Fun Toys as Gifts

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Whether you are looking for that perfect gift for your lover, for your friend, for the bride and groom or for yourself, sex toys make the perfect pick! From seriously pleasing to hilarious and purely a gag, sex toys are appropriate for most adult celebrations!

Novelty items such as funny hats, ice cube trays, penis shaped candles, funny jewelry, phallic soap on a rope, and many of these types of sex toys make great gag gifts for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, and any of your adult parties! These are funny gifts that the receiver will most likely use, even if they deny it! Giving a silly adult gift like this will make you the most popular partier!

If its a romantic gift you seek for that special someone, then a powerful and pleasing vibrator for her, or a testicle teasing cock ring for him will be a hit! Think of how excited your woman will be when you show up with a bouquet of roses, a bottle of wine, some sweet smelling bath salts and a sexy waterproof rabbit vibrator! She will be delighted!

For him, there are many man toys that are designed to give him a more pleasing experience. These toys can be used together, like a vibrating cock ring which will give both partners more sensation. Also, you could get a more personal toy like a realistic masturbator sex toy, and maybe use it on him so he can relax and enjoy being hands free!

Even buying your partner a bottle of flavored lubrication can count as a romantic girt! Think of how happy you will be licking luscious candied cherry flavored lube off your lovers most intimate spots!

Going on a honeymoon? Be sure to bring some sex toys as a naughty surprise when your new partner is least expecting it! Include some sexy lingerie and a classy pair of heals and you’ve got yourself a romantic, franticly erotic night of sex, lust and hot encounters!

Hot Summer Lovin’ in Your Favorite Bikini

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This summer has been full of intensely hot weather and heaps of dumping rain, which could never be better! Some say it is too much, some say they cannot wait for it to be over, but we say “let the good times roll in the hot sun!” Why complain and grump about all the wicked weather when you can put on your favorite little bikini and go enjoy the sun and the rain!

Bikini’s are the best way of revealing your sexy body to that cute boy you’ve spotted, but at the same time keeping your standards high and your self confidence at a max! No one can say anything bad about a girl in a sexy swimsuit! Whether it is a simply stunning one piece, or a hot and bothered bikini, show everyone what you’re made of while playing your favorite beach games!

Beach activities are fun and healthy for the mind and body. Playing beach volley ball strengthens and tones your legs, arms and abs, and why not wear a cute bikini while working out! Same thing as jogging on the beach, playing sand soccer, or any of your favorite beach work outs. You can do them all in your sexiest bathing suit! And the most convenient part, when you are all sweaty and tired, take a refreshing dip in the ocean and revitalize yourself for the next round!

Better Sex From Daily Exercise

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We’ve all hear that a daily exercise routine is good for your body, heart and soul, but it is also great for increasing your sex drive. As your metabolism increases, your energy levels increase giving you the power to go harder for longer! Does this mean athletes are amazing in bed?

Since athletes are finely tuned, muscular machines, such as those in the Olympics, chances are they are dynamite in the sack! Exercise helps stretch your lungs and your heart as a muscle, allowing you to breath heavier for longer, and your blood to pump perfectly as your energy is being spent.

People who don’t exercise regularly, or even at all, can expect to last about 10 – 15 minutes during rough sex, where as a person who is fit can go for as long as 25 – 35 minutes without stopping! If you rely simply on sex toys to get your partner panting, try getting your body up to par with her favorite vibrator, or his sexiest masturbator sex toy. Replace their sex toys with you! Imagine how good it feels to enjoy your lover thrusting fast and hard for more than 5 minutes before having to switch to the bottom!

Exercises such as jogging, swimming, tennis, jump rope, cycling, volleyball, and even lighter sports such as badminton or table tennis are all great ways of increasing your libido and preparing your body for the longest, best sex you’ve ever experienced!

Swimming is not only relaxing and cleansing, it also gives your body a total work out. Since gravity has less of an impact on the body in water, you can work out for longer without stopping and getting tired. Just take a look at the American Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and his incredible swimming talent. He can swim for long periods of time and it looks like he never even broke a sweat!

Tennis is also a great sport for working out your body and libido. Tennis requires you to sprint back and forth, swing your arms, and keep your body tense while you concentrate on what your opponent is doing. This may seem like a simple fun game, but your body is actually getting and intense work out!

Even things as simply as yoga can help boost your sex drive. Yoga allows you to become more flexible and teaches you how to channel your energy into one source. So yoga training can help your mind become more aroused, where your body responds with a more intense orgasm!

If you are looking for a way of spicing up your sex life besides adding sex toys, try simply getting into an exercise routine. You could even set up a sexy workout with your lover! Just pick some fun, fast, dancy music and clear a space on the floor in your bedroom. Get dressed in your favorite, sexy and enticing work out outfit and dance, jump, stretch and let loose with your partner! This is not only a great bonding experience, but it will have a positive impact on the fun things that will come later!

