Realistic Cyberskin Sex Toys

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Realistic sex toys have come farther in technology than ever before, and today, they are so close to life like, it is unbelievable! These sex toys are mostly made from the most technologically advanced material on the market, Cyberskin.

Cyberskin is a smooth and complex mix of silicone and rubber, that has been perfectly tweaked to provide the soft, skin like texture and the plump, thick and weighted life like muscular sensation. The skin like texture is silky and supple, and in the more expensive Cyberskin sex toys, this ’skin’ can be pulled like the real thing.

Most Cyberskin sex toys are hand painted for perfect detail and flawless style. For vibrators, the blue vines you’d see on a real penis are vividly depicted. For male masturbator sex toys, the pussy lips are softly hand colored pink.

Although Cyberskin sex toys are plump and fun, they must be cared for exquisitely, or they may dry out and crack. To care for your Cyberskin sex toys, first you need to wash them before and after each use.

To wash, use an anti-bacterial soap and warm water and lather well, or you can use an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner. Since Cyberskin material is very porous, it can hold bacteria easy. You can pat your sex toys damp, and then allow to fully air dry before storing.

If you plan on storing for a period of time, be sure to dab them with Talc or baby powder. This will ensure your sex toys will remain moist and soft. If you do not do this, they could dry out and become flaky, or you will begin to see many small bubble style holes in the material. This could eventually be followed by cracking. Once this occurs, your toys will no longer be enjoyable.

Cyberskin sex toys are really neat, and very pleasing. If you long for the real thing, then this is definitely a great option for you. The more expensive will of course be the higher grade ones, as with anything, but even the lower end toys will amaze you! Enjoy the reality and life like sensations!

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