Diverse Positions Make Sex More Enjoyable!

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Couples who are lacking in their relationship could be suffering from one simple problem: boredom. If the sex is simple and not very exciting, this could lead to other aspects of life being dull and unexciting. One simple way of spicing things up is by spicing up your sex positions. Try a new position you’ve never tried before, and you’d be surprised, you may even find your new favorite position.

If you have trouble coming up with new ideas and positions, you can always get a book or DVD. There is a lot of reading material out there that helps couples be more creative and lists hundreds of fun sex positions to try. These books and DVD’s can be bought in most bookstores and online. Reading a sex positions book with your partner can make a more romantic learning experience and can lead to some very exciting foreplay!

Another option you can try is venturing out of the bedroom and find some new love making places! Try taking a warm shower together and soaping each other up then washing each other off. You could get wild and exotic on the stairs with a towel beneath you, or how about the kitchen counter! Anywhere in your home can be a good place to try a new and kinky position! baby making sexual positions are fun too!

Have fun with sex and don’t forget to mix things up. Couples who have better sex because of a wide range of sexual positions will often stay together longer and will typically be happier from day to day!

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