What Porn can do for Women

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This article is about pornography and it’s uses for women. There is no need to speak about what it can do for men which is already well known! The two sexes are not that far off when it comes to watching pornography but they do offer and here is how.

For women, watching porn by themselves can be just as fulfilling as when a man watches it. There is nothing suggesting lesbian or bisexual behavior because juts like you see the woman naked, you also see the man naked. It’s an unfair stigma to assume that a women who watches porn is a lesbian, no more then suggesting that a man who watches porn is gay.

There is equal nudity of woman and men, so push those thoughts aside because it’s completely untrue. Women are not allowed to enjoy porn, so by pushing this aside also is required in order to really enjoy the experience like a man does.

There is nothing wrong with watching people have sex. It is a perfect normal act and perfectly normal to watch it. It arises the instincts and gets you in the mood for sex.

There is something liberating about being a woman, watching an adult movie and masturbating with a vibrator at at least a clitoral stimulator.

She will get as aroused as a man will. You can out yourself in the fantasy. Admire the bodies, the perfect shaven woman and the nicely trimmed large muscular man. Notice them like you notice models on a runway - it’s all about being sexy.

Forget the smutty part, put yourself in their shoes and pretend it’s you having completely satisfying sex. Imagine the man is whenever you wan him to be, your husband or Brad Pitt, it doesn’t matter. Whatever makes you get hot and bothered.

Allow yourself to be aroused. By getting tuned on by the women is not a bad thing, you are not aroused by her but by the entire makes sex act that is being performed in front of you.

You can enjoy adult movies with your lover. This is a common practice, more common then you think, especially with the age of internet porn and video on demand adult movies, you don’t even ned to embarrass yourself by walking to an adult shop and picking out a movie, You can enjoy this part of human sexuality in the privacy and discretion of your own home.

The next tip for being fulfilled by adult porno movies is to use a sex toy to please yourself. You can do this on your own or while you watch porn with your lover. You can use a vibrator but I would suggest a smaller clitoral stimulator like vibrating egg or bullet. The reason I suggest this over a vibrator is that it’s easier to use sex toys while sitting up whereas a vibrator usually requires you to lay down so you cannot see the computer monitor or television screen. Yes, don’t forget lube to make to even better,

Grab your favorite clit toy and enjoy some porn. Use the tips mentioned above and you can have a new naughty little secret! It;s up to you if you want to invite your lover or not, but I suggest you try it both alone and with your lover.

Plastic or Rubber?

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Remember when we used to go to the grocery store and the cashier asked us if we wanted paper or plastic? Now, we ask ourselves, plastic or rubber? Not for grocery bags through, but vibrators and other sex toys!

When looking at the selection of an online sex toy store, you are impressed and awed by the pretty colors and striking patterns. Sure the colors are vibrant and the designs are cute, but how do you know how the toy will feel? After all, visual appearance does not matter when you are inserting something into your vagina! Not to be graphic, but it’s the truth!

I’ll start my analysis with comparing the two types of popular vibrators with the known aspects of each material - plastic is hard and smooth, rubber is silky and smooth. I can’t say that all rubber sex toys are soft, especially with some rubber vibrators because some have a solid core like a plastic shaft with a rubber coating. This gives the texture more of a silky feel when you touch it but it remains solid like a plastic vibe.

Another factor about rubber coated plastic sex toys is that they feel a little more warm then plastic, which tends to be very cold. Rubber also warms much easier as it absorbs body heat and plastic takes longer.

If you are one for fast gliding, then plastic is sure to win in the debate of slickness - hands down (no sex pun intended!). The rubber does glide too when properly lubricated but the feel has a little more fiction then plastic - not necessarily a bad thing because many women like the feel of the textured friction.

Some rubber vibrators are foam like inside. These are usually latex rubber vibrators which are very cheap in price and often first timer vibrators because of the price. The foam feeling is very comfortable, much more so then plastic because it bends easily and can conform to your unique shape inside.

The vibrations are another factor to consider when debating if you prefer plastic or rubber sex toys. Any plastic vibrator will be strong because there is nothing muffling the intensity and the sound. All plastic vibrators are noisy, that’s juts the way it is. Don’t be shocked by this, just know that it will happen.

To silence the noise of a noisy vibrator a little bit, wrap the batteries in a half sheet of paper before inserting them into the vibrator because it will prevent the batteries from rumbling against the plastic and will help to reduce the noise a little bit. You can also do this for any other noisy vibrator sex toy too.

On the side of the rubber vibrator, the vibrations will be very subtle and soft on the latex vibrators that are foam like on the inside. This is physics in motion, the extra padding prevents the vibrations from flowing freely throughout. It will give you a gentle massaging feel. Rubber vibrators with solid centers will vibrate more strongly. Now it’s a question of preference, silky or solid.

