before having to switch to the bottom!

Exercises such as jogging, swimming, tennis, jump rope, cycling, volleyball, and even lighter sports such as badminton or table tennis are all great ways of increasing your libido and preparing your body for the longest, best sex you’ve ever experienced!

Swimming is not only relaxing and cleansing, it also gives your body a total work out. Since gravity has less of an impact on the body in water, you can work out for longer without stopping and getting tired. Just take a look at the American Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and his incredible swimming talent. He can swim for long periods of time and it looks like he never even broke a sweat!

Tennis is also a great sport for working out your body and libido. Tennis requires you to sprint back and forth, swing your arms, and keep your body tense while you concentrate on what your opponent is doing. This may seem like a simple fun game, but your body is actually getting and intense work out!

Even things as simply as yoga can help boost your sex drive. Yoga allows you to become more flexible and teaches you how to channel your energy into one source. So yoga training can help your mind become more aroused, where your body responds with a more intense orgasm!

If you are looking for a way of spicing up your sex life besides adding sex toys, try simply getting into an exercise routine. You could even set up a sexy workout with your lover! Just pick some fun, fast, dancy music and clear a space on the floor in your bedroom. Get dressed in your favorite, sexy and enticing work out outfit and dance, jump, stretch and let loose with your partner! This is not only a great bonding experience, but it will have a positive impact on the fun things that will come later!

Sexy Lingerie for Valentines Day

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The sexiest occasion is on its way, and what better way to celebrate then with sexy lingerie! This year please yourself and please your partner by looking good and feeling great! I love to wear the fanciest lingerie any time of the year, but when Valentines day comes around, I love to boost it up a notch!

Classic lingerie like corsets and ruffle panties look great with low heel, toy-doll style shoes, and ultra tight curly hair. Along with some shimmering glitter and fishnet tights give you the luscious look of a glowing goddess. Or go more modern style and try a vinyl bikini with some sexy 8” pumps and a super tight, high ponytail. This look will stop any man dead in his tracks!

When choosing lingerie, always make it personal! Just like a painting, if you don’t absolutely HAVE to have it, then it may not be the right piece for you. Look around until you find something that screams “Damn you’d look good wearing me!” Then you won’t be disappointed when you make your grand entrance. If something doesn’t fit right, then you can always do a little stitching or pinning to make get that perfect fit. Every womans body is different, so don’t expect a perfect fit every time. A little effort may be required, but in the end it will be totally worth it!

Accessorizing is the ultimate in important! Pearl necklaces, diamond bracelets, hoop earrings etc. Whatever you need to make that perfect look, then go ahead and spring for it. Fishnet or sequined stockings, arm bands, head bands, hair clips and barrettes, feather boas, garder belts, sexy socks, lacey gloves, wrist cuffs, a whip or paddle etc. All of these items are important and will make you feel so much sexier!

Don’t forget about good looking makeup. Classic browns or vibrant blues and greens; match up with your outfit and you’re set! Eye liner and glitter, red rouge and shimmering lips, all good and all sexy. This valentines day, be the Goddess you know you are and treat yourself to some ultra chic and very erotic lingerie! Happy shopping!

Phone Sex in the UK

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Located in the UK? Looking for really cheap adult sex chat? Brittany’s and her girlfriends can make your phone sex dreams come true. Get connected with real amateur girls waiting to take your call from their bedroom.

Penis Extensions

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Penis Extensions are specifically made for men who need that little bit of extra length, and come in a couple different forms. They are considered sex toys, as they are related to the subject, and really are just sex toys in disguise! They can also be considered erection control, as the solid, strap on penis extensions are stiff like dildo sex toys.

Think you need a bit more length? Well first there are penis extensions that roll down the shaft of your penis, much like a condom. The material is soft and sleek, and very comfortable. At the tip of the condom like extension, there is a foam like substance that fills the head. The extra length can range anywhere from 1.5 inches to 4 inches, and some extensions can also increase your girth by 0.5 or so inches.

For vibrating penis extensions, there is a hollow spot in the foam at the head of the extension, which holds a small bullet vibrator. Then there is a small, pillowy foam flap that covers the bullet vibrator, and an added piece of material, often cyberskin, that ensures the most comfort for him. These then vibrate through out the foam extension, and feel like shes masturbating with sex toys, although better because it’s her man!

Adding length to your penis is no good if you cannot maintain your erection in the first place. So there are sex toys penis extensions that are hollow dildos with a strap. These are comfortable, quick and easy to slip on. Simply slide up the strap around your hips, and place your penis inside the dildo shaft. Now you have a new, harder and longer penis to pound with. These dildo sex toys are soft, sleek, flexible yet stiff, and can come ribbed, noduled, or textured in many different ways.

Cyberskin penis extension sex toys are great for avoiding premature ejaculation, as they cover the complete shaft, and lessen the sensations the man will get. These have a filled head as well, and add girth also. Futurotic material is also used to make some penis extensions, and these also add girth, length and desensitize you a bit.

Ribbed, bumpy, textured, veiny or a combination of all of them, what ever you are looking for in a sexual sensation, these penis extension sex toys will do th trick, and keep your woman satisfied. The vibrating penis extensions can be used with out the mini bullet vibrator for a standard sensation, but the option for erotic vibrations is there.

Penis extensions are perfect is your girl wants to be penetrated by you deep down, and you need a little help satisfying her. Even if that is not the case, but you want to see what it is like, then penis extensions sex toys are perfect for you. Try one today, and see what you think! Use in conjunction with your favorite cock ring for even more erection control and sturdy love making.

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