When it comes to cleaning your sex toys, the cleaning of latex vibrators can be quite tricky because the material is very porous. You must be careful to clean the vibrator well using sex toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and hot water. Don’t go too hot because you could melt your sexy toy!

Plastic is very easy to clean, it is the least porous besides glass so there is no worry about bacteria forming on the surface. Some say it’s even safe to share these types of adult toys or to use them as anal toys (always make sure to clean in between vaginal and anal insertions).

One last factor is rubber sensitivity. Many women are allergic to latex and if this is the case. I would recommend staying away from rubber vibrators because most have some latex in them, better to be safe then sorry. Stick with plastic or jelly.

Aside form the appearance, you now have a few tips to go on now when shopping for sex toys!

Make a wise vibrator choice when shopping because the store that you buy from should not allow returned and you want to make sure that you fet what you will like. Remember if the sex toy store accepts returns chances are you are buying something that has been sold and maybe even used, no one want used sex toys, that’s terrible! Be sure to check for a good no-return policy before you give any sex shop your business.

Happy self-pleasurizing!

Erotica in our Era

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I came across these two really interesting blogs, they are juts brand new but if you are psychology students looking for something for your studies, try reading the Erotic Era blog about our new generation of sex fiends. Also read the Sex in Advertising blog it’s all about the marketing if sexual attraction to make people buy things.

Odd Fetishes

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You know that deep down you have an odd fetish and you are dying to let it out. This might appeal to those darker and strange fetishes.
Dildo usage within marriage. Wives who use sexual penetration on medical advice! Read this page about sexual empowerment for the new millennium!

Frigid Wives and Feminisation! In 1962 Dorothy L. Grant, a popular ‘agony aunt’, published her now infamous book about frigid wives.

A great way to get a virgin to enjoy sex is with role reversal, in addition it is a secret fetish of many people. The best site for bizarre sexual things and fetishes, these two sites are sure to be unforgettable for anyone who takes a peek!

Vintage Underwear

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Sensual women’s wear really has changed over the years, it has evolved in different stages and has appealed to men and made women feel sexy. It’s almost a history lesson to see vintage underwear, it’s erotic and sensual in a nostalgic way. Back in the day of corsets and repression, you can sense the restrained sexuality of these women by looking at them posing in their vintage underclothing, you can see the repression peek through and sense the subtle sexiness that was hidden behind the full-covering lacy and tight pieces of clothing.
Looking at these pictures might also be a reminder of the days gone by when you wore this or your girlfriend wore a nightgown or slip to seduce you. Take a trip down history lane and see something that you don’t usually see anymore!

Girl Next Door

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Where do the hottest girls on the planet go? They give interviews and pose for Girl Next Door Magazine. There’s even an adult forum, contests and a whole lot of hotties!
The classy nature is great for couples to browse together, if you decide to “go there” together then this is the magazine that you want to reach for first.
They also keep you up to date with all the news coming from the adult industry.
A great feature of Girl Next Door Magazine is the reviews on sites that include how many videos and pictures the girls have done. Get teased by your dreamgirl!
Sign up for the online magazine free - it really is a great site, well laid out with crystal clear images. Check it out!

Sexy Lingerie for Valentines Day

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The sexiest occasion is on its way, and what better way to celebrate then with sexy lingerie! This year please yourself and please your partner by looking good and feeling great! I love to wear the fanciest lingerie any time of the year, but when Valentines day comes around, I love to boost it up a notch!

Classic lingerie like corsets and ruffle panties look great with low heel, toy-doll style shoes, and ultra tight curly hair. Along with some shimmering glitter and fishnet tights give you the luscious look of a glowing goddess. Or go more modern style and try a vinyl bikini with some sexy 8” pumps and a super tight, high ponytail. This look will stop any man dead in his tracks!

When choosing lingerie, always make it personal! Just like a painting, if you don’t absolutely HAVE to have it, then it may not be the right piece for you. Look around until you find something that screams “Damn you’d look good wearing me!” Then you won’t be disappointed when you make your grand entrance. If something doesn’t fit right, then you can always do a little stitching or pinning to make get that perfect fit. Every womans body is different, so don’t expect a perfect fit every time. A little effort may be required, but in the end it will be totally worth it!

Accessorizing is the ultimate in important! Pearl necklaces, diamond bracelets, hoop earrings etc. Whatever you need to make that perfect look, then go ahead and spring for it. Fishnet or sequined stockings, arm bands, head bands, hair clips and barrettes, feather boas, garder belts, sexy socks, lacey gloves, wrist cuffs, a whip or paddle etc. All of these items are important and will make you feel so much sexier!

Don’t forget about good looking makeup. Classic browns or vibrant blues and greens; match up with your outfit and you’re set! Eye liner and glitter, red rouge and shimmering lips, all good and all sexy. This valentines day, be the Goddess you know you are and treat yourself to some ultra chic and very erotic lingerie! Happy shopping!

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